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Sydney Poore
Wikipedian in Residence, Cochrane Collaboration
Sydney Poore, March 2014

About me

I have been an active editor since 2005, and an administrator since 2006. I've created over a hundred articles and made thousands of edits. I have been a member of the Wikipedia English arbitration committee, oversighter, and CheckUser. Previously, I was a member of the Wikimedia Foundation Fund Dissemination Committee. My most recent project is User Group WikiWomen.

My work

Disclaimer: I am currently a part time remote Wikipedian in Residence at Cochrane Collaboration. Like most WiR, my primary role is to be a liaison between Cochrane and Wikimedia. When I am editing Wikipedia as part of my work at Cochrane, I always strive to strictly abide by Wikipedia's accepted practices on conflicts of interest and neutrality. I will always work in the best interest of Wikipedia, because that is in line with the Cochrane's educational mission, too. For more information, see the initial job posting Wikipedian in Residence at Cochrane Collaboration and the blog post announcement. See the FAQ that address my conflict of interest. w:en:User:FloNight/FAQ WiR

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