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Pictogram voting info.svg This is an Open submission for WikidataCon 2017 that has not yet been reviewed by the members of the Program Committee.

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Creating a collaborative ontology for Wikidata

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andreasmperu at

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45 min or 1 hour

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More than 5

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Creating a collaborative ontology for Wikidata is not exactly an easy task. External ontologies have provided guidelines, but also conflicting views on modeling or core concept trees, so Wikidata had to create its own ontology. Ontology problems have been constantly discussed in Project Chat and in Wikidata:WikiProject Ontology, so I would like a meeting to discuss how the creation process is going, how Wikidatans have collaborated (or not) to create one or several ontologies, how similar has been the process in Wikidata compared to other collaborative ontologies, and which are the most pressing issues that need to be addressed. Finally, it would be nice to hear as many opinions as possible as to how to move forward.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. An understanding of the current situation.
  2. Agreements about how to move forward.
  3. Ideas to solve some existent problems.
  4. Tasks ahead.
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