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Pictogram voting info.svg This is an Open submission for WikidataCon 2017 that has not yet been reviewed by the members of the Program Committee.

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How to tackle the Global South systemic bias

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30 minutes

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Most Wikidata editors come from developed countries, and most data is gathered in developed countries. Therefore, it was expectable for Wikidata to contain less data related to the Global South (Q1149903). As time goes by, the gap seems to keep growing, which would be causing a systemic bias on Wikidata. So the first question would be how to measure this gap: is it possible to have an idea of how big the problem is right now? And then, what tools do we currently have to address this problem?

A big issue could be the lower amount of data available for developing countries, in which case Wikidata cannot actually rely on third parties to gather the data. And even if data was existent, it could not be available online or even not digitised, so partnerships would have to be established (assuming data donations are not possible because of lack of funds). A feasible solution would be to engage more editors from developing countries, but what would be the best course of action to achieve that?

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  1. Awareness of an existing problem
  2. Ideas for a plan of action
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