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cy-N Cymraeg yw mamiaith hwn.
cy-5 Maehwn yn medru'r Gymraeg ar lefel broffesiynol.
en-5 This user has professional knowledge of English.
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Hi! I'm usually on Wicipedia Cymraeg, the Welsh language Wikipedia, aka User:Llywelyn2000.


The Current number of Wikidata lists on Wikipedia mainspace (cy): 17,108 ot of a total of 25,000 (July 2017). I've created 16,400 myself or with community editors who I've trained.

The Current number of WP articles (on Cy-wiki) which include Wikidata infoboxes (July 2017) is 17,538, all of which were created by myself or editors I've trained. Birds, scientists and female artists.

I've also worked with the Welsh fauna and flora body 'Llen Natur' to take images from Commons (currently around 10,000). Here's a link to their illustrated discionary Y Bywiadur.

Llên Natur Wikimedia UK Conference; 2017

Cod i'w fewnosod[edit]

'Wikidata Lists'[edit]

Wikidata lists I created on other languages (with # of images taken from Commons)==

People born in Wales / other countries[edit]

Merched -[edit]

Pobl yn y Bywgraffiadur - DWB - 8,200[edit]

Lluniau / Paintings[edit]

Lluniau John Ingleby - 1,660[edit]

Llongau / ships[edit]

Seintiau / Saints[edit]