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This template is put on the user pages of deceased Wikidata editors. It can also be put on other types of pages, such as editor reviews, depending on the parameters used. Before using it, please read the guidelines on deceased Wikidata editors.


Basic usage
Detect "their"/"his"/"her"
All parameters
| username
| page    = 
| note    = 
| message = 


  • The first positional parameter is for the username. If entered, it detects whether to use "his", "her", or "their", depending on the gender value set in the user's preferences.
  • page - this parameter replaces the text "user page".
  • note - an extra note after the standard message.
  • message - custom message text; replaces the entire message, including the note.
  • border-color - optional variable for when black is not appropriate


  • {{deceased}}
  • {{deceased|Example female}}
  • {{deceased|page=editor review}}
  • {{deceased|note=Learn more about this editor at [[Article name]].}}
  • {{deceased|message=Custom message.}}