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Calvin Runs Through the Streets of London (4913938447)
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fr-3 Cet utilisateur dispose de connaissances avancées en français.
de-2 Dieser Benutzer beherrscht Deutsch auf fortgeschrittenem Niveau.
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name (P2561) CalvinBall
instance of (P31) human (Q5)
residence (P551) Antwerp (Q12892)
occupation (P106) digital librarian (Q50572247)
date of birth (P569) December 6 (Q2303) 1994 (Q2067)

Current modelling projects:

/modelling libraries
/modelling Magic: The Gathering

SPARQL result pages: /openGLAM

Interested in the following topics: - library (Q7075) - bookseller (Q998550) - feminism (Q7252) - LGBT (Q17884)

Pondering how to tackle mapping all Magic: The Gathering (Q207302) pro gamer (Q4379701) and all Magic: The Gathering set (Q22815098)

currently working on getting all public library (Q28564) of Belgium (Q31) in wikidata.

postponed work on finding a possible correlation between lexeme length and masculinity or femininity of lexemes

Done working on improving the description of non-male Belgians in wikidata. Planning on working on an English and Dutch version of the German wikipedia page for shadow library, Schattenbibliothek

Interested in expanding, structuring, and maintaining wikidata pages on the physical and digital library (Q7075) and other forms of the knowledge (Q9081) repository (Q3133368).

Planning on creating a common scheme for classifying libraries on wikidata.

Thinking of fleshing out all instance of (P31) crisis (Q381072)

Store of my SPARQL queries:

styles of architecture, their associated image, and extra metadata

people with the sexual orientation homosexual who have died before or in the year 1949 people that have the occupation Pro Gamer and have a qualifier 'of' something

All sculptures that depict something that has sex/gender = female

random query?

[ list of Belgian whose work entered the public domain in 2020]

list of all libraries in Belgium

list of the most-used copyright CC licenses and their translations in the official EU languages

all English noun lexemes

map of all instances of tourist attractions or landmarks described in WD

list of countries and the names of those countries in all of the official languages of those countries

Women, transwomen and/or non-binary people that are either musicians, composers, and/or singers

people who are non-male and have occupation 'pioneer'

people who are not male, have origin or citizenship = Belgium, and who are missing dutch descriptions


3,500+This user has made over 3,500 contributions to Wikidata.