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A mapping of the allowed value of invalid ID (P) according to WFD data in which is found in (p.34). See WFDWaterBodyCategory in the WISE vocabulary for sameAs links.

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Abreviation Impact type Definition per Directive 2000/60/EC Wikidata
RW River water body "River" means a body of inland water flowing for the most part on the surface of the land but which may flow underground for part of its course. invalid ID (Q)
LW Lake water body "Lake" means a body of standing inland surface water. invalid ID (Q)
TW Transitional water body "Transitional waters" are bodies of surface water in the vicinity of river mouths which are partly saline in character as a result of their proximity to coastal waters but which are substantially influenced by freshwater flows. invalid ID (Q)
CW Coastal water body "Coastal water" means surface water on the landward side of a line, every point of which is at a distance of one nautical mile on the seaward side from the nearest point of the baseline from which the breadth of territorial waters is measured, extending where appropriate up to the outer limit of transitional waters. invalid ID (Q)
TeW Territorial water body invalid ID (Q)
GW Groundwater body "Groundwater" means all water which is below the surface of the ground in the saturation zone and in direct contact with the ground or subsoil. invalid ID (Q)

Further definitions:

  • "Inland water" means all standing or flowing water on the surface of the land, and all groundwater on the landward side of the baseline from which the breadth of territorial waters is measured.
  • "Surface water" means inland waters, except groundwater; transitional waters and coastal waters, except in respect of chemical status for which it shall also include territorial waters.
  • "Artificial water body" means a body of surface water created by human activity.
  • "Water Body": a coherent sub-unit in the river basin (district) to which the environmental objectives of the Directive 2000/60/EC must apply. The identification of water bodies is based on geographical and hydrological determinants. This includes surface (river, lake, transitional and coastal) and ground water bodies. [1][2]