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the conference for open data enthusiasts

25 – 26 October 2019 | Berlin, Germany









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This is the list of participants of the WikidataCon. Please note that only the participants who received a confirmation email should enter their name here.

This list is volunteer-based and the information should be entered directly by the participants.

Tip: to edit the table more easily, you can enable the Visual Editor in your preferences :)

Name and/or username Languages Your favorite projects/topics of interest What would you like to learn during the conference? How to contact you during the conference? Other info/comment
Léa Lacroix (WMDE) fr-N, en-4, de-2 Wikidata community, cool projects reusing Wikidata, lexicographical data I want to learn more about external projects reusing Wikidata! I always like to hear about editors and reusers workflows, as well as issues and things people struggle with. Email: Looking forward to meet you all <3
Andra Waagmeester nl-N, en-4, srn-3, fr-2 Wikidata, Wikidata Query Service (SPARQL), Wikidata-ShEx, Wikidata-iNaturalist, Wikibase I want to explore what happens when different communities and data cross-polinate Email:
Mohammad Hijjawi Ar-N, en-3 Wikidata, Wikidata Query Service (SPARQL), Wikipedia, Commons, Data analysis, I want to learn more about Wikidata tools, and meet people who are involved with, Looking forward to meet you all! Email:,,
Lucas Werkmeister (WMDE) de-N, en-3, pt-1 Wikidata Query Service, lexicographical data, tools, more things I’m currently forgetting I want to see how other people are using Wikidata, exchange experiences, work on projects together, get to know each other Email:

Twitter: @LucasWerkmeistr

lives in Berlin, open for other activities on surrounding days
Maxlath fr-N, en-4, de-2, es-1 (Q32193244), Wikidata/Wikibase JS/CLI tools, bibliographic data, Wikibase federation, SPARQL I want to learn more about other projects re-using Wikidata outside of Wikimedia, the challenges they meet, and what they learned working around those Mastodon/Twitter/IRC/Riot/Telegram: maxlath
Reosarevok es-N, en-4, et-2 Bot stuff, notability guidelines, anything Estonia-related, political data I want to get all sorts of cool ideas we could implement at Wikimedia Eesti‎ (Q12379207) IRC: reosarevok
VIGNERON fr-N, br-3, en-3, de-2 Wikidata (of course), Wikisource, libaries, WLM, etc. I want to share everything that I know and to learn things that others know! @belett (by default; or Telegrm, email, phone, whatever... ask me)
Robin van der Vliet nl-N, en-3, eo-3, de-1 Wikidata, lexicographical data, Esperanto, Wikipedia/Wiktionary integration I want to learn more about lexicographical data, SPARQL, and get to know other people. Telegram: @Robin, Twitter: @robin0van0der0v
OlafJanssen nl-N, en-4, fr-1, de-2 Wikidata, Wikibase, libraries, data vizualisation, open digital heritage I want to learn more about SPARQL, Wikibase, Python, data vizualisation, Leaflet (, anyone?), IIIF, and get to know other people. I'll host a 1,5 hour Map making workshop – from Wikidata to interactive off-wiki maps in three steps Twitter: @ookgezellig,
WiseWoman en-N, de-3, sv-2, is-2, no-1, da-1, fr-1 Wikidata & SPARQL, semantic modelling, plagiarism (VroniPlag Wiki), games with Wikidata I want to learn more about what people are doing with Wikidata and especially how they plan on coping with changing or outdated data. And I want to meet people :) Twitter @WeWuWiWo or by email via Wikipedia
Lucie-Aimée Kaffee (Frimelle) de-N, en-4, es-2, tr1-2, fr-1, ar-0 Scribe, ArticlePlaceholder, Research around multilingual Wikidata Looking forward to exchange about current research efforts around Wikidata Twitter @Frimelle email: kaffee<@>
Adrian Pohl (acka47) de-N, en-3, fr-1 Wikidata & SPARQL, libraries & authority data, reconciliation Get to know other people, projects and approaches. Improve my SPARQL knowledge. Discuss questions around places & administrative units in Wikidata. Mastodon: Twitter: @acka47
Tpt fr-N, en-3 Wikidata, Wikisource, research on knowledge bases... I look forward knowing more the other people contributing to Wikidata, share ideas and help people make their ideas come true. Email thomas at, @Tpt93 on Twitter or Telegram, IRC/Matrix...
ArthurPSmith en-N, fr-3, de-3 identifiers for authors and institutions, lexemes, scholia... getting to know more wikidata contributors in person, and learning how to make Wikidata even better! Twitter @arthursmith Email
Rehman en-N, si-2 Energy, power stations, dams, and other related technical/infrastructure topics (i.e. power grid data) Collaborative ways of deciding ideal forms of structuring technical data (such as/but not limited to power stations). Also, how Wikidata users can identify and help each other better, based on their interests and skills. Email: rehman.wikimedia{at}, also on Telegram @Rehman5000
Joachim Neubert (Jneubert) de-N, en-3 Linked Open Data, Authorities / Knowledge Organizeation Systems, WikiProject_20th_Century_Press_Archives Meet many great Wikidata contributors in person, share ideas, and perhaps discuss common projects. Email: j.neubert(at)
Cristina Sarasua (Criscod) es-N, en-4, de-3 Wikidata, WikiProject_Open_Government, WikiProject_Data_Quality, data integration, crowdsourcing, research data management Discuss with community members various technical topics, share findings, exchange experiences. Email: sarasua(at)
Harmonia Amanda fr-N, en-3, es-2, la-2, oc-1 (to be completed)
EricaAzzellini pt-N, en-3, es-2, it-1 Wikidata and Wikipedia integration (check out the Mbabel tool on lusophone Wikipedia!), Wikidata usage on GLAM Wiki projects and external projects using Wikidata Learn more about educational resources with Wikidata, improve my skills on lexicographical data and meet other wikidatans! E-mail: or
Akbarali en-3, ml-4, ar-2, hi-2 Wikidata, Wikidata Query Service (SPARQL), Wikibase, WikiProject Education. I want to see how other people use Wikidata in educational level, schools and college level and exchange experiences.

