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Long term goals[edit]

  • Organize data about computer-related topics

Short term goals[edit]

  • Gather information from infoboxes
  • Create more properties that semantically describe items
  • Create featured items that show how properties should be used
  • Recruit a lot of people

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On Wikidata[edit]


Most infoboxes should be found in:




See: Wikidata:WikiProject Informatics/Infobox mapping



Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
CPU P880 Item central processing unit: central processing unit found within the subject item PlayStation 3 <CPU> Cell -
sockets supported P1041 Item socket for which the electronic part was made Xeon 3040 <sockets supported> LGA 775 -
instruction set P1068 Item instruction set on which the processor architecture is based Athlon 64 <instruction set> x86-64 -
manufacturer P176 Item manufacturer: main manufacturer of this product (excluding sub-contracted manufacturers) Samsung Galaxy <manufacturer> Samsung Electronics -
number of processor cores P1141 Number number of independent actual processing units Core i5-760 <number of processor cores> 4 -


Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
developer P178 Item organisation or person that developed this item Microsoft Windows <developer> Microsoft -
readable file format P1072 Item file format a program can open and read Inkscape <readable file format> Scalable Vector Graphics -
writable file format P1073 Item file format a program can create and/or write to Inkscape <writable file format> Scalable Vector Graphics -
file extension P1195 String filename extension: identifier for a file format (e.g. txt for a text file) used as suffix to the file name, don't use dot at start Scalable Vector Graphics <file extension> svg -
version P348 String stable version of the software QGIS <version> 2.0 -
platform P400 Item platform for which a work has been developed or released / specific platform version of a software developed Mozilla Firefox <platform> x86 -
programming language P277 Item programming language: the programming language(s) in which the software is developed MediaWiki <programming language> PHP -
software engine P408 Item software engine: software engine employed by the subject item Wikipedia <software engine> MediaWiki -
operating system P306 Item operating system: operating system (OS) on which a software works; OS installed on hardware GIMP <operating system> Linux -
Internet media type P1163 String Internet media type: IANA-registered identifier for a file type Scalable Vector Graphics <Internet media type> image/svg+xml -
source code repository P1324 URL source code: public source code repository Matplotlib <source code repository> -
binding of software library P1372 Item software library in another programming language provided by the subject software binding PyGObject <binding of software library> GObject -
bug tracking system P1401 URL bug report page where bugs, issues, and feature requests are filed for a particular software Wikidata <bug tracking system> -
GUI toolkit or framework P1414 Item widget toolkit: framework or toolkit a program uses to display the graphical user interface GIMP <GUI toolkit or framework> GTK+ -
input device P479 Item input device: input method or device used to interact with a software product -
port P1641 Number port: default communication endpoint in TCP or UDP protocol Simple Mail Transfer Protocol <port> 25 -
series P179 Item the subject is part of a series, whose sum constitutes the object Windows 8.1 <series> Windows NT -


Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
Stack Exchange tag P1482 URL Stack Exchange Network: tag on the Stack Exchange websites PHP <Stack Exchange tag> -
IRC channel P1613 URL IRC channel and IRC: official IRC channel of an institution or project Inkscape <IRC channel> -
Unicode character P487 String Unicode character representing the item euro sign <Unicode character> -



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