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A mapping of the allowed value of significant environmental impact (P3643) according to WFD data in which is found in Annex 1b (p.307).

Abreviation Impact type Relevant to surface water Relevant to ground water Wikidata
ACID Acidification Y N acidification (Q10501532)
CHEM Chemical pollution Y Y chemical pollution (Q28854976)
ECOS Damage to groundwater ‐ dependent terrestrial ecosystems for chemical / quantitative reasons N Y
HHYC Altered habitats due to hydrological changes Y N altered habitats (due to hydrological changes) (Q28855260)
HMOC Altered habitats due to morphological changes (includes connectivity) Y N altered habitats (due to morphological changes) (Q28855259)
INTR Alterations in flow directions resulting in saltwater intrusion N Y
LITT Litter (an impact under the MSFD) Y N litter (Q1780867)
LOWT Abstraction exceeds available groundwater resource (lowering water table) N Y Lowering of the water table (Q28854973)
MICR Microbiological pollution Y Y Microbiological water pollution (Q28854968)
NOSI No significant impact Y Y no value Help
NOTA Not applicable Y Y no value Help
NUTR Nutrient pollution Y Y Nutrient pollution (Q12203192)
ORGA Organic pollution Y Y Organic pollution (Q28854984)
OTHE Other significant impact type Y Y unknown value Help
QUAL Diminution of quality of associated surface waters for chemical / quantitative reasons N Y
SALI Saline pollution/intrusion Y Y saltwater intrusion (Q2002254)
TEMP Elevated temperatures Y N thermal pollution (Q2914309)
UNKN Unknown impact type Y Y unknown value Help