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Merge candidates in huwiki and nlwiki based on same sitelink name.

Found 861 merge candiates, excluding 855 candidates from the list of knowlingly non-duplicates leads to 6 remaining candidates.

Update: 2022-07-18 08:09 (UTC)

Merge candidates[edit]

  1. Q1318158 (nl:Basque) and Q28912615 (hu:Basque)
  2. Q42073 (nl:Gumi) and Q13211745 (hu:Gumi)
  3. Q892438 (nl:Ironside) and Q6073245 (hu:Ironside)
  4. Q12515369 (nl:Sipot) and Q12171887 (hu:Sipot)
  5. Q12515871 (nl:Somi) and Q109373937 (hu:Somi)
  6. Q23747075 (nl:Strife) and Q909219 (hu:Strife)