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The following is a table of interpro items and wikipedia pages that are probably (possibly?) about those items, for the purpose of helping people review and merge those items. The suggested InterPro links are parsed from the boxes contained in the pages and may be out of date or incorrect.

The "Same Name" column says if the wikipedia article and the suggested InterPro item have the exact same name. If they do, these are likely easy merges. The "merged" column is True if the wikipedia article's WikiData item has an InterPro property. Please use the "Status" column to mark any items that need additional work or attention of a domain expert.

This was generated using Check out the merge tool for easy merging. See here for more info.

Steps for a proper merge[edit]

  1. Check if the wikipedia page is actually about the InterPro item.
  2. If not, attempt to find the correct InterPro item.
  3. If so, merge the two items.
  4. Remove subclasses from the merged item that are no longer correct (for example `protein`).
  5. Please keep the name of the InterPro item on the wikidata page, instead of using the name of the wikipedia article.


  • The article Fatty acid metabolism regulator protein FadR contains a link to IPR008920, which is about the FadR domain. However, the wikipedia page is about the FadR family: IPR014178, Q5438006 (the family actually contains this domain). So, you should merge this page with the FadR family item, and not the one that was originally proposed in the table.
  • The article WD40_repeat is about the structural motif WD40, and the proposed InterPro item are about the same thing. The items should be merged and the protein subclass should be removed.
  • Some articles may have no suggested InterPro WikiData items. This is probably because the InterPro ID suggested by the Wikipedia article is deprecated. See for example LisH domain. IPR013720 no longer exists. Following the PFam link in the box on the Wikipedia page leads to the currect correct item, which is IPR006594.


Article Name wikidata ID InterPro Items InterPro WDIDs SameName merged status
0 Arabinosyltransferase Q4783463 IPR007680 Q24774519 False False
1 Glutamine amidotransferase Q5572442 IPR000991 [[]] False False
2 DinI-like protein family Q5277813 IPR010391 Q24775218 False False
3 Carboxyl transferase domain Q5038073 IPR000022 Q24776682 False False
4 SdrG C terminal protein domain Q7439746 IPR011266 Q24771428 False False
5 Cloacin immunity protein Q5134742 IPR003063 Q24722689 False False
6 MamL-1 domain Q6745223 IPR019082 Q24777555 False False
7 F-box protein Q5423632 IPR001810 Q24772264 False False
8 Moricin Q6912180 IPR009456 Q24779609 False False
9 Histone deacetylase Q174378 IPR000286 Q24773732 False False
10 Lysophospholipase Q3269791 IPR002642 Q24775802 False False
11 Sterol carrier protein Q7611616 IPR003033 Q24723291 False False
12 Innexin Q24783538 IPR000990 Q24783538 True True Done
13 Albumin I Q24785364 IPR012512 Q24785364 True True Done
14 Caspase Q25805 IPR002398 [[]] False False
15 Ribonuclease inhibitor Q2579143 IPR003590 [[]] False False
16 TyeA protein domain Q7859790 IPR015144 Q24780763 False False
17 Hemopexin family Q5712519 IPR000585 Q24775009 False False
18 B3 4 Q4834408 IPR005146 Q24772537 False False
19 Hydrogenase maturation protease family Q17146624 IPR000671 Q24782983 False False
20 Fatty acid metabolism regulator protein FadR Q5438006 IPR008920 Q24774706 False True Done
21 Gonadotropin Q409770 IPR000476 Q24739332 False False
22 Peroxiredoxin Q419462 IPR000866 Q24738740 False False
23 ATP synthase delta subunit Q4654886 IPR000711 Q24780780 False False
24 HEPN domain Q24740190 IPR007842 Q24740190 True True Done
25 Vitellogenin Q424349 IPR001747 Q24726113 False False
26 Magnesium chelatase Q6731382 IPR003672, IPR000523 Q24720883, Q24744749 False False
27 Platelet-derived growth factor Q422868 IPR000072 Q24743684 False False
28 Glycoside hydrolase family 33 Q5572686 IPR004124 Q24727537 False False
29 DnaX Q5285837 IPR021029, IPR022001 Q24780234, Q24775390 False False
30 Glycoside hydrolase family 56 Q5572713 IPR018155 Q24781398 False False
31 Aldehyde ferredoxin oxidoreductase Q3008351 IPR001203, IPR013983 Q24724231, Q24768432 False False
32 Cyanase Q5197390 IPR003712 Q24727386 False False
33 Bacillus haemolytic enterotoxin Q4838965 IPR008414 Q24773416 False False
34 Cytochrome c oxidase subunit Vb Q25098623 IPR002124 Q24726111 False False
35 DNA methyltransferase Q1154602 IPR003356, IPR002941, IPR001525 Q24776003, Q24772043, Q24768229 False False
36 Secretin family Q7444438 IPR000532 Q24772514 False False
37 SK channel Q7390712 IPR015449 Q24770408 False False
38 EAL domain Q24739726 IPR001633 Q24739726 True True Done
39 Var1 protein domain Q7915364 IPR007980 Q24769262 False False
40 Macro domain Q24722054 IPR002589 Q24722054 True True Done
41 Calcineurin-like phosphoesterase Q5018780 IPR004843 Q24722214 False False
42 Galactose-3-O-sulfotransferase Q24770800 IPR009729 Q24770800 True True Done
43 Cyclotide Q24773644 IPR005535 Q24773644 True True Done
44 3,4-dihydroxy-2-butanone-4-phosphate synthase Q4634080 IPR000422 Q24776125 False False
45 Enterotoxin Q421978 IPR006123 Q24773195 False False
46 Androctonus australis hector insect toxin Q16256031 IPR002061 Q24776646 False False
47 Integrin Q409715 IPR013649, IPR014836, IPR000413, IPR002369 Q24721584, Q24741575, Q24780761, Q24780045 False False
48 Plant lipid transfer proteins Q7201525 IPR003612 [[]] False False
49 EIF-W2 protein domain Q5323132 IPR003307 Q24767914 False False
50 GMP phosphodiesterase, delta subunit Q24787355 IPR008015 Q24787355 True True Done
51 Trimeric autotransporter adhesin Q7842189 IPR008635, IPR005594, IPR008640 Q24788505, Q24740318, Q24771314 False False
52 Photosynthetic reaction centre Q418676 IPR000484 Q24722721 False False
53 Photosystem I Q4339518 IPR001280 Q24743745 False False
54 Melanoma-associated antigen Q6811486 IPR002190 Q24782574 False False
55 BRCT domain Q24769383 IPR001357 Q24769383 True True Done
56 Sorting nexin Q7563787 IPR001683, IPR015404, IPR013937, IPR005329 Q24779779, Q24783790, Q24788395, Q24721467 False False
57 Red chlorophyll catabolite reductase Q3166547 IPR009439 Q24722831 True False
58 Alanine racemase Q4708245 IPR011079, IPR001608 Q24784347, Q24778418 False False
59 GoLoco motif Q24738446 IPR003109 Q24738446 True True Done
60 4'-phosphopantetheinyl transferase Q4637041 IPR008278 Q24725941 False False
61 Glycoside hydrolase family 11 Q24769396 IPR001137 Q24769396 True True Done
62 Ribonuclease T Q19059632 IPR013520 Q24741740 False False
63 CD59 antigen Q5009826 IPR001526 [[]] False False
64 Pyrin domain Q7263603 IPR004020 Q24725912 False False
65 Formate-nitrite transporter Q5470021 IPR000292 Q24739964 False False
66 Endonuclease V Q19597071 IPR007581 Q19597071 True True Done
67 Phytochrome Q415016 IPR013515 Q24738915 False False
68 Carbamoyl phosphate synthetase Q5037840 IPR005481, IPR005479, IPR002474, IPR005480 Q24772617, Q24727253, Q24721091, Q24773693 False False
69 Alphavirus Q1111605 IPR002548, IPR002533, IPR000936 Q24783751, Q24778840, Q24740649 False False
70 HECT domain Q24726575 IPR000569 Q24726575 True True Done
71 HspQ protein domain Q5924365 IPR011722 Q24723442 False False
72 Bacterial adhesin Q356661 IPR006713 Q24785078 False False
73 Pardaxin Q24771446 IPR009990 Q24771446 True True Done
74 Copper type II ascorbate-dependent monooxygenase Q5168806 IPR000323 Q24772111 False False
75 EcoRI Q417754 IPR004221 Q24740568 False False
76 Aerolysin Q24781307 IPR005830 Q24781307 True True Done
77 Chitinase A N-terminal domain Q5102248 IPR013540 Q24723545 False False
78 Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase Q303568 IPR008209 Q24768114 False False
79 Prokaryotic phospholipase A2 Q3008559 IPR015141 Q24782076 False False
80 Glycoside hydrolase family 25 Q5572675 IPR002053 Q24778836 False False
81 Methanosarcinales S-layer Tile Protein Q6823600 IPR006457 Q24778433 False False
82 SWAP protein domain Q7395144 IPR000061 Q24727039 False False
83 Riboflavin synthase Q7322387 IPR002180 Q24767112 False False
84 Y Y Y Q8046186 IPR011123 Q24769830 False False
85 Alpha-amylase Q306540 IPR006047, IPR006048, IPR012850 Q24782644, Q24779971, Q24785768 False False
86 Apovitellenin-1 Q4780773 IPR008404 Q24780835 False False
87 PLAT domain Q7119590 IPR001024 Q24780497 False False
88 ATP:guanido phosphotransferase family Q4654861 IPR022414, IPR022413 Q24738597, Q24780213 False False
89 Glycoside hydrolase family 73 Q5572733 IPR002901 Q24741128 False False
90 Cytochrome b559 Q5201344 IPR013082, IPR013081 Q24720215, Q24726369 False False
91 Nitric oxide synthase Q417619 IPR004030 Q24774208 False False
92 Tat (HIV) Q3981457 IPR001831 Q24740708 False False
93 CcdA/CcdB Type II Toxin-antitoxin system Q5055634 IPR002712, IPR009956 Q24785393, Q24725490 False False
94 NAD(P)(+)—protein-arginine ADP-ribosyltransferase [[]] IPR000768 Q24744676 False False
95 Glutathione peroxidase Q24773045 IPR000889 Q24773045 True True Done
96 Cysteine protease Q419343 IPR000668 Q24723489 False False
97 Protein-S-isoprenylcysteine O-methyltransferase Q3924197 IPR007269 Q24741265 False False
98 Adhesin molecule (immunoglobulin -like) Q4682511 IPR015169 Q24783788 False False
99 Aspartate receptor Q4807711 IPR003122 Q24782603 False False
100 Syntaxin Q390407 IPR006011 Q24774639 False False
101 WHEP-TRS protein domain Q7950146 IPR000738 Q24776573 False False
102 Ecotin Q5333890 IPR005658 Q24768619 False False
103 Ureohydrolase Q7900409 IPR006035 Q24773524 True False
104 Metallothionein Q416896 IPR003019, IPR022710 Q24775968, Q24787006 False False
105 Cytochrome c nitrite reductase Q741714 IPR005126 Q24782583 False False
106 Systemin Q1044656 IPR009966 Q24773910 False False
107 Glycoside hydrolase family 28 Q5572678 IPR000743 Q24769615 False False
108 ENOD40 Q5323714 IPR013186 Q24725798 False False
109 HAMP domain Q24775216 IPR003660 Q24775216 True True Done
110 Disintegrin Q407908 IPR001762 Q24784356 False False
111 Plastocyanin family of copper-binding proteins Q7202129 IPR000923 Q24739246 False False
112 Polyphosphate kinase Q24775429 IPR003414 Q24775429 True True Done
113 TRNA-dihydrouridine synthase Q24727246 IPR001269 Q24727246 True True Done
114 Tryptophan repressor Q7848807 IPR000831 Q24720690 False False
115 Influenza virus matrix protein 2 Q17119463 IPR002089 Q24722579 True False
116 Adenosine deaminase z-alpha domain Q4682274 IPR000607 Q24786623 False False
117 Ornithine decarboxylase antizyme Q24727228 IPR002993 Q24727228 True True Done
118 Cadherin Q369541 IPR002126 Q24776048 True False
119 Glutathione S-transferase, C-terminal domain Q5572460 IPR004046 Q24776832 False False
120 DTDP-4-dehydrorhamnose 3,5-epimerase Q5206226 IPR000888 Q24723883 False False
121 CorA metal ion transporter Q5169365 IPR002523 Q24776825 False False
122 ZZ zinc finger Q8063324 IPR000433 Q24775213 False False
123 FadL outer membrane protein transport family Q5429119 IPR005017 Q24784498 False False
124 DNA polymerase Q206286 IPR006134, IPR001098, IPR004868 Q24782926, Q24726980, Q24738539 False False
125 Phosphate-selective porin Q7187427 IPR010870 Q24722110 False False
126 Spectrin repeat Q24778004 IPR002017 Q24778004 True True Done
127 BsuBI/PstI restriction endonuclease Q4982027 IPR009528 Q24726664 False False
128 Fructosamine kinase family Q5506338 IPR016477 Q24770378 False False
129 Bombinin Q24767930 IPR007962 Q24767930 True True Done
130 2-amino-4-hydroxy-6-hydroxymethyldihydropteridine diphosphokinase Q4596925 IPR000550 Q24770580 False False
131 CAP protein family Q5008779 IPR014044, IPR013871 Q24771086, Q24720847 False False
132 DOCK (protein) Q5205843 IPR010703 Q24787776 False False
133 Phosphoribosylaminoimidazolesuccinocarboxamide synthase Q7187551 IPR001636 Q24727141 False False
134 Growth factor-like domain Q5611742 IPR008154 Q24776774 False False
135 Interferon gamma receptor (IFNGR1) family Q6046455 IPR021126 Q24745311 False False
136 XPC-binding Q8042393 IPR015360 Q24722599 False False
137 StAR-related transfer domain Q7592212 IPR002913 Q24740779 False False
138 YchF-GTPase C terminal protein domain Q8050707 IPR013029 Q24773964 False False
139 Enterotoxin type B Q5380246 IPR006173, IPR006123 Q24784553, Q24773195 False False
140 Lactose permease Q3214686 IPR022814 [[]] False False
141 SecDF protein-export membrane protein Q7442848 IPR022645 Q24725676 False False
142 WAC protein domain Q7946344 IPR013136 Q24785130 False False
143 SET domain Q24770667 IPR001214 Q24770667 True True Done
144 MAM domain Q24721462 IPR000998 Q24721462 True True Done
