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I run the Twitter account @WikidataFacts. I’m not officially associated with Wikidata, just some random person.



  • A Guide To WDQS: A long-form introduction to WDQS. You can start with no knowledge about Wikidata or SPARQL at all and hopefully emerge knowing how to use WDQS for awesome queries. Note that it is perhaps somewhat verbose, and certainly not intended to be useful as a quick reference.
  • Problems: I maintain a list of some SPARQL queries I wrote that can help you to find problems in Wikidata. Some of the problems could be fixed fully automatically, others need manual review.
  • wdqs.sty: A LaTeX package that emulates the Wikidata Query Service’s syntax highlighting (font + colors). Could be useful for presentations.


PAWS is an awesome service on Wikimedia Labs that lets you easily write and run Wikipedia or Wikidata bots in Python. I used it for several tasks.

User scripts[edit]

  • reduced.js: Offers a reduced view better suited for screenshots with ?reduced in the page URL.


  • URL encoding: One-liner I use to URL-encode the clipboard when Firefox doesn’t do it for me.