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Typical usage:

{{Hidden begin|title}}
content to be hidden
{{Hidden end}}

Common named parameters:

{{Hidden begin|title=|expand=|bg1=|fontsize1=|bg2=|fontsize2=}}

All named parameters (showing the default values):

{{Hidden begin
| title     = Click [expand] to view the content
| expand    = 
| border    = 1px solid #AAAAAA
| padding   = 2px
| width     = 100%
| bg1       = #EFEFEF
| fontsize1 = small
| ta1       = left
| extra1    = 
| bg2       = transparent
| fontsize2 = small
| ta2       = left
| extra2    = 


This template takes the following parameters, all of which are optional

positional parameter 1 or named parameter title
Either of these give the main title of the collapsed box, which occurs on the same line as the [Expand] link and is always visible. It defaults to 'Click show to view the content' (possibly translated into a different language).
If this parameter evaluates to true (i.e. is not empty) it will leave the material initially uncollapsed. The default is to initially collapse the material (hence the name of this template).
Style of the border line(s).
Amount of padding to use.
Sets the width of the overall box.
Sets the background color of the title; the default is a light gray. Other colors are available from w:en:List of colors.
Font size of the title.
Text alignment of the title.
Additional style settings for the title.
Background color of the material to be hidden.
Font size of the material to be hidden.
Text alignment of the material to be hidden.
Additional style settings for the material to be hidden.

Note: If an entire section is to be hidden, remove the section header and add it as the first parameter of the template. This keeps the section header from showing up in the table of contents.

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