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This template generates a link for editing the source of a page. The title of the page to edit can be specified in the first argument (otherwise the current page name will be used).

The template syntax is the following:

  • 1: the page to edit. If omitted, it will be the current page.
  • 2: the label text of the edit link. If omitted, it is "edit" by default.
  • section: the section to edit, in which 0 for the top (i.e. lead section), 1 for the first (sub-)section, and new for adding a new section.
  • editintro: the content of a page/template that will be transcluded above the edit box when you edit the page. Usually used to load template messages.
  • preload: the content of a page/template that will be preloaded into the text area of the edit form. It works only if the page to be edited does not exist.
  • preloadtitle: if making a new section (i.e. |section=new), the title to be preloaded into the title box of the edit form.
  • tooltip: the text to display when you hover over the link.
  • oldid: the oldid of a specific page revision.


  • All parameters are optional.
  • The parameter names must be in lowercase or they will fail.