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Example of the simple query builder

The Wikidata development team is working on a form-based Wikidata query builder for presenting lists of items which users would want to check or improve. To use the form, the user only needs basic knowledge of how Wikidata models the items for which they query.

This "Simple query builder" would not replace the Wikidata Query service or SPARQL queries, because those still are there for more advanced queries and needs. The target group are people who do know SPARQL but want to create simple lists for maintenance (and other editing) tasks. The Simple Query Builder’s basic idea is based on the observation that beginners like to use the query helper.

Some relevant info on what the tool would and would not do:

  • It does not sync immediately with the SPARQL code. This makes it easier to ensure that the queries make sense in the visual representation.
  • It can define queries which search for items which do not have certain properties (Like MINUS in SPARQL)
  • It would also not (yet) be integrated in the query service editor interface: Keeping it in a separate place allows us to try out ideas and react to feedback far quicker.

While there could be many functions one wants to implement, we would start deliberately simple and focus on new users and/or efficient creation of simple maintenance queries. We can still extend it later. However, we need to keep in mind that a visual interface for complex queries can easily become as complex as SPARQL itself.


Here are some views of how the tool could work.

Please keep in mind that these are early wireframes, the actual product would not feature a sketch-like look.

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