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Wiki Loves Open Data aims to support organizations who want to work with Wikidata to produce open-access, freely-reusable data for the public.

We are just starting. Pioneering open data organizations, data engineers, and other Wikidata contributors are welcome!

The open data we want[edit]

Wikidata is able and willing to receive a specific type of open data:

  • Free, and more specifically licensed under CC0, for easy use, reuse, and manipulation without legal hassles.
  • Notable, as in relatable to entities featured or qualifying to be featured in Wikimedia projects — see Wikidata:Notability.
  • Referenced, allowing verification of data and publication of multiple values according to different sources.
  • Queryable, enabling tools to perform publication and maintenance processes as automatically as possible.
  • Editable, like the rest of Wikimedia content, which implies that you must be open to integrate improvements on your data.
  • Maintained, as opposed to dumped once and forgotten — Wikidata is here for a long term relationship.

If the data produced by your organization fits these requirements (or is getting close), let's talk. Even better if you have a tech savvy contact willing to learn about Wikidata and friends.

Wikidata and friends[edit]

Structured data is contributed to Wikidata, "the free knowledge base with 107,717,434 data items that anyone can edit." From there the data is pulled by Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects (usually through templates) as well as external users of the Wikidata API.

A bit of background will help you getting up to speed as a Wikidata contributor:

Contributing datasets[edit]

Wikidata:Data donation offers an introduction to the various ways of contributing datasets to Wikidata.

Known problems[edit]


Organizations interested[edit]

Open data organization Contact person(s) in the organization Wikimedian mediator(s) (if any)
World Bank
Europeana DivadH Wittylama
PACKED vzw - Flemish art collections Barbara Dierickx, Bert Lemmens, Alina Saenko (see project page) Spinster

Adding your organization[edit]

Open data organizations willing to contribute structured data to Wikidata are encouraged to create a subpage and link it from the table above.

These pages will serve a double purpose: project documentation and point of contact for community feedback. Please include this information (drafts are welcome!):

  • Description of the organization and their datasets.
  • (Link to) Instructions to access to their open data.
  • Intent and plans of their contribution to Wikidata and maybe other Wikimedia projects.
  • Description of content provided already available in Wikimedia projects, if any.
  • Contact persons and other contributors involved / interested.

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