145 RHO protein GDP dissociation inhibitor Q7276729 IPR000406 Q24788514 False False
146 URM1 Q24727440 IPR015221 Q24727440 False True Done
147 Glycerate kinase Q24777820 IPR004381 Q24777820 True True Done
148 Cyclin-dependent kinase regulatory subunit family Q5198259 IPR000789 Q24783733 False False
149 Xyloglucan endo-transglycosylase Q17125319 IPR010713 Q24721820 False False
150 Sarcoglycan Q7423585 IPR006875, IPR008908 Q24784742, Q24786807 False False
151 DNA mismatch repair Q2984243 IPR013507 Q24726758 False False
152 Betaine transporter Q4897336 IPR000060 Q24779202 False False
153 HAND domain Q5628942 IPR015194 Q24770139 False False
154 NACHT domain Q6952162 IPR007111 Q24720878 False False
155 PKD domain Q24772493 IPR000601 Q24772493 True True Done
156 Protamine Q5449573 IPR000221 Q24719736 False False
157 CHASE domain Q24775800 IPR006189 Q24775800 True True Done
158 Replication protein A Q2565234 IPR014892 Q24774490 False False
159 IMPDH/GMPR family Q24741091 IPR001093 Q24741091 False True Done
160 MIZ zinc finger Q6716347 IPR004181 Q24786553 False False
161 Prokaryotic acetaldehyde dehydrogenase dimerisation domain Q7249505 IPR015426 Q24770760 False False
162 DnaE Q5285832 IPR011708 Q24781623 False False
163 Methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein Q12061739 IPR004089 Q24774667 False False
164 WWE protein domain Q7957218 IPR004170 Q24768763 False False
165 CARD domain Q24783240 IPR001315 Q24783240 True True Done
166 4-Oxalocrotonate tautomerase Q24774922 IPR004370 Q24774922 True True Done
167 14-3-3 protein Q24780194 IPR000308 Q24780194 True True Done
168 Aldehyde oxidase and xanthine dehydrogenase, a/b hammerhead domain Q4713510 IPR000674 Q4713510 False True Done
169 Gurmarin Q5620160 IPR010485 [[]] False False
170 FYVE domain Q5427436 IPR000306 Q24782563 False False
171 Thrombospondin Q419341 IPR000884 Q24772391 False False
172 Glycoside hydrolase family 16 Q24721754 IPR000757 Q24721754 True True Done
173 Glycoside hydrolase family 32 Q5572684 IPR013148, IPR013189 Q24739684, Q24773497 False False
174 Copper fist Q5168777 IPR001083 Q24738477 False False
175 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase deficiency Q4641571 IPR006114 Q24767063 False False
176 Glycoside hydrolase family 39 Q5572694 IPR000514 Q24777353 False False
177 Homoserine dehydrogenase Q2155306 IPR001342 Q24723203 False False
178 Dishevelled Q5282208 IPR003351 Q24770644 False False
179 DmpG-like communication domain Q5285795 IPR012425 Q24768150 False False
180 Liver-expressed antimicrobial peptide Q6658198 IPR009955 Q24783024 False False
181 Somatostatin family Q7559303 IPR004250 Q24778427 False False
182 Cadherin cytoplasmic region Q5016456 IPR000233 Q24726086 False False
183 Alternative oxidase Q24721080 IPR002680 Q24721080 True True Done
184 Phosphofructokinase Q14771739 IPR000023 Q24770459 False False
185 Protein kinase C Q420877 IPR017892 Q24725790 False False
186 Chloride channel Q408477 IPR014743 Q24784775 False False
187 Major intrinsic proteins Q4338147 IPR000425 Q24786770 False False
188 Guanylate-binding protein Q5613842 IPR015894, IPR003191 Q24779716, Q24727226 False False
189 Polyprenyl synthetase Q7226863 IPR000092 Q24770066 True False
190 Microcephalin Q6839328 IPR022047 Q24739908 False False
191 Motilin Q126440 IPR006738 Q24772416 False False
192 Cyclic AMP receptors Q5198204 IPR000848 Q24769933 False False
193 Parathyroid hormone family Q7136147 IPR001415 Q24739381 False False
194 Rabaptin Q7278498 IPR003914 Q24769834 True False
195 TRPV Q7671491 IPR010308 Q24720912 False False
196 Orange carotenoid N-terminal domain Q7099768 IPR015233 Q24788592 False False
197 ETS transcription factor family Q5324485 IPR000418 Q24782417 False False
198 Hydroxyethylthiazole kinase Q24775333 IPR000417 Q24775333 True True Done
199 Glucose transporter Q420277 IPR005828 Q24741301 False False
200 Pentatricopeptide repeat Q24776796 IPR002885 Q24776796 True True Done
201 Calcium-binding EGF domain Q5018798 IPR013091 [[]] False False
202 CRAL-TRIO domain Q32933 IPR001251 Q24768871 False False
203 Single-stranded binding protein Q415459 IPR000424, IPR000635 Q24723479, Q24781389 False False
204 Cytotoxic necrotising factor family Q5201401 IPR008430 Q24726427 False False
205 Killer toxin Kp4 family Q6407571 IPR015131 Q24785619 False False
206 Condensation domain Q24779676 IPR001242 Q24779676 True True Done
207 Apolipoprotein Q416890 IPR000074 Q24719973 False False
208 DNA/RNA non-specific endonuclease Q24787549 IPR001604 Q24787549 True True Done
209 Saf pilin N-terminal extension Q17143481 IPR018569 Q24722695 False False
210 Orexin Q410857 IPR001704 Q24742044 False False
211 DEAD box Q5204758 IPR011545 Q24777421 False False
212 Cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase Q946700 IPR002073 Q24785962 False False
213 Streptavidin Q421817 IPR005468 Q24771646 False False
214 Cro repressor family Q5187019 IPR000655 Q24773774 False False
215 CAS/CSE protein family Q5008842 IPR013713, IPR005043 Q24773569, Q24783643 False False
216 Gp41 Q5590520 IPR000328 Q24740710 False False
217 SH2 domain Q24780316 IPR000980 Q24780316 True True Done
218 BEN domain Q24744731 IPR018379 Q24744731 True True Done
219 SWI/SNF Q2882131 IPR003121 Q24743814 False False
220 Autotransporter domain Q4827027 IPR005546 Q24777838 False False
221 Mannose 6-phosphate receptor Q6750941 IPR000479 Q24724882 False False
222 HD domain Q24722316 IPR006674 Q24722316 True True Done
223 Argininosuccinate synthase Q24741403 IPR001518 Q24741403 True True Done
224 Chaperone DnaJ Q5073153 IPR001623, IPR002939, IPR001305 Q24724559, Q24725870, Q24771362 False False
225 TauD protein domain Q7688599 IPR003819 Q24779916 False False
226 Elicitin Q24779267 IPR002200 Q24779267 True True Done
227 Chorismate lyase Q5105074 IPR007440 Q24787555 False False
228 TCP-1/cpn60 chaperonin family Q7669740 IPR002423 Q24771589 False False
229 Vitelline membrane outer layer protein I (VMO-I) Q7937028 IPR005515 Q24722303 False False
230 4-hydroxy-tetrahydrodipicolinate synthase Q13408714 IPR002220 Q24739722 False False
231 EF hand Q24723907 IPR002048 Q24723907 False True Done
232 ArgJ protein family Q4789170 IPR002813 Q24769085 False False
233 Sodium-solute symporter Q7553287 IPR001734 Q24774372 False False
234 Cyclophilin Q3774751 IPR002130 Q24720238 False False
235 Taq polymerase Q412581 IPR015361 Q24772949 False False
236 Acylphosphatase Q4678013 IPR001792 Q24739825 False False
237 Crustacean neurohormone family Q5190252 IPR001166 Q24740738 False False
238 Iron-sulfur cluster biosynthesis protein family Q6072246 IPR000361 Q24771405 False False
239 Ribosomal protein Q3408228 IPR016340 Q24782854 False False
240 JTB (gene) [[]] IPR008657 Q24786096 False False
241 Hepatitis D Q327281 IPR002506 Q24784761 False False
242 Cytolethal distending toxin Q5201358 IPR003558 Q24787822 False False
243 Concentrative nucleoside transporter Q5158332 IPR011657 Q24724333 False False
244 HolE Q17028812 IPR009052 Q24770448 False False
245 Inositol-3-phosphate synthase Q6036623 IPR013021 Q24726517 False False
246 Tektin Q24725099 IPR000435 Q24725099 True True Done
247 Iron dependent repressor Q6072947 IPR001367, IPR022687 Q24727430, Q24742173 False False
248 Phosphotyrosine-binding domain Q7187588 IPR002404, IPR013625 Q24783199, Q24725207 False False
249 Glycoside hydrolase family 7 Q5572726 IPR001722 Q24777197 False False
250 NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) 1 alpha subcomplex subunit 7 Q6952202 IPR009947 Q24780831 False False
251 FokI Q986838 IPR015334 Q24771829 False False
252 Pulmonary surfactant protein D Q7259544 IPR015097 Q24783781 False False
253 S1 domain Q24721068 IPR003029 Q24721068 True True Done
254 ASF1 like histone chaperone Q4654217 IPR006818 Q24778639 False False
255 Arfaptin Q4789147 IPR010504 Q24726343 False False
256 Glycoside hydrolase family 53 Q5572712 IPR011683 Q24719846 False False
257 ATP synthase gamma subunit Q4654890 IPR000131 Q24741941 False False
258 Origin recognition complex Q1626856 IPR008721, IPR010748, IPR007220 Q24769403, [[]], Q24775126 False False
259 TPM domain Q24745086 IPR007621 Q24745086 True True Done
260 Lipid A acylase Q6556356 IPR009746 Q24719780 False False
261 CUT domain Q24770738 IPR003350 Q24770738 True True Done
262 Acetyl-CoA C-myristoyltransferase Q3604270 IPR022677 Q24785546 False False
263 Photolyase Q424241 IPR005101 Q24723227 False False
264 Chalcone isomerase Q3560623 IPR003466 [[]] False False
265 Conotoxin Q417238 IPR009958, IPR008036, IPR004214 Q24768851, Q24780206, Q24739031 False False
266 Pertactin Q906465 IPR004899 Q24784567 False False
267 S-ribosylhomocysteine lyase Q7387123 IPR003815 Q24723951 False False
268 Glycoside hydrolase family 49 Q17126395 IPR005192 Q24768748 False False
269 Fungal mating pheromone receptors Q5509173 IPR000366 Q24721694 False False
270 Beta-lactamase Q311379 IPR001466 Q24776189 False False
271 Methuselah-like proteins Q6823912 IPR010596 Q24720490 False False
272 Glycoside hydrolase family 67 Q5572723 IPR005154, IPR011100, IPR011099 Q24787190, Q24770946, Q24782319 False False
273 Pore-forming toxin Q7230047 IPR001340 [[]] False False
274 EamA Q5325502 IPR000620 Q24741092 False False
275 Nucleoside-specific porin Q7068247 IPR003055 Q24776689 False False
276 Calcium-activated chloride channel Q24773987 IPR013642 Q24773987 False True Done
277 Duffy binding proteins Q5312407 IPR021032, IPR008602 Q24785422, Q24779014 False False
278 Kunitz STI protease inhibitor Q6444782 IPR002160 Q24770831 False False
279 Ribosomal L28e protein family Q7322403 IPR002672 Q24779561 False False
280 Bradykinin Q24745328 IPR009608 Q24745328 True True Done
281 Chemokine Q421866 IPR001811 Q24767885 False False
282 Yersinia pseudotuberculosis Q139928 IPR015227 Q24784181 False False
283 B1 domain Q4834366 IPR003147 Q24783340 False False
284 Creatinase Q5183437 IPR000587 Q24778000 False False
285 Phospholipid acyltransferase Q7187519 IPR002123 Q24781206 False False
286 Tudor domain Q1728965 IPR008191 [[]] False False
287 OST4 Q7073050 IPR018943 Q24776039 False False
288 Ycf9 protein domain Q8050706 IPR002644 Q24774841 False False
289 Disulfide bond formation protein B Q5283600 IPR003752 Q24787376 False False
290 Photosystem II light-harvesting protein Q7187917 IPR000932 Q24778635 False False
291 PDZ domain Q24721050 IPR001478 Q24721050 True True Done
292 Glycoside hydrolase family 24 Q5572674 IPR002196 Q24723055 False False
293 ZinT protein domain Q8072223 IPR015304 Q24769980 False False
294 Haemagglutination activity domain Q5638174 IPR008638 Q24742102 False False
295 Amino acid kinase Q4746430 IPR001048 Q24745039 False False
296 Reg prop Q7307891 IPR011110 Q24781155 False False
297 Type I topoisomerase Q7860880 IPR015346 Q24778035 False False
298 Oleosin Q24786609 IPR000136 Q24786609 True True Done
299 Trappin protein transglutaminase binding domain Q7835658 IPR019541 Q24742113 False False
300 Fucosyltransferase Q5507035 IPR001503 Q24723639 False False
301 Ferredoxin-thioredoxin reductase Q5445278 IPR004207, IPR004209 Q24723319, Q24721230 False False
302 Prolyl isomerase Q426411 IPR000297 Q24774240 False False
303 3-dehydroquinate synthase Q3598775 IPR002658 [[]] False False
304 Rubredoxin Q3062554 IPR004039 Q24722514 False False
305 Cecropin Q24784723 IPR000875 Q24784723 True True Done
306 Glycoside hydrolase family 83 Q5572747 IPR000665 Q24775014 False False
307 Nucleobase cation symporter-1 Q7068226 IPR001248 Q24724446 False False
308 Alpha defensin Q4063641 IPR006081 Q24775292 False False
309 Cytochrome C1 Q24740310 IPR002326 Q24740310 True True Done
310 Rab GDP dissociation inhibitors Q7278456 IPR018203 Q24768828 False False
311 Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein Q17143674 IPR000867 Q24777422 False False
312 Amidase Q24775735 IPR000120 Q24775735 True True Done
313 YopE protein domain Q24787169 IPR014773 Q24787169 False True Done
314 Hyccin protein family Q5953412 IPR018619 Q24726963 False False
315 Cfr10I/Bse634I Q5065861 IPR012415 Q24787407 False False
316 Patatin-like phospholipase Q7144278 IPR002641 Q24742083 False False
317 Fungal fruit body lectin family Q5509165 IPR009960 Q24727016 False False
318 Glycine cleavage system Q744151 IPR006222, IPR013977, IPR002930 Q24769505, Q24771044, Q24782226 False False
319 Transmembrane domain of ABC transporters Q7834588 IPR001140 [[]] False False
320 High mobility group protein HMG14 and HMG17 Q5757601 IPR000079 Q24783830 False False
321 YcaO Q16930852 IPR003776 Q24726037 False False
322 GHMP kinase family Q5513419 IPR006204, IPR013750 Q24781383, Q24726415 False False
323 Outer membrane efflux proteins Q7112027 IPR003423 Q24723976 False False
324 ANTH domain Q4653058 IPR011417 Q24780884 False False