I also would like to meet many great Wikidata contributors in person, share ideas, and perhaps discuss with other language community to begin new collaborative projects.

Telegram: @Akbaralicharankav also in Twitter: @charankav
Pymouss fr-N, en-3, br-2, de-2, it-2, sv-1 Politics, sports, languages, using some simple queries (still a lot of things to learn)

Strongly convinced that the project won't work without "human" edits.

Really interested in exchanges with other contributors, especially on reusing Wikidata in other projects. Twitter: @Pymouss
Hans Bauer de-N, pl-4, en-3, ru-2 Wikidata queries, biographical data, GLAM, libaries, authority files I am interested in any Wikidata re-use options and Wikidata contributions from library community and projects. E-Mail: hbauer(at)
Ambrosia10 en-4 Wikidata, WikiCite, WikiProject Libraries, GLAM wiki, WikiProject Women in Red, Wikidata-iNaturalist and more I want to learn more about methods of disambiguation, name authority data, how to get GLAMs more involved in Wikidata, tools, collaborations etc Twitter: @siobhanleachman E-Mail:siobhan_leachman(at) Very keen to meet one and all!
Envel Le Hir (Envlh) fr-N, en-3 Wikidata, Wikidata Query Service (SPARQL), Data quality, GLAM & Authorities, Video games Wikibase, ShEx, Wikidata scalability Email: envel -at- (to be completed)
Simon Cobb en-4 Wikidata, bibliographic data, including the WikiCite corpus, GLAM (particularly libraries) and cultural heritage, data quality, data visualization. How to make my contributions more effective, avoid errors when working at scale etc. I look forward to exchanging knowledge, learning new skills and meeting other editors. Email: sncobb82 at WikidataCon 2019 is going to be great!
Papuass lv-N, en-3, ru-1 Politics, infoboxes, use in Wikipedia, Wikidata training How to "sell" Wikidata to local GLAMs, partners, communities. Twitter:@papuass

User talk:Papuass

Ready to be amazed!
Masssly en-4, ar-1, dag-N, ak-3, ha-3 Organisation of political data of African countries, SPARQL, Infoboxes More SPARQL, Wikidata applications in Education, meet new people, learn about new projects
  • e:
  • fb, tw, telegram: @masssly

Political data about Africa meetup. interested? Then get in touch :)
Megan Wacha en-4 Wikidata, WikiCite, community owned infrastructure in libraries and scholarly publishing Email: megan(at), Twitter:@megwacha
Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (WMDC, Women in Red) en-N, sr-3, es-2, fr-2 Wikidata, WikiCite, gender equity Tools. People. "Women Writers in Review" project. Twitter and Telegram: @rosiestep , User talk:Rosiestep
Anders Sandholm da-N, en-5, de-3, no-2, sv-2, fr-1 Wikidata, bots, pywikibot Best practices when operating bots at scale.

Really look forward to exchanging ideas with, learning from and meeting other Wikidata aficionados.

