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Wikidata Bot This user account is a bot without a bot flag. The bot is operated by Example.
  • Block this bot if it is malfunctioning.
  • Check its work.
  • Contact the operator about mistakes.
  • See all Requests for Permissions related to this bot: None at the moment
  • Source: MediaWiki on GitHub
Toolforge logo with text.svg This bot runs on Wikimedia Toolforge.
Administrators: If this bot needs to be blocked due to a malfunction, please remember to disable autoblocks so that other WMF Toolforge bots are not affected.
Documentation icon Template documentation[view · edit · history · purge ] [translate this template]

This template can be used to mark a user as a Bot. You should place it on the userpage of your bot.


In the easiest case, you only have to add your username to the template: {{Bot|<username>}}.

To provide more information, you should also use the task parameter and add the task your bot is working on. You can also add some more information with |info=. If your bot has got a bot-flag, you should set the parameter |flag=yes.

Use |hoster=labs to indicate your bot runs on Toolforge.


Name Description
(first, no name) Operator username
info Bot information (not shown)
task Bot current task
flag (optional) set: without, with, no (default: with)
hoster Hoster location; default: labs
source Bot sources location
license Bot source code license
site Contact URL (default: discussion page)

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