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AC/DC is a tool to add wikibase statements for structured metadata to Wikimedia Commons.

Those statements can subsequently be used to search for specific media files in Wikimedia Commons in a structured way.


  1. The Wikimedia Commons wikibase instance is different from the Wikidata wikibase instance, but is using the same technology
  2. Properties are synchronised amongst both wikibase instances
  3. You cannot use Wikidata Query, nor Quickstatements, to access this metadata; only Wikimedia Commons or special tools.


Adding media related statements allows to add metadata to describe images.

How to[edit]

Every user can activate this tool in Wikimedia Commons → Preferences → Add to Commons / Descriptive Claims (ACDC).



Search all images in Wikimedia Commons made by Michiel Hendryckx: creator (P170) Michiel Hendryckx (Q2602433)


Combination: all photos of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker taken by Michiel Hendryckx: depicts (P180) Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (Q565834)

haswbstatement:P170=Q2602433 haswbstatement:P180=Q565834

Known problems[edit]

  • The JavaScript tool is using a lot of resources and can block the browser when processing big volumes. Keep the number of files limited to below 100. Retry later when required. Sometimes it even does not work with only 1 single update... the only thing we see is "Stop".
This problem happens with Windows 10, or Firefox on Linux.
Solution: Use the Raspbian Chromium-browser instead.