325 Insect pheromone-binding protein Q6037235 IPR005055 Q24769469 False False
326 Antifungal protein Q24723144 IPR022706 Q24723144 True True Done
327 Dehydrin Q5252383 IPR000167 Q24739456 True False
328 IQ calmodulin-binding motif Q5973338 IPR000048 Q24784373 False False
329 Group II pyridoxal-dependent decarboxylases Q5611161 IPR002129 Q24775011 False False
330 Glycoside hydrolase family 34 Q5572688 IPR001860 Q24787115 False False
331 YDG SRA protein domain Q8045857 IPR003105 Q24723207 False False
332 C2 domain Q5008102 IPR000008, IPR002420 Q24774737, Q24776645 False False
333 Isocitrate lyase Q3802626 IPR000918 [[]] False False
334 FEZ-like protein Q5425392 IPR011680 Q24772936 False False
335 Carbohydrate sulfotransferase Q5037881 IPR005331 Q24741998 False False
336 ARID domain Q4653778 IPR001606 Q24786127 False False
337 Ubiquitin Q407111 IPR000626 Q24773826 False False
338 Sialyltransferase Q7506698 IPR001675 Q24740001 False False
339 D-alanine—D-alanine ligase Q5203299 IPR011095, IPR011127 Q24774248, Q24724749 False False
340 Gastrin family Q5526800 IPR001651 Q24783462 False False
341 Signal recognition particle receptor Q2207749 IPR015284 Q24776414 False False
342 Galactose binding lectin domain Q5517840 IPR000922 Q24779734 False False
343 Heat-labile enterotoxin family Q5693152 IPR010503, IPR001835, IPR001144 Q24723428, Q24724090, Q24739905 False False
344 Colicin Q15439223 IPR003058 [[]] False False
345 Argonaute Q413236 IPR021103, IPR003165 Q24772275, Q24773232 False False
346 Formylglycine-generating enzyme Q5470360 IPR005532 Q24787217 False False
347 Ribosome-inactivating protein Q24788543 IPR001574 Q24788543 True True Done
348 Caveolin Q24724230 IPR001612 Q24724230 True True Done
349 Universal stress protein Q25051924 IPR006016 Q24782724 False False
350 Rhodopsin-like receptors Q7321217 IPR000276 Q24575138 False False
351 Glycoside hydrolase family 29 Q17145820 IPR000933 Q24774165 False False
352 Tetraspanin Q24773957 IPR000301 Q24773957 True True Done
353 Whirly Q7993826 IPR013742 Q24772160 False False
354 Outer Membrane Receptor Q7111988 IPR000531, IPR012910 Q24783836, Q24783204 False False
355 ERM protein family Q5324056 IPR011259 Q24738630 False False
356 L-type lectin domain Q6456176 IPR005052 Q24727455 False False
357 AT-hook Q4654569 IPR017956 Q24722372 False False
358 Reeler domain Q24743647 IPR002861 Q24743647 True True Done
359 Haem peroxidase Q5638168 IPR002016 Q24746036 False False
360 Glycoside hydrolase family 63 Q24787874 IPR004888 Q24787874 True True Done
361 Magnesium transporter Q6731409 IPR006667 Q24774309 False False
362 Cytochrome b561 Q22034149 IPR004877, IPR011577 [[]], Q24724702 False False
363 Glutaredoxin 2 (bacterial) Q5572453 IPR007494 Q24740940 False False
364 HMA domain Q5630682 IPR006121 Q24779831 False False
365 M1 protein Q6713683 IPR001561 Q24780859 False False
366 Phage major coat protein Q7180159 IPR008020 Q24770658 False False
367 Inhibitor of apoptosis domain Q12745086 IPR001370 Q24788681 False False
368 Nematode Her-1 Q6991007 IPR015313 Q24741905 False False
369 CUB domain Q24774207 IPR000859 Q24774207 True True Done
370 NuA4 histone acetyltransferase complex Q18355286 IPR015418 Q24727557 False False
371 Coagulin Q24721580 IPR000275 Q24721580 True True Done
372 Corticotropin-releasing hormone binding protein family Q5173295 IPR008435 Q24767139 False False
373 VEK-30 protein domain Q7906735 IPR021965 Q24722485 False False
374 Flavoprotein Q24720355 IPR003382 Q24720355 True True Done
375 Diaminopimelate epimerase Q5270694 IPR001653 Q24719831 False False
376 Fumarate lyase Q5508528 IPR000362 Q24775438 False False
377 Vitamin B12-binding domain Q7936946 IPR003759, IPR006158 Q24773126, Q24787550 False False
378 Shroom protein family Q17145977 IPR014800, IPR014799 Q24783401, Q24726614 False False
379 EF1 guanine nucleotide exchange domain Q5322951 IPR014038 Q24726561 False False
380 Animal heme-dependent peroxidases Q4764940 IPR002007 [[]] False False
381 Glycoside hydrolase family 61 Q5572717 IPR005103 Q24723698 False False
382 BTB/POZ domain Q4836667 IPR013069 [[]] False False
383 Histone H1 Q838135 IPR005818 Q24780475 False False
384 Kunitz domain Q1792220 IPR002223 Q24784434 False False
385 Bcl-2 family Q554446 IPR000712, IPR003093 [[]], Q24778016 False False
386 CHB HEX N-terminal domain Q5011062 IPR004866 Q24777362 False False
387 Leguminous lectin family Q6518704 IPR001220 Q24724825 False False
388 Shikimate dehydrogenase Q1143110 IPR013708, IPR006151 Q24773667, Q24720076 False False
389 Adenylyl-sulfate kinase Q24782141 IPR002891 Q24782141 True True Done
390 YbaK protein domain Q8050688 IPR007214 Q24741178 False False
391 Thioredoxin fold Q7784694 IPR013766 Q24740291 False False
392 Calsequestrin Q24774223 IPR001393 Q24774223 True True Done
393 Creb binding domain Q5183674 IPR014744 Q24774280 False False
394 Ribonucleotide reductase Q420089 IPR000788, IPR013509, IPR000358, IPR013554 Q24776493, Q24723069, Q24766998, Q24785321 False False
395 Aryldialkylphosphatase Q4802705 IPR001559 Q24782022 False False
396 OmpA-like transmembrane domain Q7090670 IPR000498 Q24772585 False False
397 Rieske protein Q3408215 IPR005806, IPR014909 [[]], Q24741663 False False
398 Sucrose synthase Q24724987 IPR000368 Q24724987 True True Done
399 Alliinase Q2530260 IPR006948, IPR006947 Q24721163, Q24778905 False False
400 UbiD protein domain Q7876508 IPR002830 Q24773250 False False
401 P-type ATPase Q11903647 IPR004014, IPR008250, IPR006068 Q24774976, Q24774174, Q24777524 False False
402 Glycoside hydrolase family 30 Q24775498 IPR001139 Q24775498 True True Done
403 Superoxide dismutase Q410776 IPR001424, IPR001189, IPR014123 Q24787696, Q24787673, Q24786934 False False
404 PA clan Q17156869 IPR009003 Q24783967 False False
405 Metalloproteinase Q425402 IPR008915, IPR001915 Q24769123, Q24769574 False False
406 Cytochrome c family Q5201348 IPR002321, IPR020942, IPR003088 Q24780740, Q24785857, [[]] False False
407 Epsilon antitoxin Q5383974 IPR015090 Q24739896 False False
408 Nitrile hydratase Q7041403 IPR004232, IPR003168 Q24727428, Q24784514 False False
409 Transposase Q410629 IPR003201 Q24785683 False False
410 Outer membrane porin D Q7112030 IPR005318 Q24721983 False False
411 Tubby protein Q7850751 IPR000007 Q24743704 False False
412 Calponin homology domain Q24723587 IPR001715 Q24723587 True True Done
413 Aminotransferase, class V Q4746472 IPR000192 Q24779344 False False
414 Stirrup protein domain Q7617615 IPR015146 Q24769984 False False
415 DFFB [[]] IPR015311 Q24774923 False False
416 Apyrase Q24770179 IPR009283 Q24770179 True True Done
417 Phosphoribosylanthranilate isomerase Q7187553 IPR001240 Q24783101 False False
418 Nucleoporin Q3571630 IPR004870 Q24743714 False False
419 Biotin attachment domain Q4915358 IPR000089 Q24776378 False False
420 Inward-rectifier potassium ion channel Q841456 IPR013521, IPR013673 [[]], Q24776960 False False
421 Ras subfamily Q424396 IPR013753 [[]] False False
422 Biotin carboxylase Q4915362 IPR005482 Q24724640 False False
423 Transaldolase Q358883 IPR001585 Q24721192 False False
424 S-adenosylmethionine synthetase enzyme Q6823653 IPR022629, IPR022630, IPR022628 Q24776423, Q24776548, Q24770686 False False
425 ACT domain Q24745293 IPR002912 Q24745293 True True Done
426 Single-strand DNA-binding protein Q25323699 IPR000424 Q24723479 False False
427 Glycolipid transfer protein Q22034143 IPR014830 Q24774813 False False
428 FAD-oxidase Q5424314 IPR004113 Q24738705 False False
429 Peroxidase Q419305 IPR002016 Q24746036 False False
430 Isocitrate dehydrogenase Q261968 IPR004436 Q24788647 False False
431 Haloacid dehydrogenase superfamily Q5643337 IPR013200 [[]] False False
432 Surfactant protein C Q7646058 IPR001729 Q24739784 False False
433 Synuclein Q24767155 IPR001058 Q24767155 True True Done
434 Dihydroorotate dehydrogenase Q1150909 IPR001295 Q24769177 False False
435 Sirohaem synthase Q7530542 IPR019478 Q24768066 False False
436 SSI protease inhibitor Q7393007 IPR000691 Q24722519 False False
437 Glycoside hydrolase family 5 Q5572708 IPR001547 Q24788081 False False
438 Fibronectin type II domain Q5446472 IPR000562 Q24781388 False False
439 Shikimate kinase Q775381 IPR000623 Q24726246 False False
440 Immunoglobulin domain Q1469784 IPR013151 Q24770541 False False
441 Syndecan Q24719732 IPR001050 Q24719732 True True Done
442 Myogenic determination factor 5 Q6947922 IPR022032, IPR002546 Q24726538, Q24772794 False False
443 Bromodomain Q1829843 IPR001487 Q1829843 True True Done
444 Rhodanese Q423139 IPR001763 Q24726336 False False
445 Guanosine nucleotide dissociation inhibitor Q5613792 IPR002005 [[]] False False
446 Pancreatic ribonuclease Q24724808 IPR001427 Q24724808 True True Done
447 Monooxygenase Q6901821 IPR002938 Q24768036 False False
448 Translationally controlled tumour protein Q24775511 IPR018105 Q24775511 True True Done
449 ELMO (protein) Q5323304 IPR006816 Q24767083 False False
450 Pertussis toxin Q4859345 IPR015355, IPR003899, IPR015356, IPR003898 Q24725499, Q24773334, Q24777769, Q24770114 False False
451 Galactosyltransferase Q5517847 IPR002659 Q24725547 False False
452 YgbB N terminal protein domain Q8053402 IPR003526 Q24723671 False False
453 Tetraacyldisaccharide 4'-kinase Q7706198 IPR003758 Q24787519 True False
454 Dispanin Q5282526 IPR007593 Q24783586 False False
455 Haemagglutinin-esterase fusion glycoprotein Q5638175 IPR003860 Q24738688 False False
456 Nuclear receptor Q422500 IPR001628, IPR000536 Q24725588, Q24772746 False False
457 Nucleobase cation symporter-2 Q7068227 IPR006043 Q24769883 False False
458 Very short patch repair Q7923098 IPR004603 Q24773969 False False
459 Transcription factor DP Q7833927 IPR014889 Q24724175 False False
460 Glycoside hydrolase family 71 Q24773710 IPR005197 Q24773710 True True Done
461 Riboflavin kinase Q1427557 IPR015865 Q24769700 False False
462 High potential iron-sulfur protein Q5757652 IPR000170 Q24739354 False False
463 ZapA family Q8066353 IPR007838 Q24786201 False False
464 Cache domain Q5015975 IPR013163, IPR004010 [[]], Q24775877 False False
465 KilA-N domain Q6406481 IPR018004 Q24739583 False False
466 Clathrin adaptor proteins Q5128484 IPR022775 Q24768274 False False
467 G protein–coupled receptor Q38173 IPR000276 Q24575138 False False
468 Microcin Q6839363 IPR021539 Q24784167 False False
469 Glycoside hydrolase family 42 Q5572698 IPR013738, IPR013739, IPR013529 Q24777755, Q24722016, Q24768285 False False
470 Misato segment II myosin-like domain Q6875168 IPR019605 Q24773235 False False
471 Geosmin synthase Q5548533 IPR005630 Q24739387 False False
472 RNA recognition motif Q7277184 IPR000504 Q24768845 False False
473 Delta atracotoxin Q278436 IPR008017 Q24723437 False False
474 Influenza virus nucleoprotein Q6030316 IPR002141 Q24739468 False False
475 Secretin receptor family Q7444439 IPR000832 Q24782280 False False
476 Ryanodine receptor Q416781 IPR003032 Q24785601 False False
477 Ars operon Q4796324 IPR000802, IPR010712, IPR006660 Q24740756, Q24776946, Q24771793 False False
478 Glycoside hydrolase family 85 Q5572749 IPR005201 Q24779365 False False
479 Peroxisomal biogenesis factor 11 Q24772975 IPR008733 Q24772975 True True Done
480 Small-conductance mechanosensitive channel Q7542597 IPR006685 Q24769530 False False
481 WIF domain Q24722777 IPR003306 Q24722777 True True Done
482 Apetala 2 Q4779400 IPR001471 Q24725781 False False
483 Prenyltransferase Q7240581 IPR001330 Q24739897 False False
484 Homing endonuclease Q953859 IPR007869, IPR001982, IPR007868, IPR004860 Q24781094, [[]], Q24772776, Q24787865 False False
485 Phosphocarrier protein Q7187491 IPR000032 Q24726766 False False
486 Glycoside hydrolase family 13 Q5572659 IPR006047, IPR004185 Q24782644, Q24778011 False False
487 Bicarbonate transporter protein Q4903536 IPR013769, IPR011531 Q24719843, Q24767126 False False
488 Calponin family repeat Q5023930 IPR000557 Q24781713 False False
489 Translocase of the inner membrane Q5438780 IPR003397 Q24778737 False False
490 VanY protein domain Q7913086 IPR003709 Q24774692 False False
491 YadA bacterial adhesin protein domain Q8046486 IPR005594 Q24740318 False False
492 Photosynthetic reaction centre protein family Q24722721 IPR003158, IPR000484 Q24725930, Q24722721 False True Done
493 Class II bacteriocin Q5127988 IPR009086, IPR002633, IPR012950 Q24787515, Q24768071, Q24740300 False False
494 Collagenase Q304956 IPR013510 [[]] False False
495 Pacifastin Q18385894 IPR008037 Q24741582 False False
496 Raf-like Ras-binding domain Q7281991 IPR003116 Q24741309 False False
497 Beta defensin Q4897294 IPR001855 Q24720417 False False
498 Dihydropteroate synthase Q5276443 IPR000489 Q24786498 False False
