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Session proposal accepted!
Our workshop proposal was accepted. If you're attending Wikimania and are planning to attend, please add your name on this page.
Slides from the workshop.

Lifting a veil on the sources of free knowledge: a WikiCite workshop[edit]

Read the WikiCite 2017 annual report.
Why WikiCite? Watch a 10-minute introduction.

Wikimedia projects are a gateway to knowledge represented in a vast range of external sources. Every day, thousands of volunteer editors find, discuss, and vet sources to establish their reliability and decide what information should go in the free encyclopedia or one of its sister projects. While sourcing information is one of the key processes by which free knowledge is produced, to date little dedicated infrastructure exists to support Wikimedians' fact-checking work. Over the past 3 years, the WikiCite initiative has brought together community members, librarians, researchers and developers to build a structured knowledge base of sources, leveraging Wikidata as its infrastructure. WikiCite aims to create a rich corpus of structured data about sources, allowing contributors to annotate and reuse information about publications, enrich their metadata, and link them up to structured knowledge hosted in Wikidata.

With this workshop, our primary goal is to promote participation in this initiative, give an introduction to how sources are stored in Wikidata and an overview of existing tools and workflows that contributors can use, and discuss strategies to identify gaps and biases in sources. One of the key goals of building such a repository of sources is to be able to lift a veil on the provenance of facts, shine a light on underrepresented areas of knowledge and understand how sources that are marginal in the Wikimedia ecosystem can be represented and captured. Wikipedia notability policies depend on sources that are heavily skewed towards mainstream media and academic publication outlets, which makes the inclusion of knowledge and topics underrepresented in these sources a challenge. We will allocate half of this workshop to group discussions to identify use cases and opportunities to research gaps in sources and the possibility of importing and curating bibliographic corpora or library collections to address these gaps.


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Ongoing initiatives[edit]

Tools and workflows[edit]

  • Scholia
  • Wikidata Integrator
    • Fatameh
  • SourceMD
    • Item creator
    • Item fixer
    • Author name resolver
    • ORCIDator
  • Inventaire
  • SPARQL Recent Changes


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Slides from the Wikimania 2017 session on WikiCite[edit]

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