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The aim of this task force is to plan the activities, content, templates, inclusion syntax and tools for the third phase (lists) of Wikidata.

The third phase should enable automatic translation and updating of list articles, and perhaps tables, based on multilingual data in Wikidata. The third phase should also enable more complex queries that can provide aggregate views on the infobox data and can further reduce maintenance in Wikipedia drastically. The third phase is harvesting and incorporating all the data from the wikilinks, infoboxes and lists, and superseding the earlier API interface, allowing development of even more powerful templates, gadgets, bots and external clients for data inclusion, editing and analysis. For the curators inputing labels, data transfer should be a near seamless transition done by bots and the extension should be designed around the workflow discoveries made during earlier phases.

Phase 3 also allows finishing the funded Wikidata development project properly, in order to ensure a high maintainability of both the software and the data and its surrounding processes. Phase 3 will closely monitor the arbitrary creation of properties and its impact on performance of the system, as well as the usage of the new possibilities to query the data. This provides a scalable way to use inline queries, one of Semantic MediaWiki’s most appealing and useful features.

Conceivable use cases[edit]

Translation of existing list articles[edit]

The following are examples of existing list articles that may be suitable for auto-translation, since they only consist of structured data, they have several iw language links, they are extensive, and/or they often change:

New tables and charts to be generated[edit]

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