499 Hyaluronidase Q904015 IPR011496, IPR009860 Q24723103, Q24773919 False False
500 Glycoside hydrolase family 76 Q17125781 IPR005198 Q24740576 False False
501 GGL domain Q5513380 IPR001770 Q24778863 False False
502 Phosphopentose epimerase Q7187534 IPR000056 Q24775392 False False
503 Spider toxin Q7577067 IPR011142, IPR004169, IPR011696, IPR008017 Q24770756, Q24780345, Q24781128, Q24723437 False False
504 Beta-propeller Q3266476 IPR001680 Q7948257 False False
505 CD20-like family Q24766992 IPR007237 Q24766992 True True Done
506 Vpu Q24774981 IPR008187 Q24774981 False True Done
507 VP40 Q7942544 IPR008986 Q24779573 False False
508 DnaA Q673206 IPR013159, IPR013317 Q24774668, Q24740170 False False
509 Myotubularin Q12039093 IPR010569 Q24773471 False False
510 5,10-Methenyltetrahydromethanopterin hydrogenase Q3599222 IPR004889 Q24722432 False False
511 Flavoprotein pyridine nucleotide cytochrome reductases Q5458180 IPR003097 Q24770334 False False
512 Ribonuclease Q422523 IPR000026 Q24719775 False False
513 Ebola viral protein 24 Q19904020 IPR009433 Q24770624 False False
514 S4 protein domain Q17142858 IPR002942 Q24726118 False False
515 NHL repeat Q24724905 IPR001258 Q24724905 True True Done
516 Sda protein domain Q7439731 IPR015064 Q24786809 False False
517 CAT RNA-binding domain Q24720750 IPR004341 Q24720750 True True Done
518 Large-conductance mechanosensitive channel Q24771639 IPR001185 Q24771639 True True Done
519 Pentapeptide repeat Q24787539 IPR001646 Q24787539 True True Done
520 Proton-pumping pyrophosphatase Q7252051 IPR004131 Q24722061 False False
521 Fork head domain Q24773206 IPR001766 Q24773206 True True Done
522 DSS1/SEM1 protein family Q5206187 IPR007834 Q24777511 False False
523 2-oxo-4-hydroxy-4-carboxy-5-ureidoimidazoline decarboxylase Q4596958 IPR018020 Q24787809 False False
524 Oxysterol-binding protein Q24773664 IPR000648 Q24773664 True True Done
525 Tryptophan-rich sensory protein Q7848802 IPR004307 Q24724107 False False
526 Chalcone synthase Q3870431 IPR012328 Q24773140 False False
527 EcoEI R protein C-terminal domain Q24768506 IPR013670 Q24768506 True True Done
528 DsbC protein family Q5309956 IPR018950 Q24773071 False False
529 Estrogen receptor Q416496 IPR001292 Q24773418 False False
530 Talin protein Q7679528 IPR015009, IPR015224 Q24771390, Q24722453 False False
531 DpnII restriction endonuclease family Q5303938 IPR007637 Q24721711 False False
532 Chorismate synthase Q24777823 IPR000453 Q24777823 True True Done
533 Translocase of the outer membrane Q7834574 IPR012621, IPR005683, IPR010547 Q24780857, Q24778823, Q24785005 False False
534 Peptidoglycan binding domain Q7166534 IPR002477 Q24771991 False False
535 L-fucose isomerase Q6456132 IPR012889, IPR012888, IPR015888 Q24776019, Q24776717, Q24720438 False False
536 Sulfatase Q7636184 IPR000917 Q24727341 False False
537 XPG I protein domain Q8042400 IPR006086 Q24774139 False False
538 Low-density lipoprotein receptor gene family Q4415210 IPR000033, IPR002172 Q24740614, Q24775971 False False
539 Sirtuin Q421331 IPR003000 Q24782017 False False
540 Phenylalanine—tRNA ligase Q7181422 IPR005121 Q24720860 False False
541 Von Willebrand factor type D domain Q7941537 IPR001846 Q24727090 False False
542 GHKL domain Q5513415 IPR003594 Q24780207 False False
543 BPS domain Q4836282 IPR015042 Q24785033 False False
544 BED zinc finger Q4835415 IPR003656 Q24771487 False False
545 BZIP Maf Q4836925 IPR004826 Q24767087 False False
546 Cutinase Q4273972 IPR000675 Q24720011 False False
547 Succinate dehydrogenase subunit E Q7632666 IPR005631 Q24769798 False False
548 Crp domain Q5189738 IPR001808 [[]] False False
549 Lactate dehydrogenase Q24256504 IPR015409, IPR001236, IPR022383 Q24722312, Q24745122, Q24782919 False False
550 Bcl-x interacting domain Q4875409 IPR015040 Q24786348 False False
551 Phospholipase A2 Q24768001 IPR001211 Q24768001 True True Done
552 Ferric uptake regulator family Q5445337 IPR002481 Q24768454 False False
553 Scavenger receptor cysteine-rich protein domain Q7430641 IPR001190 Q24770335 False False
554 H2TH domain Q5628836 IPR015886 Q24726926 False False
555 DNA beta-glucosyltransferase Q3700486 IPR015281 Q24786214 False False
556 Flagellar motor switch Q5456916 IPR001689, IPR000090 Q24779433, Q24777549 False False
557 Indole-3-glycerol-phosphate synthase Q6025726 IPR013798 Q24772144 False False
558 Stannin Q7600127 IPR015135 Q24769570 False False
559 Cyclin Q421844 IPR006671, IPR004367, IPR015164 Q24776722, Q24786532, Q24726121 False False
560 Group IV pyridoxal-dependent decarboxylases Q5611162 IPR022643, IPR022644 Q24775307, Q24739854 False False
561 G alpha subunit Q5515156 IPR001019 Q24778884 False False
562 P2X purinoreceptor Q24739479 IPR001429 Q24739479 True True Done
563 Ycf4 protein domain Q8050705 IPR003359 Q24775680 False False
564 Bacteriocin Q183119 IPR006540, IPR007464 Q24788326, Q24778440 False False
565 S1 protein domain Q7388221 IPR003029 Q24721068 False False
566 Bacterial DNA binding protein Q4839976 IPR000119 Q24724100 False False
567 Collagen helix Q3267527 IPR008160 Q24768908 False False
568 Guanylate kinase Q5613848 IPR008144 Q24783958 False False
569 Vault (organelle) Q2413417 IPR002499 Q24768067 False False
570 Thaumatin Q24775038 IPR001938 Q24775038 True True Done
571 Acetate kinase Q4673250 IPR000890 Q24768452 False False
572 Nudix family Q17141956 IPR000086, IPR015375 Q24777688, Q24723406 False False
573 Endothelin Q390566 IPR001928 Q24721624 False False
574 Hok/sok system Q3962231 IPR000021 Q24781758 False False
575 Frataxin-like domain Q5493790 IPR002908 Q24720672 False False
576 Crystallin Q2992167 IPR001064, IPR003090 Q24783268, Q24773545 False False
577 CHAP domain Q24723169 IPR007921 Q24723169 True True Done
578 Odorant-binding protein Q3880957 IPR006170 Q24739367 False False
579 KASH domains Q6325319 IPR012315 Q24786510 False False
580 Shiga-like toxin Q423769 IPR003189 Q24767900 False False
581 Influenza non-structural protein Q6030305 IPR000256 Q24722028 False False
582 Activin receptor Q4677603 IPR000472 Q24770364 False False
583 EVH1 domain Q5324607 IPR000697 Q24725236 False False
584 Sulfate adenylyltransferase Q7636186 IPR002650 Q24768315 False False
585 GTP-binding elongation factor family, EF-Tu/EF-1A subfamily Q5514726 IPR004160, IPR000795, IPR004161 Q24766834, Q24782940, Q24779197 False False
586 MutS-1 Q6943628 IPR007695 Q24782755 False False
587 Claudin Q420863 IPR004031 Q24784529 False False
588 Muramyl ligase Q6937310 IPR000713 Q24767031 False False
589 Anaphylatoxin Q424292 IPR000020 Q24741170 False False
590 Sushi domain Q7648929 IPR000436 Q7648929 True True Done
591 Mitochondrial ribosomal death-associated protein 3 Q6881874 IPR019368 Q24779937 False False
592 Hsp70 Q419102 IPR013126 Q24780306 False False
593 Tubulin Q422492 IPR003008 Q24770015 False False
594 B2-adapt-app C Q4834372 IPR015151 Q24788637 False False
595 LSm Q3408235 IPR001163 Q24722720 False False
596 Thiamine transporter Q7783878 IPR012651 Q24721951 False False
597 Beta-lactamase inhibitor protein Q4897220 IPR009099 Q24767957 False False
598 Olfactory marker protein Q24726721 IPR009103 Q24726721 True True Done
599 Group III pyridoxal-dependent decarboxylases Q17145958 IPR008286, IPR005308, IPR000310 Q24783524, Q24738906, Q24780156 False False
600 Tachystatin Q7673880 IPR022717, IPR020957 Q24738518, Q24725721 False False
601 ML domain Q6716693 IPR003172 Q24772032 False False
602 RuBisCO Q422516 IPR017444, IPR000685, IPR000894 [[]], Q24782975, Q24769549 False False
603 Mycobacterial porin Q6946965 IPR015286 Q24770160 False False
604 Focal adhesion targeting region Q5463840 IPR005189 Q24722833 False False
605 Barstar Q4078578 IPR000468 Q24774450 False False
606 Translation initiation factor IF-3 Q7834528 IPR019815, IPR019814 Q24787114, Q24787976 False False
607 Apolipophorin III Q4780231 IPR010009 Q24785618 False False
608 Electron-transferring flavoprotein Q1327105 IPR014730, IPR014731 Q24773152, Q24721344 False False
609 DHHC domain Q5205019 IPR001594 Q24774403 False False
610 Photosystem II Q410942 IPR000932 Q24778635 False False
611 Hemagglutinin-neuraminidase Q12902725 IPR000665 Q24775014 False False
612 BLUF domain Q24770755 IPR007024 Q24770755 True True Done
613 Fibronectin type III domain Q5446473 IPR003961 Q24740327 False False
614 Zinc-dependent phospholipase C Q8962095 IPR001531 Q24720603 False False
615 Haemolysin expression modulating protein family Q5638251 IPR007985 Q24782580 False False
616 Radical SAM Q24776000 IPR007197 Q24776000 True True Done
617 Bacteriocin IId Q4840014 IPR009086 Q24787515 False False
618 Hypoxia-inducible factors Q415096 IPR014887 Q24740769 False False
619 Opioid peptide Q417189 IPR006024 Q24739779 False False
620 Immunoglobulin C2-set domain Q6005512 IPR008424 Q24724343 False False
621 Ter protein Q7701454 IPR008865 Q24766646 False False
622 Fasciclin domain Q5436638 IPR000782 Q24727171 False False
623 Cytochrome b Q3774486 IPR005797 Q24770936 False False
624 Dipeptidyl-peptidase IV family Q5279727 IPR002469 Q24775545 False False
625 KcsA potassium channel Q6382011 IPR013099 Q24722427 False False
626 Anthrax toxin Q1935986 IPR014781, IPR015239 Q24782186, Q24777675 False False
627 ATP-dependent Clp protease adaptor protein ClpS Q4654790 IPR003769 Q24720177 False False
628 Ferredoxin Q415215 IPR001450, IPR001041 [[]], Q24785042 False False
629 Calponin Q5023929 IPR001715 Q24723587 False False
630 Protein L Q7251440 IPR003147 Q24783340 False False
631 Apolipoprotein L Q24770072 IPR008405 Q24770072 True True Done
632 C1q domain Q24725457 IPR001073 Q24725457 True True Done
633 Isocitrate/isopropylmalate dehydrogenase family Q6085485 IPR001804 Q24781003 False False
634 Frequency (gene) Q17014831 IPR018554 Q24779835 False False
635 EGF-like domain Q5323037 IPR013111, IPR006209 Q24723127, [[]] False False
636 Cyclase-associated protein family Q5198122 IPR013992, IPR013912 Q24778217, Q24724598 False False
637 PHD finger Q7119217 IPR019787 Q24741217 False False
638 Biliverdin reductase Q420000 IPR015249 Q24788131 False False
639 LETM1-like protein family Q6457686 IPR011685 Q24766799 False False
640 Tachykinin peptides Q419735 IPR002040 [[]] False False
641 D-lysine 5,6-aminomutase Q5203324 IPR015130 Q24724555 False False
642 GRAM domain Q24723964 IPR004182 Q24723964 True True Done
643 Herpesvirus glycoprotein B Q24720396 IPR000234 Q24720396 True True Done
644 Death domain Q5247322 IPR000488 Q5247322 True True Done
645 Apical membrane antigen 1 Q24739946 IPR003298 Q24739946 True True Done
646 Saccharopine dehydrogenase Q7396609 IPR005097 Q24741964 False False
647 Proline racemase Q7249618 IPR008794 Q24721315 False False
648 Toll-Interleukin receptor Q24780090 IPR000157 Q24780090 False True Done
649 APOBEC Q4653351 IPR007904, IPR013158 [[]], Q24782379 False False
650 Protein-glutamate methylesterase Q7251415 IPR000673 Q24787937 False False
651 Penicillin binding proteins Q7162855 IPR005311, IPR001460 Q24782955, Q24723511 False False
652 Creatininase Q5183444 IPR003785 Q24720217 False False
653 Snake venom Q424200 IPR003571 Q24770362 False False
654 DM domain Q5205666 IPR001275 Q24739020 False False
655 Alpha-L-fucosidase Q4734903 IPR000933 Q24774165 False False
656 GTPase-activator protein for Ras-like GTPase Q5514737 IPR001936 Q24725378 False False
657 STAT protein Q419333 IPR015347, IPR013801, IPR013799, IPR013800 Q24739580, Q24779701, Q24777206, Q24787862 False False
658 Outer membrane protein W family Q7112033 IPR005618 Q24726639 False False
659 Clostridium difficile toxin B Q5135489 IPR020974 Q24775281 False False
660 Death effector domain Q24781095 IPR001875 Q24781095 True True Done
661 Glycoside hydrolase family 14 Q5572660 IPR001554 Q24771047 False False
662 Pectinesterase Q2069402 IPR000070 Q24725752 False False
663 Phycoerythrin Q420950 IPR004228 Q24738952 False False
664 YopH, N-terminal Q8055241 IPR015103 Q24723877 False False
665 Triosephosphate isomerase Q415281 IPR000652 Q24777683 True False
666 Shugoshin N terminal protein domain Q7504685 IPR011516 Q24778114 False False
667 Phosphatidylinositol transfer protein Q7187465 IPR001666 Q7187465 True True Done
668 Interferon regulatory factors Q6046461 IPR001346 Q24783071 False False
669 Glycoside hydrolase family 79 Q5572741 IPR005199 Q24769697 False False
670 Urocanase Q908067 IPR000193 [[]] False False
671 WD40 repeat Q7948257 IPR001680 Q7948257 True True Done
672 Clathrin Q415068 IPR022365, IPR015348 Q24772023, Q24779097 False False
673 BpuJI Q4953115 IPR021108 Q24721793 False False
674 SeqA protein domain Q7452412 IPR005621 Q24725272 False False
675 Contryphan Q3689200 IPR011062 Q24738476 False False
