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WikidataCon Award 2019 banner
WikidataCon Award 2019 banner
WikidataCon Award 2019 slides, including project presentations and jury statements

The Wikidata & Wikibase ecosystem is like a galaxy of great projects, inspiring ideas, growing content and incredible wonderful people.

It's time to celebrate this!

About WikidataCon Award[edit]

The WikidataCon Award took place for the first time at WikidataCon 2019. The award is inspired by the Coolest Tool Award and aims to highlight, acknowledge and celebrate projects by the Wikidata community.

What we mean by project: a project can be a community gathering or other initiative that led to great results (WikiProject, event, editathon…), a tool (gadget, script, external tool…) or any other action that led to improving Wikidata’s data, the workflow of its editors or the outreach.

9 projects were awarded in a variety of categories: Editing, Community building, Ecosystem, Newcomer-friendly, Wikimedia integration, Quality, Outreach, Languages, Multimedia. The winner projects were selected by the 2019' WikidataCon Award committee (Birgit, Envlh, Ladsgroup, Sjoerddebruin), and are based on nominations by the community.

Thank you for all the great projects!


The winner projects were announced at the WikidataCon Award Ceremony, on October 25th. Detailed project descriptions and jury statements are available in the award slides.

Honorable Mentions[edit]

  • DataDrainer is a small and nicely written gadget that allows you to delete content of an item for cleanup purposes.
  • Histropedia is a web-based timeline application that uses Wikidata as an information source to create data visualizations. You can explore history across time, subjects and events.
  • Mbabel tool generates narrative Wikipedia stubs based on Wikidata. It is already used in GLAM wiki and educational projects in Brazil, and under further development.
  • Petscan is the swiss knife among Wikimedia’s query tools, with great value also for Wikidata.
  • Pywikibot is a Python library and collection of scripts that automate work on MediaWiki sites. Originally designed for Wikipedia, it is now used on many projects - including Wikidata.
  • Quickstatements is a powerful editor. Statements, labels, descriptions and aliases can be added and removed by using simple text commands. Quickstatements won the 2019’ Coolest Tool Award in the category editing.