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Digitizing Curricula

Wikidata for Education is an initiative that aims to ensure that the "sum of all knowledge" can be aligned with school curricula and easily accessible by teachers and students to achieve their learning objectives. At present, aligning open educational resources with local, national, and international curriculum frameworks is difficult, because standards, competencies, and other elements of curricula are not machine-readable. Wikidata for Education will start with a pilot project in Ghana to structure curriculum data, add it to Wikidata, create more curriculum-aligned content, and develop platforms that help curate it. Below are examples of how this initiative will impact global education.



The participants listed below can be notified using the following template in discussions:
{{Ping project|Wikidata for Education}}

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Ways you can help:

The project is at a phase where new properties have been requested. Visit the data model document WD4E Data Model Document v1.0 to understand the data model and why we are requesting for these properties.

However, we need the community to provide enough support of at least more than 10 supporters under the property request proposals found below. We encourage all community members who come across this page to visit the links below, take a look at the properties, and more importantly, show your support. However, if you have any comments or questions do not hesitate to leave them so that we can build a better product.

Properties Under Request

Other Ways You Can Support

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