676 DUTP diphosphatase Q5206324 IPR014871, IPR008180 Q24781108, Q24778046 False False
677 L-arabinose isomerase Q24781790 IPR003762 Q24781790 True True Done
678 Maltoporin Q6744922 IPR003192 Q24766901 False False
679 LisH domain Q6557723 IPR013720 [[]] False True Done
680 Bile acid:sodium symporter Q4907659 IPR002657 Q24783765 False False
681 Pancreatic lipase family Q7130411 IPR013818 Q24725324 False False
682 Fibrinogen Q381899 IPR012290, IPR002181, IPR021996 Q24741493, Q24779823, Q24776335 False False
683 Phospholipid scramblase Q3476415 IPR005552 Q24782725 False False
684 Antifreeze protein Q421541 IPR003460, IPR007928 Q24774179, Q24772597 False False
685 Ornatin Q24770891 IPR002463 Q24770891 True True Done
686 Aspartate protease [[]] IPR001461, IPR012848 Q24787637, Q24770604 False False
687 EPSP synthase Q858373 IPR001986 Q24739828 False False
688 Zona pellucida-like domain Q8073850 IPR001507 Q24775759 False False
689 Bombesin-like peptides Q4940665 IPR000874 Q24786370 False False
690 Clostridium enterotoxin Q24724496 IPR003897 Q24724496 True True Done
691 FAD dependent oxidoreductase family Q5424317 IPR006076 Q24744817 False False
692 Bacterial rhodopsins Q16836773 IPR001425 Q24769258 False False
693 S100 protein Q596366 IPR013787 Q24778313 False False
694 Engrailed homeobox protein Q5378736 IPR019549 Q24740335 False False
695 CFC domain Q5010491 IPR019011 Q24722504 False False
696 S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine hydrolase Q7387088 IPR000043, IPR015878 Q24774394, Q24725375 False False
697 Transient receptor potential channel Q304043 IPR010308 Q24720912 False False
698 Omega-atracotoxin Q24773966 IPR009415 Q24773966 True True Done
699 2-C-methyl-D-erythritol 4-phosphate cytidylyltransferase Q24739954 IPR001228 Q24739954 True True Done
700 Otopetrin family Q7108999 IPR004878 Q24726547 False False
701 TAF protein Q17142528 IPR004823 Q24779565 False False
702 Calmodulin-regulated spectrin-associated CKK domain Q5023053 IPR014797 Q24740083 False False
703 X link domain Q8042782 IPR000538 Q24742049 False False
704 SUN domain Q24779299 IPR012919 Q24779299 True True Done
705 Nickel superoxide dismutase Q24303812 IPR014123 Q24786934 False False
706 Alpha/beta hydrolase fold Q4734943 IPR000073 Q24726356 False False
707 ATP synthase subunit C Q4654888 IPR002379 Q24777798 False False
708 Palmitoyl protein thioesterase Q7128407 IPR002472 Q7128407 True True Done
709 Thiolase Q24782380 IPR002155 Q24782380 True True Done
710 IMD domain Q5971987 IPR013606 Q24776748 False False
711 HMG-CoA synthase [[]] IPR013746, IPR013528 Q24720045, Q24781728 False False
712 Btz domain Q24781694 IPR018545 Q24781694 True True Done
713 Glutathione S-transferase Q307302 IPR004045, IPR004046 Q24787597, Q24776832 False False
714 Holocytochrome-c synthase Q5884042 IPR000511 Q24723728 False False
715 Kinesin Q410363 IPR001752 Q24782162 False False
716 Bacterial antenna complex Q4839978 IPR000066 Q24774126 False False
717 Oxidoreductase NAD-binding domain Q7115650 IPR001433 Q24783943 False False
718 Glycoside hydrolase family 59 Q5572716 IPR001286 Q24722944 False False
719 Ferritin Q183338 IPR008331 Q24744913 False False
720 Fibronectin type I domain Q5446475 IPR000083 Q24774202 False False
721 T-box Q7667886 IPR001699 Q24723018 False False
722 Actin Q185269 IPR004000 Q24724067 False False
723 PAS domain Q36626 IPR013767 Q24773859 False False
724 AAA proteins Q4649768 IPR003959 Q24774628 False False
725 XPG N terminus Q24778397 IPR006085 Q24778397 False True Done
726 Hefutoxin Q24788037 IPR012630 Q24788037 True True Done
727 Calcium release activated channel Q5018807 IPR012446 Q24775119 False False
728 Glycoside hydrolase family 77 Q5572737 IPR003385 Q24775982 False False
729 POU domain Q2044492 IPR000327 Q24779079 False False
730 TAZ zinc finger Q7669454 IPR000197 Q24766757 False False
731 Transforming growth factor beta superfamily Q4446304 IPR001839 Q24721300 False False
732 Chloramphenicol acetyltransferase Q24744759 IPR001707 Q24744759 True True Done
733 Phosphoglycerate mutase Q415490 IPR013078 Q24769352 False False
734 Cyclodeaminase domain Q5198691 IPR007044 Q24722530 False False
735 Glycophorin Q24724397 IPR001195 Q24724397 True True Done
736 Hook protein Q5897962 IPR008636 Q24722084 False False
737 Immunoglobulin C1-set domain Q17141905 IPR003597 Q24780101 False False
738 Phosphogluconate dehydrogenase Q2817906 IPR006114 Q24767063 False False
739 Histone Q36293 IPR005818, IPR007125 Q24780475, Q24769168 False False
740 Proton ATPase Q7252056 IPR000695 [[]] False False
741 Fimbrial usher protein Q5449290 IPR000015 Q24773339 False False
742 Krüppel associated box Q6440545 IPR001909 Q24739557 False False
743 Fructose 1,6-bisphosphatase Q899507 IPR002803, IPR009164, IPR000146 Q24775984, Q24773110, Q24768095 False False
744 Intermediate filament Q421987 IPR001322, IPR016044, IPR006821 Q24720421, [[]], Q24787823 False False
745 Cullin Q5193031 IPR019559, IPR001373 Q24780317, Q24784981 False False
746 Aquaporin Q623090 IPR000425 Q24786770 False False
747 Synapsin Q24769435 IPR001359 Q24769435 True True Done
748 Magnesium transporter E Q16980034 IPR006667 Q24774309 False False
749 HORMA domain Q5635469 IPR003511 Q24778264 True False
750 Lipopolysaccharide kinase (Kdo/WaaP) family Q6556747 IPR010440 Q24767989 False False
751 Glycoside hydrolase family 89 Q5572752 IPR007781 Q24782055 False False
752 Phytohaemagglutinin Q2702796 IPR001220 Q24724825 False False
753 Mastoparan Q6785599 IPR013214 Q24773336 False False
754 CBS domain Q5009288 IPR000644 Q5009288 True True Done
755 Glycoside hydrolase family 10 Q5572651 IPR001000 Q24725739 False False
756 Poly(beta-D-mannuronate) lyase Q7226090 IPR014895 Q24726363 False False
757 Aldo-keto reductase Q4713857 IPR001395 Q24782198 False False
758 B3 domain Q4834411 IPR003340 Q24723866 False False
759 SUI1 protein domain Q7394967 IPR001950 Q24774058 False False
760 Glycoside hydrolase family 38 Q5572693 IPR015341, IPR000602, IPR011682 Q24726567, Q24773976, Q24780058 False False
761 Repressor lexA Q7314274 IPR006199 Q24740245 False False
762 1,3-Beta-glucan synthase Q3596746 IPR003440 Q24781638 False False
763 Caf1 capsule antigen Q5017078 IPR015335 Q24785169 False False
764 3-dehydroquinate dehydratase Q3598774 IPR001381 Q24782097 False False
765 FERM domain Q5425375 IPR018980, IPR019748, IPR018979 Q24771063, Q24722510, Q24726381 False False
766 SH3 domain Q24771787 IPR001452 Q24771787 True True Done
767 Armadillo repeat Q4792547 IPR000225 Q24786902 False False
768 Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E family Q25323685 IPR001040 Q24723710 False False
769 Formate–tetrahydrofolate ligase Q5470024 IPR000559 Q24776360 False False
770 Hsp33 Q24777433 IPR000397 Q24777433 False True Done
771 UBA protein domain Q7863793 IPR000449 [[]] False False
772 LIM domain-binding protein family Q6458725 IPR002691 [[]] False False
773 WRKY protein domain Q7955123 IPR003657 Q24786020 False False
774 Outer membrane polysaccharide transporter Q7112029 IPR003715 Q24740259 False False
775 X8 protein domain Q8041665 IPR012946 Q24786735 False False
776 BAH domain Q4834556 IPR001025 Q24769975 False False
777 Dynein Q410134 IPR013594, IPR001372, IPR004273, IPR013602 Q24769660, Q24777786, Q24773983, Q24786447 False False
778 WW domain Q24726881 IPR001202 Q24726881 True True Done
779 ENTH domain Q5323734 IPR001026 [[]] False False
780 Cold-shock domain Q5142161 IPR002059 Q24778528 False False
781 Oligosaccharyltransferase Q7086854 IPR003674 Q24778219 False False
782 Ethylene-responsive element binding protein Q5404466 IPR001471 Q24725781 False False
783 Late protein Q17144671 IPR000784, IPR002210 Q24726135, Q24724203 False False
784 Deubiquitinating enzyme Q5266092 IPR006615, IPR001394 Q24783463, Q24719603 False False
785 MED29 Q6715292 IPR021018 Q24775841 False False
786 Cytochrome c assembly protein family Q5201349 IPR002541 Q24779851 False False
787 HSP60 Q408174 IPR002423 Q24771589 False False
788 Hemerythrin Q419767 IPR012312 Q24771478 False False
789 Folate receptor Q24784504 IPR004269 Q24784504 True True Done
790 YqaJ protein domain Q8059630 IPR019080 Q24768542 False False
791 Organic anion-transporting polypeptide Q2030023 IPR004156 Q24775954 False False
792 Fel d 1 Q1092156 IPR015332 Q24778416 False False
793 Entericidin Q5380206 IPR012556 Q24740234 False False
794 Green fluorescent protein Q272983 IPR011584 Q24787036 False False
795 Ammonia transporter Q24739617 IPR001905 Q24739617 False True Done
796 Neurohypophysial hormone Q7002289 IPR000981, IPR022423 Q24780201, Q24741522 False False
797 Excisionase Q5419626 IPR012884 Q24768387 False False
798 Glycoside hydrolase family 92 Q5572755 IPR012939 Q24769074 False False
799 Acriflavine resistance protein family Q4675123 IPR001036 Q24768910 False False
800 Phosphoinositide phospholipase C Q10760862 IPR001711, IPR000909 Q24779532, Q24724073 False False
801 Porphobilinogen synthase Q289302 IPR001731 Q24746022 False False
802 Glycoside hydrolase family 97 Q4415169 IPR019563 Q24770636 False False
803 Signal peptidase Q7512720 IPR019533 Q24775233 False False
804 Tetratricopeptide Q7706768 IPR001440 Q24779822 False False
805 Glycoside hydrolase family 20 Q5572672 IPR015882, IPR015883 Q24721974, Q24776996 False False
806 Homeobox Q898769 IPR001356 Q24769490 False False
807 Phosphoinositide 3-kinase Q423725 IPR000403 Q24771147 False False
808 IMP cyclohydrolase Q5972085 IPR020600 Q24768967 False False
809 Syntaxin 6 N terminal protein domain Q7662675 IPR015260 Q24779920 False False
810 Synaphin protein domain Q7662020 IPR008849 Q24774366 False False
811 Paralytic peptides Q7135083 IPR003463 Q24722739 False False
812 Glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase Q307765 IPR011128, IPR006109 Q24782444, Q24726564 False False
813 PASTA domain Q7118260 IPR005543 Q7118260 True True Done
814 Ena/Vasp homology proteins Q5375119 IPR014885 Q24786045 False False
815 Thionin Q24778361 IPR001010 Q24778361 True True Done
816 Frizzled Q5505090 IPR000539 Q24781298 False False
817 Guanylin Q24782982 IPR000879 Q24782982 True True Done
818 Globin Q412234 IPR000971, IPR001486 Q24778199, Q24787475 False False
819 B56 domain Q4834450 IPR002554 Q24719982 False False
820 Formylmethanofuran—tetrahydromethanopterin N-formyltransferase Q3077668 IPR022667, IPR002770 Q24722228, Q24720839 False False
821 Zein Q2190680 IPR002530 Q24768861 False False
822 Bacterial outer membrane Q258248 IPR010664, IPR007485 Q24774510, Q24775572 False False
823 SecY protein Q7442852 IPR002208 Q24727555 False False
824 DyP-type peroxidase family Q5318381 IPR006314 Q24721614 False False
825 Ionotropic glutamate receptor Q12745592 IPR001320 Q24723368 True False
826 Glycoside hydrolase family 4 Q4415167 IPR001088 Q24739122 False False
827 Aminoacyl tRNA synthetases, class II Q4746442 IPR004364 Q24778986 False False
828 Glycoside hydrolase family 68 Q5572725 IPR003469 Q24770712 False False
829 Restriction endonuclease BsobI/AvaI Q7316312 IPR015277 Q24739570 False False
830 Melittin Q424512 IPR002116 Q24727069 False False
831 Avidin Q424219 IPR005468 Q24771646 False False
832 VHS protein domain Q7906956 IPR002014 Q24739705 False False
833 ATP cone Q4654876 IPR005144 Q24723255 False False
834 Terpene synthase N terminal domain Q7703005 IPR001906 Q24721294 False False
835 Stathmin protein domain Q7604114 IPR000956 Q24719955 False False
836 SPR domain Q7392661 IPR007875 Q24777324 False False
837 Pectate lyase Q7158815 IPR002022 Q24788443 False False
838 Bacterial ice-nucleation proteins Q4839990 IPR000258 Q24786670 False False
839 Glycoside hydrolase family 1 Q24769978 IPR001360 Q24769978 True True Done
840 Allantoicase Q4731106 IPR015908 Q24771125 False False
841 Glycoside hydrolase family 43 Q5572696 IPR006710 Q24787958 False False
842 Pii nitrogen regulatory proteins Q7193492 IPR002187 Q24725904 False False
843 GCM transcription factors Q5513004 IPR003902 Q24724161 False False
844 RING finger domain Q7276803 IPR001841 Q24788168 False False
845 Secretion Q84230 IPR012991 [[]] False False
846 Siah interacting protein N-terminal domain Q7506627 IPR015120 Q24722496 False False
847 Reverse transcriptase Q28774 IPR000477 Q24722808 False False
848 Ubiquitin-interacting motif Q7876543 IPR003903 Q24770645 False False
849 Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase Q421968 IPR000741, IPR000771 Q24725448, Q24771451 False False
850 Histone-like nucleoid-structuring protein Q1154623 IPR001801 Q24788693 False False
851 LuxR-type DNA-binding HTH domain Q6706148 IPR000792 Q24721002 False False
852 TCP protein domain Q7669761 IPR005333 Q24723289 False False
