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Merge candidates in huwiki and eswiki based on same sitelink name.

Found 700 merge candiates, excluding 665 candidates from the list of knowlingly non-duplicates leads to 35 remaining candidates.

Update: 2022-11-28 07:48 (UTC)

Merge candidates[edit]

  1. Q797734 (es:Babka) and Q21446202 (hu:Babka)
  2. Q3306108 (es:Bethel Island) and Q4897906 (hu:Bethel Island)
  3. Q110863967 (es:Bros) and Q990686 (hu:Bros)
  4. Q2449702 (es:Bălășești) and Q2289217 (hu:Bălășești)
  5. Q112114181 (es:Chance) and Q860001 (hu:Chance)
  6. Q2966584 (es:Christopher Gore) and Q880929 (hu:Christopher Gore)
  7. Q52374465 (es:Close to You) and Q868020 (hu:Close to You)
  8. Q667986 (es:Colditz) and Q10762 (hu:Colditz)
  9. Q61712119 (es:Constantin Radu) and Q85753895 (hu:Constantin Radu)
  10. Q21089247 (es:Criterion) and Q19877217 (hu:Criterion)
  11. Q9827 (es:Cuijk) and Q13635419 (hu:Cuijk)
  12. Q2053244 (es:Daniel Bennett) and Q901657 (hu:Daniel Bennett)
  13. Q3044297 (es:Fort Rock) and Q3478107 (hu:Fort Rock)
  14. Q156611 (es:Freikorps) and Q3137385 (hu:Freikorps)
  15. Q90663707 (es:Fulfillment) and Q1473552 (hu:Fulfillment)
  16. Q104605 (es:Georg Arends) and Q62007368 (hu:Georg Arends)
  17. Q42073 (es:Gumi) and Q13211745 (hu:Gumi)
  18. Q113625345 (es:Hold Me Closer) and Q110823284 (hu:Hold Me Closer)
  19. Q18826862 (es:Hoopa) and Q5898327 (hu:Hoopa)
  20. Q930976 (es:I Am What I Am) and Q111233305 (hu:I Am What I Am)
  21. Q6221154 (es:John Baxter) and Q15485269 (hu:John Baxter)
  22. Q3809084 (es:John Beasley) and Q6221256 (hu:John Beasley)
  23. Q111827823 (es:Kevin Evans) and Q1108028 (hu:Kevin Evans)
  24. Q112326451 (es:Malmbanan) and Q220922 (hu:Malmbanan)
  25. Q45668737 (es:Manfred Schäfer) and Q927063 (hu:Manfred Schäfer)
  26. Q17255424 (es:Maps) and Q105596557 (hu:Maps)
  27. Q15894 (es:Medvode) and Q2094435 (hu:Medvode)
  28. Q450 (es:Mente) and Q2001719 (hu:Mente)
  29. Q62997986 (es:Mood Indigo) and Q1537369 (hu:Mood Indigo)
  30. Q2422510 (es:Pariah) and Q10344797 (hu:Pariah)
  31. Q109649114 (es:Priscilla) and Q16233483 (hu:Priscilla)
  32. Q112808270 (es:Silvia Reyes) and Q1288378 (hu:Silvia Reyes)
  33. Q11665323 (es:The Legend of Xanadu) and Q533024 (hu:The Legend of Xanadu)
  34. Q11704669 (es:Toña) and Q7830996 (hu:Toña)
  35. Q901932 (es:Wyeth) and Q14709362 (hu:Wyeth)