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Wikidata editor! You, too, can receive a #100wikidays barnstar!
A presentation by instigator Spiritia about #100wikidays and how it's organized.

Welcome to the Wikidata version of #100wikidays: a personal challenge in which a person works on at least one item on Wikimedia projects per day, for 100 days in a row.

The general idea and the rules follow the idea of the "#100happydays" challenge.


  • No cheating! (You're only cheating yourself)
  • Enjoy and share the pleasure!


To pay tribute to Spiritia, who invented the 100wikidays challenge, your hundredth article could be related to her country, Bulgaria (Q219).

The challenge on Wikidata[edit]

The #100wikidays challenge on Wikipedia is about writing (at least) one Wikipedia article per day, for 100 days in a row.

Wikidata has many incomplete and unfinished items and therefore a meaningful and useful challenge for Wikidata can be adapted as follows:

  1. Each day, for 100 days in a row, find an existing Wikidata item that is pretty 'empty' (= it does not have any statements yet, or has very few of them)
  2. Flesh out each of your 'daily' items as extensively as you can, according to the typical item structure of that type of item.
  3. Make sure that as many statements as possible are sourced.

Other types of challenges on Wikidata are welcome! Feel free to post them on this page as well.

Yes, I shall participate![edit]

Cool! Welcome to #100wikidays victimhood! 😁 To keep information in one place, please announce your participation on the central #100wikidays project page on And please track your personal progress on a separate page, for instance a page in your userspace.

You can also share your adventures - and spread the Wikidata love - in the friendly and supportive #100wikidays Facebook group.

Have fun!