853 Diacylglycerol kinase Q3025838 IPR000756, IPR001206, IPR000829 Q24724514, Q24778026, Q24721057 False False
854 ATP-binding domain of ABC transporters Q4654787 IPR003439 Q24772708 False False
855 Endonuclease/Exonuclease/phosphatase family Q5376378 IPR005135 Q24777764 False False
856 B-box zinc finger Q4833716 IPR000315 Q24773187 False False
857 Dymeclin protein family Q5318838 IPR019142 Q24782781 False False
858 Trypsin Q127450 IPR001254 Q24777164 False False
859 Barwin domain Q24725340 IPR001153 Q24725340 True True Done
860 Elongation factor P Q5367167 IPR001059, IPR015365, IPR013185 Q24720275, Q24768704, Q24788463 False False
861 Interleukin 1 family [[]] IPR000975 Q24722980 False False
862 Polysulfide reductase Q7227005 IPR005614 Q24780144 False False
863 Btk-type zinc finger Q4982033 IPR001562 Q24722009 False False
864 2'-5'-oligoadenylate synthase Q4596725 IPR018952 Q24773361 False False
865 Von Willebrand factor type A domain Q7941535 IPR002035 Q24739346 False False
866 YTH protein domain Q8046040 IPR007275 Q24786453 False False
867 Glutaminase Q24773687 IPR015868 Q24773687 True True Done
868 Ricin Q408668 IPR001574 Q24788543 False False
869 Virulence-related outer membrane protein family Q7935270 IPR000758 Q7935270 True True Done
870 Aurein Q4822189 IPR013157 Q24781792 False False
871 Multi-antimicrobial extrusion protein Q6934560 IPR002528 Q24785538 False False
872 Vomeronasal receptor Q48381 IPR004072 Q24773904 False False
873 Nicotinate-nucleotide—dimethylbenzimidazole phosphoribosyltransferase Q7030558 IPR003200 Q24744982 False False
874 Glycoside hydrolase family 37 Q17136433 IPR001661 Q24772464 False False
875 Stomoxyn Q24787231 IPR021037 Q24787231 True True Done
876 Corticotropin-releasing factor family Q5173291 IPR000187 Q24781705 False False
877 ATPase, Na+/K+ transporting, alpha 1 [[]] IPR015127 Q24774598 False False
878 Cys/Met metabolism PLP-dependent enzyme family Q5201172 IPR000277 Q24780109 False False
879 Glucose-methanol-choline oxidoreductase family Q5572342 IPR007867, IPR000172 Q24781463, Q24773884 False False
880 Phosphofructokinase 1 Q427147 IPR000023 Q24770459 False False
881 BolA-like protein family Q4938857 IPR002634 Q24786176 False False
882 Chromo shadow domain Q24784524 IPR008251 Q24784524 True True Done
883 Glycoside hydrolase family 46 Q5572703 IPR000400 Q24786256 False False
884 SpAB protein domain Q7572130 IPR003132 Q24724432 False False
885 Pentraxins Q2069481 IPR001759 Q24776248 False False
886 BRICHOS family Q4836364 IPR007084 Q24786974 False False
887 Phospholipase D Q700007 IPR001736 Q24778865 False False
888 Outer membrane phospholipase A1 Q7112028 IPR003187 Q24720048 False False
889 Citrate synthase family Q5122813 IPR002020 Q24725641 False False
890 Calcium-activated potassium channel beta subunit Q5018796 IPR003930 Q24722648 False False
891 Glycoside hydrolase family 36 Q4415166 IPR000111, IPR008811 Q24720453, Q24742003 False False
892 Phosphoglycerate kinase Q418396 IPR001576 Q24772193 True False
893 ATCase/OTCase family Q4654613 IPR006132 Q24741138 False False
894 Arthropod defensin Q4797673 IPR001542 Q24739537 False False
895 Adenosylmethionine decarboxylase Q3605249 IPR003826 Q24721307 False False
896 Heat shock factor Q5693322 IPR010542, IPR000232 Q24772725, Q24779482 False False
897 Kazal-type serine protease inhibitor domain [[]] IPR002350, IPR011497 Q24721497, [[]] False False
898 Gonadotropin-releasing hormone family Q5581324 IPR002012 Q24774625 False False
899 Kinase binding protein CGI-121 Q17121602 IPR013926 Q24769685 False False
900 Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase Q285870 IPR000101 Q24788528 False False
901 Lipocalin Q363928 IPR000566, IPR013208 Q24783795, [[]] False False
902 HindIII Q285967 IPR019043 Q24778920 False False
903 ABM domain Q4650337 IPR007138 Q24721780 False False
904 Sterile alpha motif Q7611332 IPR015316, IPR001660 Q24771985, Q24721736 False False
905 DsbA Q5309954 IPR001853 Q24787674 False False
906 Cupin superfamily Q5194546 IPR013096, IPR006045, IPR009327, IPR008579 Q24782661, Q24773292, Q24724724, Q24786166 False False
907 Hemocyanin Q407688 IPR005203, IPR000896, IPR005204 Q24779052, Q24776607, Q24725931 False False
908 Carbonic anhydrase Q284089 IPR001148 Q24742014 False False
909 PilZ domain Q24778525 IPR009875 Q24778525 True True Done
910 Myosin head Q3511926 IPR001609 Q24780076 False False
911 Calx-beta motif Q5024559 IPR003644 Q24778116 False False
912 YjeF N terminal protein domain Q8053982 IPR004443 Q24782113 False False
913 Hydrophobin Q5955284 IPR010636, IPR001338 Q24780262, Q24745308 False False
914 Catalase-related immune-responsive domain Q5051236 IPR010582 Q24773191 False False
915 Urea transporter Q24768148 IPR004937 Q24768148 True True Done
916 Selenoprotein P Q7447908 IPR007671, IPR007672 Q24724657, Q24787750 False False
917 CDC48 N-terminal domain Q5009891 IPR004201, IPR003338 Q24783961, Q24772527 False False
918 Whey Acidic Protein Q7993539 IPR008197 Q24784826 False False
919 ATP-binding cassette transporter Q286958 IPR003439 Q24772708 False False
920 Neuregulin Q2302840 IPR002154 Q24727425 False False
921 Glycoside hydrolase family 62 Q24742063 IPR005193 Q24742063 False True Done
922 SAG1 protein domain Q17143381 IPR007226 Q24776564 False False
923 Carboxypeptidase A inhibitor Q5038086 IPR004231 Q24774683 False False
924 HdeA family Q5688543 IPR010486 Q24773763 False False
925 KH domain Q6330434 IPR004044, IPR018111 Q24772117, [[]] False False
926 HolA Q5878436 IPR010372 Q24780609 False False
927 Vpr Q7942548 IPR000012 Q24783326 False False
928 TCL1 MTCP1 protein domain Q7669719 IPR004832 Q24780102 False False
929 Thymidine kinase Q24783855 IPR001267 Q24783855 True True Done
930 T cell receptor Q412037 IPR021663 Q24721404 False False
931 Phosphatidate cytidylyltransferase Q24720038 IPR000374 Q24720038 True True Done
932 Glycoside hydrolase family 72 Q5572732 IPR004886 Q24726114 False False
933 Insulin/IGF/Relaxin family Q6042235 IPR004825 Q24766924 False False
934 Aspartate-semialdehyde dehydrogenase Q3625266 IPR012280 Q24780171 False False
935 Potassium channel tetramerisation domain Q7234690 IPR003131 Q24721306 False False
936 Lipid-binding serum glycoprotein Q6556353 IPR001124, IPR017942 Q24779107, Q24740707 False False
937 Choline/ethanolamine kinase family Q5104335 IPR002573 [[]] False False
938 Glycoside hydrolase family 31 Q24784626 IPR000322 Q24784626 True True Done
939 Immunoglobulin I-set domain Q17144708 IPR013098 Q24772334 False False
940 Haemadin Q5638170 IPR015150 Q24785794 True False
941 Forkhead-associated domain Q5469817 IPR000253 Q24723048 False False
942 MATH domain Q6714555 IPR002083 Q24775533 False False
943 Sea anemone cytotoxic protein Q7440050 IPR009104 Q24782870 False False
944 Orexin receptor Q7101692 IPR004060 Q24720433 False False
945 Beta thymosins Q2004400 IPR001152 Q24770851 False False
946 SARS coronavirus X4 like protein domain Q17143526 IPR014888 Q24738582 False False
947 Gla domain Q5566066 IPR000294 Q24774909 False False
948 Haemolymph juvenile hormone-binding protein Q5638249 IPR010562 Q24788525 False False
949 Mitochondrial carrier Q425007 IPR001993 [[]] False False
950 Ankyrin Q414971 IPR002110 Q24784174 False False
951 CVNH domain Q5014770 IPR011058 Q24774809 False False
952 UBX protein domain Q7863893 IPR001012 Q24719944 False False
953 Sodium sulfate symporter Q7553373 IPR001898 Q24777772 False False
954 Retroviral aspartyl protease Q7317091 IPR001995 Q24722318 False False
955 Cbl TKB domain Q5055621 IPR003153, IPR014741, IPR014742 Q24724494, Q24723488, Q24770022 False False
956 Endoribonuclease XendoU Q24774910 IPR018998 Q24774910 True True Done
957 Glycoside hydrolase family 2 Q5572671 IPR006104, IPR006102, IPR006103 Q24738943, Q24724234, Q24772669 False False
958 Glycoside hydrolase family 19 Q5572669 IPR000726 Q24743708 False False
959 Class C GPCR Q24725121 IPR000337 Q24725121 False True Done
960 Cathepsin Q426245 IPR000668 Q24723489 False False
961 Somatotropin family Q7559305 IPR001400 Q24776916 False False
962 Enolase Q2292203 IPR020811, IPR000941 Q24738987, Q24776639 False False
963 Cytochrome f Q24771887 IPR002325 Q24771887 True True Done
964 RhoGAP domain Q17126462 IPR000198 Q24727002 False False
965 F-actin capping protein Q5423630 IPR018315, IPR001698 [[]], Q24781781 False False
966 Saposin protein domain Q7421012 IPR008138, IPR007856, IPR003119 Q24771033, Q24778287, Q24726792 False False
967 D-stereospecific aminopeptidase Q5203335 IPR012856, IPR012857 Q24771620, [[]] False False
968 Methyl-CpG-binding domain Q6823921 IPR001739 Q24787964 False False
969 GAF domain Q24723594 IPR003018 Q24723594 True True Done
970 Adenylosuccinate synthase Q356248 IPR001114 Q24777607 False False
971 Kringle domain Q4864516 IPR000001 Q24726526 False False
972 Nickel-dependent hydrogenase Q7028234 IPR001501 Q24787980 False False
973 AN1 zinc finger Q4652893 IPR000058 Q24723520 False False
974 ADF-H domain Q4651108 IPR002108 Q24784175 False False
975 GATA zinc finger Q5512900 IPR000679 Q24741806 False False
976 Kelch motif Q6385524 IPR006652, IPR011498 Q24775486, Q24767939 False False
977 Coenzyme Q – cytochrome c reductase Q412832 IPR004192 Q24746052 False False
978 Transcriptional activator LAG-3 Q7833938 IPR021587 Q24725182 False False
979 Retroviral matrix protein Q7317092 IPR014834, IPR003322, IPR000840, IPR004028 Q24724814, Q24725888, Q24721561, Q24777420 False False
980 MAPEG family Q6714392 IPR001129 Q24772020 False False
981 Glutathione synthetase Q1532406 IPR005615, IPR004218, IPR004215, IPR004887 Q24781242, Q24787244, Q24725746, Q24787984 False False
982 Glutamate permease Q5572426 IPR004445 Q24784780 False False
983 Choloylglycine hydrolase family Q5104391 IPR003199 Q24777039 False False
984 Sodium:neurotransmitter symporter [[]] IPR000175 Q24741977 True False
985 Septin Q10370159 IPR000038 [[]] False False
986 Phosducin family Q7187414 IPR001200 Q24781699 False False
987 Ku (protein) Q2088960 IPR005161, IPR005160, IPR014893, IPR006164 Q24777001, Q24725507, Q24776017, Q24738460 False False
988 Thiol-activated cytolysin Q7784671 IPR001869 Q24771995 True False
989 Plant defensin Q5520322 IPR008176 Q24784204 False False
990 Myotoxin Q24723833 IPR000881 Q24723833 True True Done
991 PAN domain Q25098813 IPR003014 [[]] False False
992 Fibroblast growth factor Q417310 IPR002348 [[]] False False
993 Vesiculovirus matrix proteins Q7923231 IPR009397 Q24778874 False False
994 Formate dehydrogenase Q1147563 IPR015246 Q24721314 False False
995 XhoI Q8044002 IPR007636 Q24724250 False False
996 Kelch protein Q17145591 IPR006652 Q24775486 False False
997 Carnitine O-palmitoyltransferase Q412898 IPR000542 Q24775154 False False
998 Von Willebrand factor type C domain Q7941538 IPR001007 Q24720722 False False
999 LcrV Q17146859 IPR005413 Q24741694 False False
1000 Protein kinase domain Q24768234 IPR000719 Q24768234 True True Done
1001 Octopine dehydrogenase family Q7077071 IPR003421 Q24779999 False False
1002 Intimin Q1432524 IPR013117 Q24720386 False False
1003 Type IV collagen C4 domain Q7860877 IPR001442 Q24738897 False False
1004 Pt-barrel Q7256606 IPR020965 Q24724149 False False
1005 Tymovirus coat protein Q24739431 IPR000574 Q24739431 True True Done
1006 Amino acid permease Q4746432 IPR004841 Q24785947 False False
1007 Arginine—tRNA ligase Q4789585 IPR005148 Q24768708 False False
1008 R.EcoRII Q11681255 IPR015109, IPR015300 Q24780938, Q24727312 False False
1009 Glycoside hydrolase family 12 Q24721844 IPR002594 Q24721844 True True Done
1010 Connexin Q423489 IPR013092 Q24739912 False False
1011 Phycobilisome Q79192 IPR001659 [[]] False False
1012 SurE, survival protein E Q7645198 IPR002828 Q24720580 False False
1013 Aminoacyl tRNA synthetase Q415968 IPR013155, IPR008909, IPR015273 Q24787344, Q24785079, Q24771401 False False
1014 Glycoside hydrolase family 70 Q17135697 IPR003318 Q24775854 False False
1015 ParDE type II toxin-antitoxin system Q7133581 IPR018985, IPR007712 [[]], Q24739802 False False
1016 Intercellular adhesion molecule Q17118355 IPR013768 Q24741710 False False
1017 3H domain Q4636352 IPR004173 Q24771004 True False
1018 AdoMet MTase Q4683958 IPR011671 Q24722392 False False
1019 Zeta toxin protein domain Q8069733 IPR010488 Q24725063 False False
1020 Immunoglobulin superfamily Q142862 IPR013151 Q24770541 False False
1021 Glycoside hydrolase family 65 Q5572721 IPR005196, IPR005195, IPR005194 Q24769427, Q24741193, Q24769919 False False
1022 Aryl sulfotransferase Q4802697 IPR010262 Q24788297 False False
1023 CRM domain Q5013917 IPR001890 Q24770633 False False
1024 YopR bacterial protein domain Q17142441 IPR013349 Q24784046 False False
1025 Glycoside hydrolase family 78 Q5572740 IPR008902 Q24779816 False False
