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#1Lib1Nearby (Q97624528)
Coding da Vinci Nearby


1Lib1Nearby is a digital method of using Wikidata to explore the local area and maintain open cultural data everywhere - not only for librarians, #1Lib1Ref.

Discover and use the Wikidata special query Special:Nearby as often as possible to explore their surroundings - at home, at your holiday destination, along the travel route or on the way to work. By the way, a well developed Nearby is also exciting for hotels or tourist information, which could recommend this tool to (us) holidaymakers on their next trip or when new guests arrive.

Remix idea #1tree1nearby, Solvejg Nitzke über Baumnetze – Geschichte(n) sammeln, teilen, erforschen[1]

How to Nearby[edit]

Here's how it works: Please add statements in the fifty Wikidata data objects (items) displayed nearby, which are determined with the help of the transmitted coordinates of the internet access for the surrounding area. If you wish, you can show supplemented data objects in personal social media channels, document them in your own research blog or link them in travel reports. If, for example, a relevant image from Wikimedia Commons is integrated into a Wikidata item, the preview of the shared Wikidata link can display this image.

  1. 1Lib1Nearby is a hashtag, e.g. on Twitter. The Wikidata query runs worldwide, but produces different results everywhere. It remains to be seen whether 1Lib1Nearby will function as a global campaign in the future. Is 1Lib1Nearby suitable as an element of science communication?

The Wikidata knowledge database ideally offers local knowledge multilingually worldwide, if someone completes these details.

And by the way ...[edit]

Libraries are by no means only staffed by librarians. They do programming, research and consulting. Moreover: The hashtag #PeopleInLibraries refers to all those who work, read, hack and research in libraries. 1Lib1Nearby is in this respect a research method for all users who want to discover and enrich their immediate surroundings with open data: on holiday, while travelling or in location-based (research) project communication.

References nearby[edit]

Librarians - working in their homeoffice or in the library - add information, statements, label, discriptions and references to listed Nearby items of their surroundings nearby.[2]


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