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WikidataCon Award 2019 banner

For the first time at WikidataCon 2019, we are organizing the WikidataCon Award, a community-powered initiative to find and acknowledge the best Wikidata and Wikibase projects!

The Wikidata and Wikibase ecosystem is a huge galaxy of exciting content, tools, projects, powered by the communities as well as organisations working with the software and the data. For seven years, people are gathering, starting projects, developing tools, improving the editors' workflows, filling various gaps, working all together to give more people more access to more knowledge.

It's time to celebrate this! The WikidataCon Award 2019 will reward the greatest projects in a variety of categories. The awarded projects are selected by the WikidataCon Award committee, based on nominations by the community. Everyone is invited to participate and nominate one or several projects!

Nomination process (closed)[edit]

The nomination process was running until October 7th and is now closed.

The awards committee is composed of: Birgit, Envlh, Ladsgroup, and Sjoerddebruin.

What we mean by project: a project can be a community gathering or other initiative that led to great results (WikiProject, event, editathon…), a tool (gadget, script, external tool…) or any other action that led to improving Wikidata’s data, the workflow of its editors or the outreach.

You will be able to select one or several categories for your favourite project:

  • Editing
  • Ecosystem
  • Community building
  • Newcomer-friendly
  • Wikimedia integration
  • Outreach
  • Quality
  • Languages
  • Multimedia


What does this building have to do with the award? That's a surprise for now...

The winner projects will be announced at the WikidataCon Award Ceremony, on October 25th. The ceremony will be live-streamed.

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