Email: sandholm at
Antonin Delpeuch (Pintoch) fr-N, en-3, de-1 Data imports, OpenRefine, reconciliation Better understanding the use cases and workflows with Shex - and meeting people of course! User talk:Pintoch, pintoch on IRC
Yayamamo ja-N, en-3 Wikidata, Wikidata Query Service (SPARQL), Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons, Wikibase, reconciliation, multilingual data I'd like to learn more about Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons. User talk:Yayamamo, Twitter: @yayamamo
Mike Dickison (Giantflightlessbirds) en-N, fr-1 Wikidata-iNaturalist, libraries, GLAM Wiki especially museum natural history collections, WikiShootMe, taxonomy I want to learn how to introduce novice GLAM users to Wikidata, and more about bulk upload and data cleaning tools. Email:

Twitter: @adzebill

Keen to do a practical iNaturalist field trip.
Goran S. Milovanović (GoranSM, WMDE) sr-N, en-5, it-1 Wikidata statistics, re-use data sets, Wikidata supported machine learning e.g. information retrieval in NLP from Wikidata, Wikidata visualizations. I want to learn about everything that will be offered at the conference at all, however, in the first place I want to meet in person all of you who make this beautiful universe of Wikidata possible with your contributions. Email:


Sannita it-N, nap-N, en-3, es-1 How to create a federation-of-Wikibase-centred ecosystem for exchanging data between Wikimedia community, GLAMs and other interested individuals. How to make this wish come true. Telegram (@sannita), Twitter (@theiapsswalker) or just by tapping on my shoulder :P I love you. (Yeah, you.)
Amir Sarabadani (Ladsgroup) fa-N, en-4, de-1 Improve infrastructure of Wikidata How improving performance and storage of Wikidata impacts tool builders and third party installations of Wikibase User:Ladsgroup, or
John Samuel en-4, fr-3, ml-N, hi-3, pa-1 Wikidata, Wikidata Query Service (SPARQL), Wikidata-Lexemes, Wikibase, Wikidata-ShEx, WikiCite, infoboxes I want to learn how tools can be built and improved that can help achieve the goals of Wikidata: quality, provenance, multilinguality, easier linking/access to external databases etc. Twitter: @jsamwrites
Mairelys Lemus-Rojas es-N, en-5, it-2, pt-2, fr-1 Wikidata, Wikibase, WikiCite, Linked Open Data, GLAM, Scholarly Profiles, Scholia I want to learn more about SPARQL, ShEx, and workflows for integrating Wikidata into library/museum catalogs. Twitter: @mlemusrojas
Maria zaos es-N, en-3, fr-3, pt-2, de-1, it-1 GLAM, Digital Libraries and collections, Linked Open Data, SPARQL, reconciliation, bibliographic data, Wikicite, digital preservation. I want to know more about Structured Data in Wikimedia Commons and I'm also looking for a suitable area (involving Wikidata reuse) for my Master Thesis on Digital Libraries and Services. Telegram: @Maria_zaos ; email:
Beireke1 nl-N, en-4, fr-3, de-1 Wikidata and GLAM community I want to learn more about opportunities with Wikibase and Wikidata+GLAM experiences in other countries. Telegram: Bart M, User talk:Beireke1
Michael Schönitzer (WMDE) (talk), MichaelSchoenitzer de-N, en-3 Wikidata, Free Software, Templates Learn to know new people, better workflows IRC/Matrix: Nudin, Telegram: M.Schoenitzer, Michael Schönitzer (WMDE) (talk)
Kalman Hajdu hu-N, en-3, de-4, ru-4 GLAM, Digital Libraries and collections, re-use data sets, Linked Open Data, Data imports, SPARQL I am interested in any Wikidata re-use options and Wikidata contributions from library community and projekts, and I want to learn more about lexicographical data, SPARQL, email: kalhajdu<@>
Armine Aghayan hy-N, en-3, ru-3, es-1, fr-1 GLAM+ WIKIDATA, Interwiki Women I would love to learn more about Wikidata re-use options, more about SPARQL, Library+Wikidata email: Twitter: @Armka
Amadalvarez ca-N, es-N, en-3, fr-1 WD powered INFOBOXES, cool projects reusing Wikidata to "invite" non-wikimedia people to get involved in Wikidata project Ontology and improve its documentation, more about SPARQL email: WD:amadalvarez Met people that only know from discussion pages.
Rebecca Kahn en-N, de-2, es-2 GLAM, Digital Libraries and collections, Linked Open Data, Linked Open Geodata I'm interested in working with Wikidata to build stronger links with established LOD knowledge graphs, particularly those using GIS/Geodata. Also interested in learning more about Wikibase. Twitter:@rebamex
Li Song zh-N, en-3 SPARQL, Wikidata Query Service, Movie/Music/Book data in Wikidata, Free Software SPARQL, Wikidata reuse in the Web. Telegram: @slowsoftware
Giovanna Fontenelle (WMB) pt-BR-N, pt-N, en-4, es-2, fr-1 GLAM, Wikidata on GLAM institutions and Wiki projects, Metadata curation, Wikidata and Wikipedia integration, SPARQL and Wikidata Query Service. I wish to learn more about SPARQL, lexicographical data, data vizualisation and to meet other Wikidata contributors in person. Email: /

