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This template takes advantage of the new mention notification to ping the user(s) you are replying to in a discussion (so you don't have to use the {{Talkback}} template). It works on any talk page or Wikidata namespace page.

Note that it isn't necessary to use this template to ping the user if you are already linking to their username from your post.

Single recipient

To use it, just add something like the following to an existing discussion:

{{reply to|User1}} Message text. ~~~~

The comment must be signed and belong to a section in order for the notification to work.

Multiple recipients

You can reply to up to 6 people at once (max):

{{reply to|Example|Example2|Example3}} Message text. ~~~~

Named parameters

By default, the text displayed by this template ends with a colon. You can change it by specifing the p parameter.

code result
{{reply to|Example|p=!}} Some text. @Example! Some text.
{{reply to|Example|Example2|p=,}} some text. @Example, Example2, some text.
{{reply to|Example|p=}} some text. @Example some text.

Also, you can hide the template (ping will work in the same way, but nothing will be displayed in the string where the template is included) by use of the parameter show=not (other values than not will be ignored).

code result
({{reply to|Example|show=not}}) (@Example:)
({{reply to|Example|Example2|show=not}}) (@Example, Example2:)


Related templates

  • {{User link}} – To just link to a single user's page (without the @ sign and colon), use this template.

See also

Template used to notify a user that you have replied to them, or that you want to have their opinion in a discussion

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