has quality Turanci (P1552)

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the entity has an inherent or distinguishing non-material characteristic Turanci
Language Label Description Also known as
Ba suna a kai
Ba'a bayyana ma'ana ba
    has quality
    the entity has an inherent or distinguishing non-material characteristic
    • trait
    • inherent property
    • attribute
    • aspect
    • defining feature
    • has feature
    • has characteristic
    • has property
    • characterized by
    • required property
    • quality
    • defining parameter
    • parameter
    • requirement
    • defined by

    Data type




    as main value Turanci
    as qualifier Turanci
    as reference Turanci
    0 references
    0 references
    hero Turanci
    villain Turanci
    supervillain Turanci
    antihero Turanci
    antivillain Turanci
    superhero Turanci
    0 references
    0 references
    perpetrator Turanci
    crime victim Turanci
    victim Turanci
    perpetrator Turanci
    More specific roles should be used instead (Turanci)
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    If an account is verified, the badge is just a symbol not a quality (Turanci)
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    0 references
    Use one of the subclasses instead (Turanci)
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