Twitter: @giofontenelle

Telegram: @gifontenelle

Looking foward to meeting everyone soon! <3
Hay Kranen (Husky) nl-N, en-4, de-1 GLAM, Tools, Data journalism Structured Data on Commons Twitter: @hayify Wikidata FTW!
João Alexandre Peschanski fr-N, pt-N, en-4, es-4 GLAM, Education, Outreach, Computational journalism Envisioning the future for Wikidata and its community joalpe at Thanks WMDE for a wonderful prep! And a forthcoming amazing event!
Éder Porto pt-BR-N, pt-3, en-3, es-1 Wikidata, GLAM, SPARQL, Lua modules, Metadata modeling and curation I would like to learn new perpectives on tasks regarding modeling, uploading and curating information on Wikidata and discover other/better ways Wikidata can be used in other projects. Font Awesome 5 brands telegram.svg @ederporto
Font Awesome 5 solid envelope.svg
Already counting the days to see you all at this amazing event!
Ursula Oberst (Walkuraxx) de-N, nl-4, en-3, fr-3, sv-2 Wikidata, Wikicite, libraries, GLAM, Africa I would love to learn more about Wikidata re-use options, more about SPARQL, Library+Wikidata E-Mail: oberst(at)
Seb35 fr-N, en-3, de-1 MediaWiki & extensions, standalone Wikibase installations, digital law management Tools about reusing Wikidata/Wikibase data and curating data, curious about computational/data journalism Twitter: @sseb35
JakobVoss de-N, en-4, es-1 WikiCite, Cocoda & Authorities Meet and exchange about teaching Wikidata, technical tools, and the big picture E-Mail: voss(at), Twitter: @nichtich Ask me!
Heinz-Günter Kuper en-N, de-5, af-2 Cultural Heritage/GLAM Data, Digital Humanities, Linked Open Data, Data Imports, Wikibase, SPARQL How Wikidata can be useful for cultural heritage institutions and what the plans for Wikibase are (e.g. New testing ground for Wikibase: A federal agency goes on an expedition in the Wiki universe). Email:

Twitter: @hgkuper

digiS Film (2017)
Alice Wiegand de-N, en-3 (linked) Open Data, Open Government, Wikidata, data literacy, How can we combine Open Government Data and Wikidata to create use cases and open new paths for collaboration between governments and volunteers? I would like to collect ideas and thoughts for an experimental playground. Mail:, Twitter: @lyzzy
Gustavo Candela es-N, en-3, fr-2 Linked Open Data, Data Quality, Open Government, Wikidata, culture heritage, digital libraries, Discuss with community members technical topics, share findings, exchange experiences, projects and ideas. Mail:]
Lydia Pintscher (WMDE) de, en, es Wikidata. Doh! (especially movies and tv shows things) Tell me everything about how we can make Wikidata even better for you. Email: See you all soon! \o/
Dennis Diefenbach en,de,it,fr Question Answering over Wikidata How to give access to Wikidata’s data to end users: Looking forward to exchange with you! Email:
Wittylama en, it, fr GLAM, SoAP, Showcase Queries How to overcome the WP-WD divide... Twitter: @Wittylama, email: Liamwyatt at, Telegram.
Satpal Dandiwal pa, hi, en Wikidata, Wikisource, Commons, To improve the quality of Wikidata with local languages Wikidata tools, Future of Wikidata with Wikisource, Meet new people, Lexicographical data Email: sonichotian at, Facebook: Satpal, Instagram: Satpal Dandiwal Meet you there! :)
Eric Gardner en-N, de-1 Museum and GLAM projects, design, user experience, UI engineering How to build new tools that integrate with Wikibase/Wikidata
Liridon sq-N, en-4, mk-4 Wikidata Query Service, QuickStatements, Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons Wikidata tools to reuse/analyse data, data quality, exchange experience with Wikidatians /
Jean-Fred fr-N, en-4, de-4 Monuments, podcasts, video games. Identifiers & Mix’n’match. I want to involve more people in VG WikiProject! Get feedback about integraality. And learn things I don’t expect to :) Twitter/Telegram: @JeanFred /
Susannaanas fi-N, en-4, fr-2, sv-2 GLAM, federated Wikibases, SDC, sensitive cultural content, crowdsourcing, indigenous languages Learn about federation and multilingual crowdsourcing workflows. @susannaanas, See you soon!
LZia_(WMF) fa-N, en-4, de-2 addressing content, contributor, and usage gaps in Wikipedia and Wikidata; knowledge integrity (disinformation, misinformation); expanding the network of Wikimedia researchers globally. (Wiki Loves Monuments with my volunteer hat on.) getting a better sense of the state of conversations in Wikidata community broadly, learning about current knowledge gaps and disinformation related efforts on Wikidata, meeting new people. If you want to learn more about the current thinking of the Research team at WMF, you can read the Research:2030 whitepapers.
Martin Gerlach(WMF) de-N, en-4, pt-1 Wikidata, Understanding knowledge production getting to know Wikidata community, meeting new people, learn about different ways in which wikidata is used., @martgerlach Looking forward.
AhavaCohen en-N, he-4 Wikidata in bibliographical contexts -- LOD, FRBR/LRM, authority records; Wikidata as a platform to bridge between academic libraries, public libraries, and digital humanities; multilingualism; Judiaca in Wikidata Wikidata tools, leading large WD projects, OpenRefine, collaboration with other libraries, volunteers and students; multilingual crowdsourcing, roundtripping data, decolonizing data. ahava.cohen [at] , Twitter & Telegram: @AhavaCohen Looking forward to meeting you soon!
Egon Willighagen nl-N, en-4, de-2, sv-1 Wikidata:WikiProject Chemistry, Scholia, ShEx Scaling up Wikidata Twitter: @egonwillighagen
Asaf Bartov en-5, he-N, la-3, grc-3, de-1 Wikidata advocacy, Wikidata training, Wikidata + Libraries, Wikidata tools New tools, Wikidata curricula, case studies asaf [at] , Twitter & Telegram: @abartov Wikidata is <3
Vincent Jumeaux en-5, fr-N, es-2 (Q32193244), WikiProject Books, Wikibase + Libraries, SPARQL Wikibase federation, any service using Wikidata, Wikidata tools Mastodon: @jums, Telegram @jumijums
Alicia Fagerving sv-N, en-3 large scale data uploads, GLAM collaboration, bibliographical data, LexData Structured Data on Commons, Wikibase federation, Wikidata Bridge and other things in development alicia.fagerving[at], twitter: @fagerving
Bodhisattwa bn-N, en-4, hi-4 OpenRefine and other power tools, WikiProject Books, Wikisource, anything related to India Data re-use in external websites,

New tools
Mike Peel en-N, es-1, pt-1 Wikidata infoboxes, use of Wikidata in Commons How to make more use of Wikidata in the Wikimedia projects; what else Pi bot can do to help! User talk:Mike Peel
Tracy Hoffmann de-N, en-3 Wikidata:WikiProject Video Games, Wikibase for research Learn about the future development of Wikibase and tools I overlooked in the past Twitter: @nabatz ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ
Martin Poulter en-N, fr-1 Wikidata in GLAM, Wikidata as a training platform, Astrolabe Explorer Future directions for Wikidata in GLAM and for bibliographic data Twitter: @mlpoulter
Lucy Patterson (WMDE) en-N, de-2 Cultural heritage and opengov/civic data in wikidata, wikibase for all, knowledge equity I want to get to know people interested in open cultural heritage and opengov/civic data, and advocacy, especially in Germany :) Email: lucy.patterson(at), Twitter: @lu_cyP
Elly Koepf (WMDE) de-N, en-1,fr-2 cultural heritage and education, Wikidata for trainings, Intros to Wikimedia projects I am looking forward getting to know more about the link between GLAMs and Wikidata (and Commons) and to get to know more handy tools in this field Email: elly.koepf (at), Twitter: @lilienkopf
SGill (WMF) pa-N, en-4, hi-4, ur-4 Wikidata in emerging communities and lexicographical data I would like to learn more about GLAMs and Wikidata. Email: sgill (at)
Shahadusadik en-4, ar-1, dag-N, ak-3, ha-3 Learn how to query datasets using SPARQL, Learn more about new Wikidata tools Learn Wikibase, meet new friends and learn more about Wikidata new projects
  • e:
  • Facebook: Unique S. Sadike Twitter: @Sadike25
Just to learn more and make new friends:)
Elena Aleynikova (WMDE) ru-N, en-4, de-1 Wikidata, Wikibase, GLAM I would like to know your ideas about Wikidata! Email:
EdJoPaTo de-N, en-2 Wikidata, SPARQL, games with Wikidata See other ideas and projects done with Wikidata, meet people, learn new stuff Mastodon or Telegram …Cheese?
Pdehaye fr, en Wikibase, all things gadgets/user scripts, graphical interfaces on top of Wikibase Meet the community, learn how to best promote my projects around Wikibase mapping of federated open communities (Global Open Science Hardware (Q62391989), MyData Global (Q59696014), Virtually Connecting (Q69811336), WikidataCon 2019 (Q42449814) itself...) @podehaye or Telegram Let me tell you about MyData!
(Adrián Estévez)
gl-N, es-N, pt-4, en-3 Lexicographical data; WikiProject Books How can Wikidata work with minorized languages (translations and lexeme imports, specially) Telegram: @Estevoaei

