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User Kpjas (Krzysztof P. Jasiutowicz, MD) on many Wikimedia sites, originally from the Polish Wikipedia.

Here since 27 October 2012 (registered).

My activities, interests on Wikidata[edit]

In my opinion it really is great idea to make Wikidata a working repository of (scientific) citations for the Wikimedia sphere and beyond.

For some time I have been busy working on science (life sciences) subjects related to Poland.

  • researchers -- 7840 as of 2019-10-07 per Polish scientist ID (deprecated) (P3124)
  • scholarly articles
  • universities and higher education institutions
  • research institutes
  • scientific journals
  • scientific awards
  • scientific associations

Since September 2019 I have been working on my own RNA (Q11053) curation project (here RNA curation project) and it would be great to turn it into a real Wikidata project some time in future.

I believe it is of utmost importance to rigorously strive for accuracy and data quality in Wikidata.

What I am doing now[edit]

What I am doing on everyday basis[edit]

  • create, expand, improve items of
  • Fix all Humans with missing claims who have been assigned Polish scientist ID property P3124
    • sex or gender (P21)
    • place of birth (P19)
    • date of birth (P569)
    • Missing family name (P734)
    • Missing given name (P735)