1026 Glycoside hydrolase family 35 Q5572689 IPR001944 Q24769741 False False
1027 Glycoside hydrolase family 6 Q17141582 IPR001524 Q24781722 False False
1028 FKBP Q583864 IPR001179 Q24767935 False False
1029 Methane monooxygenase Q417187 IPR003393 Q24777881 False False
1030 Alcohol dehydrogenase Q410754 IPR001670 Q24725675 False False
1031 Glycoside hydrolase family 18 Q5572667 IPR001223 Q24727082 False False
1032 Mechanosensitive ion channel Q24769530 IPR006685 Q24769530 False True Done
1033 RasGEF domain Q7294624 IPR001895 Q24771433 False False
1034 Aminoacyl tRNA synthetases, class I Q4746441 IPR000924 Q24775804 False False
1035 Bet v I allergen Q4897171 IPR000916 Q24767948 False False
1036 CagZ Q5017288 IPR015139 Q24786146 False False
1037 Squalene/phytoene synthase family Q17142935 IPR002060 Q24776559 False False
1038 Biopterin-dependent aromatic amino acid hydroxylase Q4915225 IPR019774 Q24740565 False False
1039 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme Q7876535 IPR000608 Q24723474 False False
1040 Glutamate formimidoyltransferase Q3772533 IPR012886, IPR013802 Q24778305, Q24780978 False False
1041 Calcipressin Q24723727 IPR006931 Q24723727 True True Done
1042 UDP-3-O-N-acetylglucosamine deacetylase Q17141725 IPR004463 Q24772249 False False
1043 FXYD family Q5427396 IPR000272 Q24766620 False False
1044 ELFV dehydrogenase Q5323284 IPR006096 Q24726266 False False
1045 Triglyceride lipase Q7841753 IPR002921 Q24771470 False False
1046 DUF1220 Q1970169 IPR010630 Q24768982 False False
1047 RUN domain Q24739040 IPR004012 Q24739040 True True Done
1048 Cobalt chelatase Q13425113 IPR006538 Q24741198 False False
1049 Chordin Q2964503 IPR010895 Q24720148 False False
1050 Astacin Q4810499 IPR001506 Q24722333 False False
1051 C1 domain Q3277956 IPR002219 Q24724299 False False
1052 Ectatomin Q24723701 IPR009458 Q24723701 True True Done
1053 BglII Q4900470 IPR015278 Q24721018 False False
1054 Ligand-gated ion channel Q418536 IPR006029 Q24767169 False False
1055 Glycoside hydrolase family 3 Q5572679 IPR001764, IPR002772 Q24768407, Q24725115 False False
1056 LCCL domain Q24779010 IPR004043 Q24779010 True True Done
1057 DHH phosphatase family Q5205020 IPR001667 Q24775902 False False
1058 MYND zinc finger Q6720397 IPR002893 Q24779944 False False
1059 Ephrin receptor Q423602 IPR001090 Q24720160 False False
1060 Minichromosome maintenance Q3858415 IPR001208 Q24723035 False False
1061 Basic helix-loop-helix Q377955 IPR001092 [[]] False False
1062 Margatoxin Q17154784 IPR001947 Q24782541 False False
1063 Fatty acid desaturase Q412755 IPR005067, IPR005804 Q24776909, Q24723021 False False
1064 MACPF Q6714058 IPR001862 Q24721191 False False
1065 Short-chain dehydrogenase Q7501553 IPR002198 [[]] False False
1066 Herpes simplex virus protein vmw65 Q5743652 IPR003174 Q24726127 False False
1067 Presenilin Q907198 IPR001108 Q24781855 False False
1068 Corynebacterial porin B Q17096083 IPR021114 Q24726313 False False
1069 Clp protease family Q5012788 IPR001907 Q24775485 False False
1070 Cystine knot Q9305217 IPR006208 Q24777229 False False
1071 DAHP synthase Q3598778 IPR002480, IPR006218 Q24727259, Q24770451 False False
1072 Voltage-dependent anion channel Q7940725 IPR001925 Q24785828 False False
1073 Luciferase Q407763 IPR018475, IPR016048, IPR018804, IPR007959 Q24772588, [[]], Q24768815, Q24785178 False False
1074 Arrestin Q905671 IPR011021, IPR011022 Q24782941, Q24766725 False False
1075 Fumarate reductase Q5508536 IPR003510, IPR004224, IPR003418 Q24723240, Q24786596, Q24775719 False False
1076 Glycoside hydrolase family 81 Q5572746 IPR005200 Q24722292 False False
1077 B5 protein domain Q4834453 IPR005147 Q24786064 False False
1078 Nematode chemoreceptor Q6991008 IPR000344 Q24769050 False False
1079 Rel homology domain Q7310674 IPR011539 Q24722412 False False
1080 Diphtheria toxin Q421580 IPR022405, IPR022406, IPR022404 Q24726023, Q24727408, Q24786086 False False
1081 Cytochrome b5 Q5201346 IPR001199 Q24721905 False False
1082 Calpain Q2934402 IPR001300 Q24779552 False False
1083 Hsp90 Q412555 IPR020576, IPR003594 [[]], Q24780207 False False
1084 TACI-CRD2 protein domain Q7669184 IPR015384 Q24775975 False False
1085 Alpha amylase inhibitor Q4735150 IPR000833 Q24785706 False False
1086 Ras superfamily Q7294687 IPR013753 [[]] False False
1087 DXP reductoisomerase Q1146010 IPR013512 Q24779993 False False
1088 Adaptor complexes medium subunit domain Q4680779 IPR008968 [[]] False False
1089 UDP-galactopyranose mutase Q7864246 IPR004379 Q7864246 True True Done
1090 Glucuronosyltransferase Q419543 IPR002213 Q24778708 False False
1091 Insect toxin Q6037245 IPR012325 Q24779243 False False
1092 Light-harvesting complexes of green plants Q6545940 IPR001344 Q24774785 False False
1093 Dynamin Q420160 IPR000375, IPR001401 Q24740034, Q24722306 False False
1094 Glycoside hydrolase family 22 Q5572673 IPR001916 Q24774448 False False
1095 Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor protein Q4200605 IPR003175 Q24768194 False False
1096 Heparan sulfate 2-O-sulfotransferase Q5731636 IPR005331 Q24741998 False False
1097 Agitoxin Q4692706 IPR001947 Q24782541 False False
1098 Beta-ketoacyl-(acyl-carrier-protein) synthase III Q4897215 IPR013751 Q24782510 False False
1099 Dockerin Q5287212 IPR018242 [[]] False False
1100 Envelope glycoprotein GP120 Q182506 IPR000777 Q24769283 False False
1101 ADP ribosylation factor Q356188 IPR006689 Q24720334 False False
1102 Synaptobrevin Q24780049 IPR001388 Q24780049 True True Done
1103 Calmodulin binding domain Q5023050 IPR004178 Q24722761 False False
1104 Glycoside hydrolase family 52 Q5572711 IPR000852 Q24770468 False False
1105 N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase Q6951440 IPR002508, IPR021976, IPR002502, IPR008044 Q24741064, Q24740561, Q24743720, Q24725624 False False
1106 Tumor necrosis factor receptor [[]] IPR011614 Q24775407 False False
1107 Tumor necrosis factors [[]] IPR006052 Q24724854 False False
1108 General bacterial porin family Q5532322 IPR001702 Q24768628 False False
1109 ADP-ribosylglycohydrolase Q4651175 IPR005502 Q24784098 False False
1110 COPI Q1024108 IPR010714 Q24721728 False False
1111 Macrophage migration inhibitory factor domain Q6725506 IPR001398 Q24788002 False False
1112 Cholesterol oxidase Q2782389 IPR015213 Q24781414 False False
1113 Serine O-acetyltransferase Q3957897 IPR010493 Q24773392 False False
1114 Somatomedin B Q7559296 IPR001212 Q24720073 False False
1115 Tripartite ATP-independent periplasmic transporter Q7843234 IPR007387, IPR010656, IPR018389 Q24769997, Q24778778, Q24771403 False False
1116 CD36 antigen Q5009815 IPR002159 Q24727176 False False
1117 Kanamycin nucleotidyltransferase Q17042922 IPR012481 Q24782147 False False
1118 Anaerobic C4-dicarboxylate membrane transporter protein [[]] IPR018385, IPR004668 Q24726097, Q24767091 False False
1119 Alkaline phosphatase Q421918 IPR001952 Q24769688 True False
1120 Vitellogenin lipid transport domain Q7937034 IPR001747 Q24726113 False False
1121 CodY protein family Q5139925 IPR010312 Q24723476 False False
1122 Plant calmodulin-binding domain Q7201503 IPR012417 Q24771079 False False
1123 Fibulin Q5446488 IPR000020 Q24741170 False False
1124 Lipoxygenase Q1827455 IPR013819 Q24773558 False False
1125 Twin-arginine translocation pathway Q920678 IPR002033, IPR003369 Q24787150, Q24787660 False False
1126 EAF family Q5322501 IPR019194 Q24771557 False False
1127 Polyketide synthesis cyclase family Q7226511 IPR006765 Q24741948 False False
1128 Amphibian antimicrobial peptides Q4748177 IPR004275 Q24776186 False False
1129 BMC domain Q4835950 IPR000249 Q24787745 False False
1130 Pilin Q7194029 IPR001082 Q24723458 False False
1131 GntR-like bacterial transcription factors Q5574486 IPR000524 Q24778512 False False
1132 Ion channel family Q6063412 IPR005821, IPR013099 Q24767982, Q24722427 False False
1133 Calitoxin Q18327547 IPR000693 Q24768975 False False
1134 Interferon Q188269 IPR000471 Q24780046 False False
1135 Phosphoribosylamine—glycine ligase Q7187550 IPR020560, IPR020562, IPR020561 Q24777509, Q24740218, Q24775147 False False
1136 Subtilase Q7632227 IPR000209 Q24773415 False False
1137 FHIPEP protein family Q5425530 IPR001712 Q24768259 False False
1138 Viral matrix protein Q24724370 IPR000982 Q24724370 True True Done
1139 Glutamine synthetase Q418306 IPR008146, IPR008147 Q24721937, Q24784758 False False
1140 PX domain Q33102 IPR001683 Q24779779 False False
1141 Lantibiotics Q6487615 IPR006079 Q24771856 False False
1142 Latrophilin receptor [[]] IPR003334 Q24741419 False False
1143 Thymidine kinase from herpesvirus Q7799626 IPR001889 Q24771934 False False
1144 KIN2/PAR-1/MARK kinase family Q6330917 IPR001772 Q24786799 False False
1145 Vitamin K epoxide reductase Q24777011 IPR012932 Q24777011 True True Done
1146 Haemolysin E Q5638250 IPR010356 [[]] False False
1147 Metallo-beta-lactamase protein fold Q6822854 IPR001279 Q24776766 False False
1148 OmpA domain Q7090671 IPR006665 Q24770938 False False
1149 Plant seed proteins Q7201535 IPR000389 Q24771330 False False
1150 Thyroglobulin domain Q7799736 IPR000716 Q24738913 False False
1151 KduI/IolB isomerase family Q6382026 IPR021120 Q24720211 False False
1152 Egg lysin Q5347847 IPR001379 Q24720677 False False
1153 Mammalian 1 bornavirus Q20721592 IPR009485, IPR009344, IPR009441, IPR009517 Q24768406, Q24781952, Q24724947, Q24727236 False False
1154 Cyclic nucleotide-binding domain Q24768350 IPR000595 Q24768350 True True Done
1155 WH1 domain Q7950028 IPR000697 Q24725236 False False
1156 Oligogalacturonate-specific porin Q7086824 IPR009331 Q7086824 True True Done
1157 Sodium:dicarboxylate symporter Q24772475 IPR001991 Q24772475 True True Done
1158 BZIP domain Q310721 IPR011616 [[]] False False
1159 Carboxylesterase family Q5038076 IPR002018 Q24776460 False False
1160 Thymidylate kinase Q7799628 IPR000062 [[]] False False
1161 L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase Q3924195 IPR000682 Q24722706 False False
1162 Bacterial neuraminidase Q4839994 IPR002860 Q24783155 False False
1163 BESS domain Q4835446 IPR004210 Q24723402 False False
1164 Notch proteins Q4045508 IPR000800 Q24788614 False False
1165 Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase Q908180 IPR001449 [[]] False False
1166 Runt domain Q24771277 IPR013524 Q24771277 True True Done
1167 Cohesin domain Q5141367 IPR002102 Q24787221 False False
1168 Glypican Q24788022 IPR001863 Q24788022 True True Done
1169 XOL-1 Switch protein N-terminal domain Q8042370 IPR015192 Q24777991 False False
1170 SacI homology domain Q7396540 IPR002013 Q24783983 False False
1171 Opacity porins Q7095517 IPR003394 Q24722717 False False
1172 BSD domain Q4836586 IPR005607 Q24770379 True False
1173 Nitroreductase Q7041501 IPR000415 Q24784214 False False
1174 EMI domain Q24778911 IPR011489 Q24778911 True True Done
1175 CsrA protein Q18349406 IPR003751 Q24780182 False False
1176 Flavocytochrome c sulfide dehydrogenase Q5458155 IPR015323 Q24726720 False False
1177 Barrier-to-autointegration factor Q4863579 IPR004122 Q24772819 False False
1178 Chromodomain Q640013 IPR000953 Q24725563 False False
1179 BamHI Q409191 IPR004194 Q24786478 False False
1180 Scorpion toxin Q7435406 IPR002061, IPR001947 Q24776646, Q24782541 False False
1181 Heme oxygenase Q419972 IPR016053 Q24787378 False False
1182 Survival of motor neuron Q24770234 IPR010304 Q24770234 False True Done
1183 Pleckstrin homology domain Q24776397 IPR001849 Q24776397 True True Done
1184 Trefoil domain Q17143090 IPR000519 Q24774540 False False
1185 Dihydroneopterin aldolase Q5276439 IPR006157 Q24781458 False False
1186 ATP phosphoribosyltransferase Q4654880 IPR013820, IPR013115 Q24785551, Q24784132 False False
1187 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase Q2919111 IPR001205, IPR000208 Q24724300, Q24772056 False False
1188 Arginine repressor ArgR Q4789583 IPR020899 Q24778752 False False
1189 Stichodactyla toxin Q7616171 IPR003582 Q24779190 False False
1190 Histidinol dehydrogenase Q24724914 IPR012131 Q24724914 True True Done
1191 BtpA protein Q17141298 IPR005137 Q24776316 False False
1192 Phycocyanin Q414177 IPR001659 [[]] False False
1193 Imidazoleglycerol-phosphate dehydratase Q24777840 IPR000807 Q24777840 True True Done
1194 ATP10 protein Q4654796 IPR007849 Q24726448 False False
1195 Vinculin family Q7932303 IPR006077 Q24784428 False False
1196 Cob(I)yrinic acid a,c-diamide adenosyltransferase Q5138675 IPR002779, IPR003724 [[]], Q24774345 False False
1197 Lysosome-associated membrane glycoprotein Q6710281 IPR002000 Q6710281 True True Done
1198 Archease Q24724048 IPR002804 Q24724048 True True Done
1199 Hsp20 Q5924353 IPR002068 Q24738552 False False