Beat Estermann de-N, en-3, fr-3, ru-2 Sum of All GLAMs / Wiki Loves GLAMs (WikiProject Heritage institutions);

Wiki Loves Performing Arts (Wikidata:WikiProject Performing arts);

Rolling-out "archives at" statements on a large scale (WikiProject Archival description)

In a thematic linked open data ecosystem, which type of data should be managed on Wikidata, and which type of data should be managed in classical triple stores or other Wikibase instances?

How to boost the use of Wikidata and how to tackle related challenges?

Email: beat.estermann at I'm happy to share my experiences in working with GLAM staff members and students on Wikidata projects.
Cheng-Jen Lee zh-N, en-3, ja-3, de-0 Wikidata, research data management, web programming, python Wikidata in GLAM for internal data management Email: cjlee (at)

Twitter: @u10313335

Unuaiga fr-N, en-3 Wikidata lexemes, SPARQL, make other people contribute, Commons, NLP, Occitan language I want to learn more about how lexemes work in Wikidata and how we can use Wikidata to build NLP tools. email: aure.seguier at
Lozana Rossenova bg-N, en-5, de-2 Wikidata and Wikibase for GLAMs, federation, linked data for digital cultural heritage, provenance for digital art (& artefacts) Interested in learning more about: the roadmap for Wikibase development and for more meaningful integration b/w Wikidata and independent Wikibase instances; integration of other ontologies into the Wikidata data model (e.g. PROV-O for digital provenance). Twitter:@LozanaRossenova
Eugene Alvin Villar en-N, tl-N Wikidata related to the Philippines (currently: historical markers, heritage sites, and administrative subdivisions) Very interested in learning tips and tricks to using various tools and seeing how others are applying Wikidata in their respective fields Wikidata user talk page and Telegram (@seav4F) I'm kinda preferring attending more-focused events like WikidataCon over wider conferences like Wikimania. 😊
Maarten Dammers nl-N, en-4, de-1, fr-1 Talk to me
Ranjithsiji en-3, ml-4, hi-2 Wikidata, Wikidata Query Service (SPARQL), Wikibase, Lexemes, WikiProject Education. I want to see how other people use Wikidata in various projects. Interested in Lexeme project and language model of data. Also interested in how wikidata can be used in education.

I also would like to meet Wikidata contributors and share ideas, and perhaps discuss with other language community to begin new collaborative projects.

Telegram: @Ranjithisji also in Twitter: @ranjithsiji Super excited to see you all.
Sandra Fauconnier nl-N, en-4, fr-2, de-1 Structured Data on Commons, everything GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums), and the partnerships infrastructure initiative by Wikimedia Sverige All the ways in which people use Wikidata and Wikibase.

And for GLAM participants: your technical needs when working with Wikimedia projects, as input for this initiative.

Telegram probably works best: @trnstlntk. Otherwise email: sfauconnier at
Charlie Kritschmar (WMDE) de-N, en-4, ru-2, fr-1 Everything Wikidata specifically Wikidata Bridge, list generation through the query service What do you do in Wikidata and how do you work? What impact do you think the Wikidata Bridge will have on the Wikidata-side of things? How do you create lists using od not using the query service? twitter: @thefakeincabell email: Telegram: @Incabell
Lena Denis en-N, pt-BR-4, fr-3, es-419-1 Wikidata in GLAMS, Wikidata Query Service, helping people visualize library data as knowledge graphs I want to learn about platforms I can use to share Wikidata queries with my library patrons, who often request information I can answer with a Wikidata query but which I lack the resources to share coherently or in ways that users can replicate easily Twitter and Telegram: @librarian_lena

