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Submission no. 87
Title of the submission

Wikidata & Education: Using Wikidata as an Educational Platform

Author(s) of the submission

Shani Evenstein

E-mail address

shani.even at

Co-hosts at the Round Table
  • Andrew Lih
  • Asaf Bartov
Country of origin


Affiliation, if any (organisation, company etc.)

Wikimedia Israel; WikiProject Medicine User Group; the Wikipedia Library User Group; (forming) Wikipedia & Education User Group.

Type of session
  • Round table (45 min, 2 to 5 persons sharing time to discuss about a topic)
Length of session

45 minutes

Ideal number of attendees

The more, the merrier. :)

EtherPad for documentation

Wikidata facilitates a variety of learning opportunities and "potential applications across all areas of sciences, technology and cultures"(Vrandečić & Krötzsch, 2014). It offers humanity a way to cope with the data and information overload that characterize the digital age, and allows users to interact with data and information in a more meaningful way that was not technically possible before. As one of the largest semantic knowledge bases in existence, Wikidata helps to change the interactions between humans and knowledge, and facilitate new learning opportunities for users across all disciplines. However, celebrating only its 5th anniversary, Wikidata is still a very young project, and the global Wiki community, as well as the academic and research communities, are yet to explore its potential as a learning and teaching tool. What are some of the current uses of WD in the classroom? What are some of the advantages and challenges while trying to implement it into the curriculum? And what are some future ideas to go about this process? The purpose of this Round Table is to explore practical and fun ways of bringing Wikidata into the classroom, while having a global discussion about -

  • Current uses of WD in the classroom
  • The advantages of using WD not only for learning, but also as a way to develop critical thinking and 21st century skills
  • The challenges the Wikidatans and Educators have met so far and how they have been handled
  • Brainstorm about future possibilities of bringing the magic of Wikidata to new generations of learners

The Round Table will host Wikidatans and Educators who are currently using Wikidata as a learning platform, and will encourage a live discussion with participants of this session.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. Why it's worth using WD as a learning platform
  2. What are some practical and fun examples of going about it
  3. Dos & Don'ts
  4. Ideas of new uses of WD in the classroom
  5. Bring together a core group that is interested in Wikidata & Education who can continue collaborating after the conference
Slides or further information
Special requests
  • A computer and a projector
  • Preferably a room with a big table that can hosts an in depth discussion.

Interested attendees[edit]

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