1200 Auxin binding protein Q4827328 IPR000526 Q24743616 False False
1201 HEAT repeat domain Q5629413 IPR000357 Q24721952 False False
1202 Streptokinase Q416485 IPR004093 Q24720139 False False
1203 Glycoside hydrolase family 17 Q24720009 IPR000490 Q24720009 True True Done
1204 Epithelial sodium channel Q424948 IPR001873 Q24782875 False False
1205 BAG domain Q24739037 IPR003103 Q24739037 True True Done
1206 Exonuclease VII Q5420626 IPR003761, IPR020579 Q24721966, Q24725871 False False
1207 Group I pyridoxal-dependent decarboxylases Q5611166 IPR020580 Q24770558 False False
1208 DEP domain Q24722463 IPR000591 Q24722463 True True Done
1209 Profilin Q419052 IPR002097 [[]] False True Done
1210 TUG-UBL1 protein domain Q7672015 IPR021569 Q24739505 False False
1211 GvpA Q17144222 IPR000638 Q24739516 False False
1212 Calreticulin protein family Q5023947 IPR001580 Q24721622 False False
1213 Sprouty protein Q7581373 IPR007875 Q24777324 False False
1214 Sodium/proton antiporter 1 [[]] IPR004670 Q24781406 False False
1215 Recombination-activating gene Q5406494 IPR004321 Q24771820 False False
1216 Sema domain Q24768664 IPR001627 Q24768664 True True Done
1217 Discoidin domain Q5281624 IPR000421 Q24727589 False False
1218 Cofactor transferase family Q5140875 IPR019491, IPR004143, IPR003142 Q24725438, Q24771066, Q24722139 False False
1219 EcoRV Q589032 IPR015314 Q24724568 False False
1220 Teneurin Q7699725 IPR009471 Q24779239 False False
1221 Iron-starvation-induced protein A Q24975437 IPR000932 Q24778635 False False
1222 Flavin-containing monooxygenase Q3860935 IPR000960 Q24769152 False False
1223 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase Q24725783 IPR013079 Q24725783 True True Done
1224 Mercury transporter Q6818686 IPR021091 Q24774658 False False
1225 GA module Q5512911 IPR002988 Q24727058 False False
1226 Terpene synthase C terminal domain Q7703004 IPR005630 Q24739387 False False
1227 Vitamin D binding protein domain III Q17128206 IPR015247 Q24780862 False False
1228 Regulator of G protein signaling Q6592084 IPR000342 [[]] False False
1229 BURP domain Q24721184 IPR004873 Q24721184 True True Done
1230 Carotenoid oxygenase Q24775262 IPR004294 Q24775262 True True Done
1231 Crotonase family Q5188998 IPR001753 Q24768390 False False
1232 L27 domain Q6456851 IPR015132, IPR014775, IPR015145, IPR015143 Q24741411, Q24768611, Q24770716, Q24772072 False False
1233 Suppressor of fused Sufu protein N terminal domain Q17145556 IPR020941 Q24724610 False False
1234 Bacteriophage scaffolding proteins Q4840025 IPR004196, IPR003513 Q24784183, Q24771402 False False
1235 Bacterial potassium transporter Q4839999 IPR003445 Q24781975 False False
1236 RhoGEF domain Q7320800 IPR000219 Q24777135 False False
1237 Limonene-1,2-epoxide hydrolase Q24724653 IPR013100 Q24724653 True True Done
1238 Cerato-platanin Q24739348 IPR010829 Q24739348 True True Done
1239 GYF domain Q24778065 IPR003169 Q24778065 True True Done
1240 Glycoside hydrolase family 48 Q5572705 IPR000556 Q24788312 False False
1241 FPG IleRS zinc finger Q5426994 IPR010663 Q24778142 False False
1242 Immunoglobulin V-set domain Q24784914 IPR013106 Q24784914 True True Done
1243 Amyloid beta Q417667 IPR013803 Q24720035 False False
1244 Integrase Q412550 IPR001037, IPR001584, IPR003308 Q24722444, Q24779408, Q24768637 False False
1245 Oxaloacetate decarboxylase Q7115078 IPR005661, IPR005899 Q24778167, Q24784485 False False
1246 Viral neuraminidase Q3447836 IPR001860 Q24787115 False False
1247 Amylin family Q4749531 IPR021116 Q24782543 False False
1248 Latexin family Q6495812 IPR009684 Q24723268 False False
1249 Thioredoxin domain Q17151705 IPR013766 Q24740291 True False
1250 Cyanobacterial clock proteins Q5197453 IPR011648, IPR014774, IPR011649 Q24772823, Q24787247, Q24768761 False False
1251 FLYWCH zinc finger Q5426578 IPR007588 Q24783225 False False
1252 Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II [[]] IPR013543 Q24773077 False False
1253 Protein-glutamate O-methyltransferase Q3924198 IPR022642, IPR022641 Q24777068, Q24778095 False False
1254 La domain Q6466106 IPR006630 Q24788565 False False
1255 Glycoside hydrolase family 98 Q5572757 IPR013191, IPR013190 Q24771923, Q24767962 False False
1256 C-type lectin Q24788214 IPR001304 Q24788214 True True Done
1257 Signal peptide peptidase Q2285137 IPR007369, IPR000045 Q24772152, Q24774741 False False
1258 Neurochondrin Q24782153 IPR008709 Q24782153 True True Done
1259 Bacterial binding protein-dependent transporter Q4839980 IPR000515 Q24771884 False False
1260 Chlorophyllase Q5103151 IPR017395 Q5103151 True True Done
1261 M protein (Streptococcus) Q10354652 IPR019948 Q24724713 False False
1262 Interferon-inducible GTPase Q17027423 IPR007743 Q24768837 False False
1263 Outer membrane protein OpcA Q7112032 IPR009876 Q24768655 False False
1264 Dioxygenase Q5279660 IPR000627 Q24783434 False False
1265 Glycoside hydrolase family 27 Q4415163 IPR000111 Q24720453 False False
1266 Beta-ketoacyl-ACP synthase Q2900019 IPR014030, IPR014031 Q24773519, Q24776683 False False
1267 Delta endotoxin Q59410 IPR005638, IPR005639, IPR015214, IPR015790 Q24724530, Q24723789, Q24777204, Q24784242 False False
1268 Tellurite-resistance/dicarboxylate transporter Q7697681 IPR004695 Q24775239 False False
1269 Myticin Q17123046 IPR019631 Q24745463 False False
1270 SAND DNA-binding protein domain Q7388654 IPR000770 Q24784234 False False
1271 HMG-box Q3782057 IPR009071 Q24770625 False False
1272 S1 P1 nuclease protein domain Q7388216 IPR003154 Q24727147 False False
1273 DNA glycosylase Q413156 IPR005122 Q24744727 False False
1274 Aconitase Q342083 IPR001030 Q24723456 False False
1275 WH2 motif Q7950030 IPR003124 Q24745831 False False
1276 Heparan sulfate 6-O-sulfotransferase Q16965372 IPR005331 Q24741998 False False
1277 Glutaredoxin Q24779077 IPR002109 Q24779077 True True Done
1278 Heat-stable enterotoxin Q4819046 IPR001489, IPR012557, IPR015160 Q24786311, Q24785413, Q24768782 False False
1279 Sea anemone neurotoxin Q7440052 IPR000693, IPR012414 Q24768975, Q24769021 False False
1280 ER oxidoreductin Q5324090 IPR007266 Q24739670 False False
1281 Tubulin domain Q7850944 IPR003008 Q24770015 False False
1282 Fungal fucose-specific lectin Q5509167 IPR012475 Q24771794 False False
1283 HolC Q5878447 IPR007459 Q24723933 False False
1284 Prokaryotic riboflavin biosynthesis protein Q7249514 IPR015864 Q24724556 False False
1285 Jacalin-like lectin domain Q6110457 IPR001229 Q24721808 True False
1286 Annexin Q24769543 IPR001464 Q24769543 True True Done
1287 HMG-CoA reductase family Q5630983 IPR002202 Q24773244 False False
1288 Ankyrin repeat Q4766126 IPR002110 Q24784174 True False
1289 Lon protease family Q6669629 IPR008269, IPR003111 Q24787339, Q24771854 False False
1290 AMMECR1 Q4652669 IPR002733 Q24724176 False False
1291 Serpin Q420068 IPR000215 Q24740080 False False
1292 Gloverin Q5572189 IPR019729 Q24770923 False False
1293 Ribonuclease III Q3430180 IPR000999 Q24722127 False False
1294 Electroneutral cation-Cl Q5358207 IPR018491 Q24778829 False False
1295 Amino acid transporter Q4746435 IPR013057 Q24739426 False False
1296 Phosphofructokinase 2 Q420663 IPR013079 Q24725783 False False
1297 Flavin-containing amine oxidoreductase Q5458075 IPR002937 Q24740830 False False
1298 Di-haem cytochrome c peroxidase Q24771419 IPR004852 Q24771419 True True Done
1299 YecM bacterial protein domain Q8051036 IPR010393 Q24771145 False False
1300 Polyhedrin Q7226497 IPR001746 Q24771294 True False
1301 Piwi Q2044237 IPR003165 Q24773232 False False
1302 GGDEF domain Q24766923 IPR000160 Q24766923 True True Done
1303 Teleost leptins Q7696430 IPR000065 Q24787174 False False
1304 Autophagocytosis associated protein Atg3 Q4826895 IPR019461, IPR007135, IPR007134 Q24744746, Q24783907, Q24722000 False False
1305 Hexokinase Q982914 IPR022672, IPR022673 Q24779234, Q24745427 False False
1306 MBOAT Q18351023 IPR004299 Q24782760 False False
1307 Latarcin Q6495097 IPR018802 Q24769620 False False
1308 Zinc carboxypeptidase Q8072287 IPR000834 Q24784863 False False
1309 Ephrin Q4533229 IPR001799 Q24776308 False False
1310 PIN domain Q24779468 IPR002716 Q24779468 True True Done
1311 Bowman–Birk protease inhibitor Q4627374 IPR000877 Q24779217 False False
1312 FGGY carbohydrate kinase family Q5425491 IPR018484, IPR018485 Q24768347, Q24776334 False False
1313 Lamprin Q24783109 IPR009437 Q24783109 True True Done
1314 Amine oxidase (copper-containing) Q3313854 IPR015798, IPR015800, IPR012854, IPR015802 Q24768373, Q24773593, Q24776831, Q24787667 False False
1315 DnaB helicase Q2033993 IPR007694, IPR007693 Q24769080, Q24788142 False False
1316 CRISPR Q412563 IPR010179, IPR013382, IPR019199, IPR013381 Q24724927, Q24786754, Q24770169, Q24786281 False False
1317 Cation diffusion facilitator Q5053549 IPR002524 Q24786263 False False
1318 LIM domain Q4864545 IPR001781 Q24722007 False False
1319 Cocaine and amphetamine regulated transcript Q5139130 IPR009106 Q24776026 False False
1320 YceI protein domain Q8050704 IPR007372 Q24784860 False False
1321 Thyrotropin-releasing hormone Q24726011 IPR008857 Q24726011 True True Done
1322 Mga (protein) Q6826804 IPR007737 Q24785347 False False
1323 Hexon protein Q4163561 IPR016108, IPR016107 Q24780620, Q24774216 False False
1324 Isocitrate lyase family Q6085492 IPR000918 [[]] False False
1325 BAR domain Q24771942 IPR004148 Q24771942 True True Done
1326 Papain Q410420 IPR000668 Q24723489 False False
1327 AB toxin Q4650462 IPR003896, IPR003540 Q24788473, Q24778757 False False
1328 Cytochrome P450 Q407693 IPR0011 [[]] False False
1329 Legume lectin Q4257028 IPR001220 Q24724825 False False
1330 Hemagglutinin (influenza) Q9136673 IPR001364, IPR014831 Q24773656, Q24725053 False False
1331 Proton-dependent oligopeptide transporter Q7252049 IPR000109 Q24771592 False False
1332 Adenylate kinase Q356240 IPR000850, IPR007862 Q24771043, Q24781669 False False
1333 Granin Q24773234 IPR001990 Q24773234 False True Done
1334 Albumin Q169219 IPR014760 Q24720868 False False
1335 Small multidrug resistance protein Q7543116 IPR000390 Q24746007 False False
1336 MENTAL domain Q6715390 IPR019498 Q24723097 True False
1337 Fic/DOC protein family Q5446501 IPR003812 Q24776795 False False
1338 DEAD/DEAH box helicase Q5204757 IPR011545 Q24777421 False False
1339 Ydc2 protein domain Q8050715 IPR015242 Q24777010 False False
1340 Stf0 sulfotransferase Q7616072 IPR015124 Q24787941 False False
1341 Enterobacteria phage P22 Q3456830 IPR020362 Q24786522 False False
1342 Cystatin Q4505907 IPR000010 Q24769195 False False
1343 Ankyrin-G binding motif of KCNQ2-3 Q4766122 IPR020969 Q24725925 False False
1344 Oxidoreductase FAD-binding domain Q7115649 IPR008333 Q24722577 False False
1345 Multicopper oxidase Q6934614 IPR011706, IPR003730, IPR011707, IPR001117 Q24738540, Q24769012, Q24721399, Q24724960 False False
1346 Tyrosine kinase Q309510 IPR001245 Q24740842 False False
1347 Pleurocidin Q24779592 IPR012515 Q24779592 True True Done
1348 RecA Q411812 IPR013765 Q24768106 False False
1349 Malate dehydrogenase Q412007 IPR001236, IPR022383 Q24745122, Q24782919 False False
1350 Tbf5 protein domain Q7690561 IPR009400 Q24725906 False False
1351 Sortase Q7563763 IPR005754 Q24738833 False False
1352 Hirudin Q386715 IPR000429 Q24724664 False False
1353 ATP synthase alpha/beta subunits Q4654885 IPR000793, IPR000194, IPR004100 Q24725221, Q24745246, Q24780017 False False
1354 BNR/Asp-box repeat Q4836137 IPR002860 Q24783155 False False
1355 Acyl-CoA-binding protein Q4677991 IPR000582 Q24779630 False False
1356 Neurotrophin Q420457 IPR002072 Q24739061 False False
1357 Saccharide transporter Q7396593 IPR003352 Q24724847 False False
1358 Yqey protein domain [[]] IPR019004 Q24783314 False False
1359 UDP-N-acetylglucosamine 2-epimerase Q13411653 IPR003331 Q24721922 False False
1360 Nef (protein) Q24719570 IPR001558 Q24719570 False True Done
1361 GRIP domain Q24744682 IPR000237 Q24744682 True True Done
1362 Chloramphenicol phosphotransferase-like protein family Q5102913 IPR012853 Q24768070 False False
1363 Dynactin Q3497839 IPR009991, IPR022157, IPR008603, IPR006996 Q24784453, Q24768980, Q24739644, [[]] False False
1364 Peanut agglutinin Q7157929 IPR001220 Q24724825 False False
1365 Glycoside hydrolase family 45 Q5572701 IPR000334 Q24776854 False False
1366 Uroporphyrinogen III synthase Q426504 IPR003754 Q24720743 False False
1367 BK channel Q4835827 IPR003929 Q24740685 False False
1368 DNA photolyase (protein domain) Q5205760 IPR006050 Q24724970 False False
1369 Neurexin Q4316431 IPR027158, IPR027160, IPR027149 Q24740127, Q24782061, [[]] False False
1370 Squamosa promoter binding protein Q7581952 IPR004333 Q24780083 False False