User talk:Librarian_lena

Andreas Hörstemeier de-N, en-4, th-1 Geographical entities in Wikidata, data quality, anything related with Thailand See cool data reuses, learn more on tools to help with big edits, connect with people Twitter and Telegram: @maewnam

User talk:Ahoerstemeier

Ewan McAndrew (WiR at University of Edinburgh) en-N Scottish witchcraft data, teaching data science and data literacy in higher education, data quality, anything related with Scotland Chat with people, learn about new user cases and tools, discuss Wikidata in education, bulk uploads Twitter and Telegram: @emcandre

User talk:Stinglehammer

Andrew Lih (WMDC, Wikimedia Strategist at Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC) en-N, zh-3 GLAM contribution, round-tripping data, SDC and GLAM, visualizing Wikidata through knowledge graphs. Principal of Wiki Art Depiction Explorer (WADE) Work with folks on better tools for GLAMs and converting more to try coding via Twitter and Telegram: @fuzheado, User talk:Fuzheado Find me to talk about creating cool knowledge graphs, made via Martin Poulter's method.
Amanda Bittaker (WMF) en-N, es-3, fr-1, ja-1 Structured Data on Commons, integrating WD into other wikis. All the things Telegram: abit

gchat: abittaker@wikimedia

Michael Cieslik de-N, en-2 UN SDGs, sustainability, cities; wikidata in business context, Installation of graph query front end on my own wikidata instance Community, People, WikiData Spirit, Installation of graph query front-end on my own wikidata instance twitter: @mikadata
Vanbasten_23 (WMES) es-N, en-1, fr-1 Wikidata:WikiProject Sports, lighthouses, eswiki, bots, researchs in education, open data WikiData spirit, refine my bot to put descriptions and to order athletes in Wikidata Twitter: @angelobregons, Telegram: @Angelobregon
Marcus Cyron (WMES) de-N, en-2,5 GLAM, Summ of all art, Summ of all archaeological artefacts; Sports; genealogy tree of scientists, especially of classicists and archaeologists in which direction Wikidata will develop Here are some contact possibilities to find: Q15080578 I don't have some 100.000 or million edits on Wikidata, but what I do is with my own hands, not by bots
Stacy Allison-Cassin en-N GLAM (especially libraries), Equity in LOD, Indigenous peoples How to make Wikidata an integral part of library metadata, making equity an intentional part of Wikidata work Twitter: @stacymallison, Telegram: @stacymallison
Ina Blümel (TIB & HS Hannover) de-N, en-3 Wikidata, Wikibase, open GLAM, collaborative and automated enrichment of non-textual data (checkout NOA project results ). Meet me at our Data federation and integration meetup exchange about current research efforts around openGLAM/Wikibase Twitter @inablu, Telegram @inablu, email: ina.bluemel<@>
pigsonthewing (Andy Mabbett) en-N, de-0 Wikidata, Wikipedia, Wikispecies, Wikisource, Wikicite, GLAM, Education Here are some topics I'm interested in discussing Twitter @pigsonthewing
Christian Erlinger (Mfchris84) de-N, nl-3, en-2, Wikidata, Wikicite, Connecting Wikidata+Wikisource, GLAM, Libraries Get some inspiration on the big view of Wikidata, exchange about GLAM, bibliographic or geographical data. Twitter @LibrErli, Telegram @librerli,
Yupik en-N, fi-4, se-3, sms-2, es, ca, sv, a smattering of cy (gogledd only), et, it, ru, mhr, rmf, nb... Indigenous and minority languages, Wikidata, Commons, open GLAM, bypassing Wikipedia, TK labels, decolonizing Wikimedia projects one project at a time, languages, languages, languages finding likeminded souls who want to ensure that the Wikimedia projects are useable for indigenous, minority, and lesser-resourced languages; finding out what other people/chapters/whatnot are doing, what's working and why, what's not and why. Start speaking loudly in Saami; I'll find you for sure. Other than that, drop me a msg at the en-wiki or fi-wiki. I promise that at least 50% of the sweets I bring will be weird. Again.
Karsten Hoffmeyer de-N, en-3, fr-1 Semantic MediaWiki, data curation and gardening How do people use and organise Wikibase and how could Semantic MediaWiki fit in here? my talk page
Rubén Ojeda (WMES) es-N, en-3 Wikidata, Wikipedia, Commons, GLAM, WLM I would like to learn more about Wikidata re-use options, SPARQL, OpenRefine, datasets. Twitter: rubojeda
Peter F. Patel-Schneider en-N Wikidata, ontology, Wikidata Query Service, Wikibase federation, semantic modelling I would like to learn how to build consensus in aspects of Wikidata.
Will Kent en-N Education and Wikidata, Curricular development, bringing new editors to Wikidata, cool projects using Wikidata Meet community members, learn about new projects, and interesting tools Email: First time in Berlin!
Rosalie fr-N, en-3, de-1 Wikidata
Tom Baker en-N, de-5, it-5, fr-4, es-3, pt-3 Wikidata ShEx project, Semantic Web/Linked Open Data, persistent identifiers, Dublin Core, SKOS, AGROVOC Improving quality and consistency of Wikidata with ShEx. Relationship of Wikidata to existing providers of persistent identifiers ("authorities"). Email:
RolandUnger de-N, en-3, ru-1, ar-1 Wikidata, Wikibase, Wikivoyage, WikiCite, SPARQL I want to learn more about Wikidata tools and how other people are using Wikidata. Emailː roland.unger @
Sebastian "blinry" Morr de-N, en-3, es-1, sv-1, a bit of ASL and Toki Pona Wikidata and SPARQL, and all kinds of games that build on top of that! What are current challenges in the context of Wikidata? Which other Wikibase installations exist? How does the Wikidata community look like?
HakanIST tr en Wikidata, SPARQL, sports data (especially association football) External datasets, onwiki usage. Email:
Greta sq-N en-4 it-4 Wikidata, Wikibase, languages Shape expressions Telegram:gretamargott
Jane023 (talk) en-4 nl-4 paintings 3x (WP,:d, Commons)
Sonja Schimmler Wikidata, Semantic Web & Linked Open Data, Research Data Management Learn more about Wikidata & Wikibase Email:

