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When using data from Wikidata on most Wikipedias and other sister projects, there is currently a limitation in place that hinders some use cases: data can only be accessed from the corresponding item. So, for example, the English Wikipedia article about Berlin can only get data from the Wikidata item about Berlin but not from the item about Germany. This has technical reasons. Technical changes addressing this are now being rolled out to projects step-by-step.

We invite you to play around with this new feature if you are one of the people who have been waiting for this for a long time. If you have technical issues/questions with this you can come to Wikidata:Contact the development team.

A note of caution: Please be careful with how many items you use for a single page. If it is too many pages, loading might get slow. We will have to see how the feature behaves in production to see where we need to tweak and how.


Rollout schedule[edit]

  • : Dutch Wikipedia, French Wikisource ✓ Done
  • : Persian Wikipedia, English Wikivoyage, Hebrew Wikipedia ✓ Done
  • : Italian Wikipedia, all remaining Wikisource ✓ Done
  • : all Wikiquote, all remaining Wikivoyage ✓ Done
  • : Arabic Wikipedia, Catalan Wikipedia, Spanish Wikipedia, Hungarian Wikipedia, Korean Wikipedia, Romanian Wikipedia, Ukrainian Wikipedia, Vietnamese Wikipedia ✓ Done
  • : Russian Wikipedia, Czech Wikipedia ✓ Done
  • : aawiki, abwiki, acewiki, afwiki, akwiki, alswiki, amwiki, angwiki, anwiki, arcwiki, arzwiki, astwiki, aswiki, avwiki, aywiki, azwiki, azbwiki, barwiki, bat_smgwiki, bawiki, bclwiki, be_x_oldwiki, bewiki, bhwiki, biwiki, bjnwiki, bmwiki, bnwiki, bowiki, bpywiki, brwiki, bswiki, bugwiki, bxrwiki, cbk_zamwiki, cdowiki, cebwiki, cewiki, chowiki, chrwiki, chwiki, chywiki, ckbwiki, cowiki, crhwiki, crwiki, csbwiki, cuwiki, cvwiki, cywiki, dawiki, dewiki, diqwiki, dsbwiki, dvwiki, dzwiki, eewiki, elwiki, emlwiki, etwiki, euwiki, extwiki, ffwiki, fiu_vrowiki, fjwiki, fowiki, frwiki, frpwiki, frrwiki, furwiki, fywiki, gagwiki, ganwiki, gawiki, gdwiki, glkwiki, glwiki, gnwiki, gotwiki, guwiki, gvwiki, hakwiki, hawiki, hawwiki, hifwiki, hiwiki, howiki, hrwiki, hsbwiki, htwiki, hywiki, hzwiki, iawiki, iewiki, igwiki, iiwiki, ikwiki, ilowiki, iowiki, iswiki, iuwiki, jawiki, jbowiki, jvwiki, kaawiki, kabwiki, kawiki, kbdwiki, kgwiki, kiwiki, kjwiki, kkwiki, klwiki, kmwiki, knwiki, koiwiki, krcwiki, krwiki, kshwiki, kswiki, kuwiki, kvwiki, kwwiki, kywiki, ladwiki, lawiki, lbewiki, lbwiki, lezwiki, lgwiki, lijwiki, liwiki, lmowiki, lnwiki, lowiki, lrcwiki, ltgwiki, ltwiki, lvwiki, maiwiki, map_bmswiki, mdfwiki, mgwiki, mhrwiki, mhwiki, minwiki, miwiki, mkwiki, mlwiki, mnwiki, mowiki, mrjwiki, mrwiki, mswiki, mtwiki, muswiki, mwlwiki, myvwiki, mywiki, mznwiki, nahwiki, napwiki, nawiki, nds_nlwiki, ndswiki, newiki, newwiki, ngwiki, nnwiki, novwiki, nrmwiki, nsowiki, nvwiki, nywiki, ocwiki, omwiki, orwiki, oswiki, pagwiki, pamwiki, papwiki, pawiki, pcdwiki, pdcwiki, pflwiki, pihwiki, piwiki, pmswiki, pnbwiki, pntwiki, pswiki, quwiki, rmwiki, rmywiki, rnwiki, roa_rupwiki, roa_tarawiki, ruewiki, rwwiki, sahwiki, sawiki, scnwiki, scowiki, scwiki, sdwiki, sewiki, sgwiki, shwiki, simplewiki, siwiki, skwiki, slwiki, smwiki, snwiki, sowiki, sqwiki, srnwiki, srwiki, sswiki, stqwiki, stwiki, suwiki, swwiki, szlwiki, tawiki, tetwiki, tewiki, tgwiki, tiwiki, tkwiki, tlwiki, tnwiki, towiki, tpiwiki, tswiki, ttwiki, tumwiki, twwiki, tyvwiki, tywiki, udmwiki, ugwiki, urwiki, uzwiki, vecwiki, vepwiki, vewiki, vlswiki, vowiki, warwiki, wawiki, wg_enwiki, wowiki, wuuwiki, xalwiki, xhwiki, xmfwiki, yiwiki, yowiki, zawiki, zeawiki, zh_classicalwiki, zh_min_nanwiki, zh_yuewiki, zuwiki ✓ Done
  • : English Wikipedia, Bulgarian Wikipedia, Esperanto Wikipedia, Finnish Wikipedia, Indonesian Wikipedia, Norwegian Wikipedia, Polish Wikipedia, Portuguese Wikipedia, Swedish Wikipedia, Thai Wikipedia, Turkish Wikipedia, Chinese Wikipedia ✓ Done
  • : Wikimedia Commons ✓ Done