Twitter: @sonjas0815

Thibaud Senalada fr-N en-3 Wikidata, Wikibase, GLAM I would like to learn more about wikibase, SPARQL, ShEx Email:
Elizabeth Seiver en-N, fr-2 WikiCite, open science, science publishing Wikibase Email:

Twitter: @tweetotaler

Dragan Espenschied de-N, en-5 Wikibase, federation, net art How to implement needed extensions for Wikibase Twitter @despens


Kristbaum de-N, en-3 Wikidata external identifiers, Bots, Structured Commons SPARQL, more Tools, Wikibase Federation Telegram: @kristbaum Smart, friendly and witty comment.
Ben Vershbow (BVershbow WMF) e-N, fr-2, ru-1 Wikidata/base + GLAM + Education + knowledge gaps More about Wikidata and language, lexemes Twitter: @subsublibrary


David Fichtmueller de-N, en-4 Wikidata in general, running custom Wikibase instances Setting up other external Wikidata tools for custom Wikibase instances Email:

Twitter: @DaFiConf

Nicolas NALLET fr-N, en-4, de-2 Wikibase prowered wikis How to use Pywikibot to transfert items from Wikidata to another wikibase powered wiki by email
Jan Dittrich (WMDE, UX) de-N, en-4, ru-0.5 User Experience of WD esp.:List generation, Monitoring data changes, Workflows in GLAM. Also: Anthropology of Knowledges Workflows of people on and around Wikidata E-Mail: jan.dittrich AT (work email) If you want to help the Wikidata UX team, sign up here
User:ElanHR en-N, de-3, fr-3 Using Wikidata to structure Wikipedia conventions to improve consistency, coverage, and usability. Also developing tools/templates to make Wikidata more accessible to the average editor. Wikibase, WikiData<->Wikipedia projects (e.g. Wikidata Bridge), ShEx Telegraph: @ElanHR If you're interesting in Categories, Infoboxes, or automated consistency checks I'd love to get in touch! :)
Malte Ostendorff de-N, en-4 Wikidata, Machine Learning Research, Linked Open Data, Open Legal Data Using Wikidata in research projects Twitter: @xyou
Hilary Thorsen en-N, es-3 Integrating library metadata and Wikidata, Wikibase Wikibase, Shape Expressions, data quality, cool tools Telegram: @Hilary_Thorsen
James Heald (Jheald) en-N Commons+Wikidata upload of old maps & engravings. Wikidata/Commons matching of items/categories. UK places + areas + people, most recently Scotland. Library data. SDC. Best practice for processes, esp reconciliation/upload/de-duplication; inspiration; integration; a taste of what's going on and the breadth of what everyone is doing Twitter: @heald_j
Name and/or username Languages Your favorite projects/topics of interest What would you like to learn during the conference? How to contact you during the conference? Other info/comment