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This pages gives an overview of Museum Catharijneconvent paintings in RKDimages that are not in use on a painting item here on Wikidata in the Museum Catharijneconvent (Q1954426) collection. This pages is split up in several sections.

Auto added links[edit]

A maxiumum of 0 links have been added in the previous bot run. Please review. If you find an incorrect link, you have two options:

  1. Move it to the right painting in the same collection.
  2. Set the rank to deprecated so the bot won't add it again.

Links to add on next run[edit]

On this run the bot added a maximum of 0 links. Next up are these links.

Suggestions to add[edit]

These suggestions are based on same collection and inventory number, but not a link to the same RKDartist. This can have several reasons:

  1. It's a (completely) different painting. Just skip it.
  2. Same painting, but Wikidata and RKD don't agree on the creator. Just add the link. You could check and maybe correct the creator.
  3. Same painting, Wikidata and RKD agree on the creator, but the creator doesn't have the RKDartists ID (P650) link. Just add the link. You can also add the missing RKDartists link to the creator.

No matches found[edit]

For the following links, no direct matches were found. This is the puzzle part.

  1. If the id is used on an item not in Museum Catharijneconvent (Q1954426), it will be mentioned here.
  2. If painter has other works in Museum Catharijneconvent (Q1954426), these will be suggested.

  • 48407 - None - Portret van Cornelis Musius (1500-1572) - Portrait of Cornelis Musius (1500-1572)
  • 39127 - None - Portret van Nicolaas Nomius (Noems Enckelhuysen), deken van het Haarlemse kapittel - Portrait of Nicolaas Nomius (Noems Enckelhuysen), deken van het Haarlemse kapittel
  • 142493 - None - Portret van een onbekende man - Portrait of an unknown man
  • 147091 - None - Portret van Johannes Wilhelmus Leonardus Smit (1826-1887) - Portrait of Johannes Wilhelmus Leonardus Smit (1826-1887) -> Paintings by Cornelis Broere that still need a link: Q61935236
  • 108822 - None - De optocht der drie koningen, de aanbidding der herders en de vlucht naar Egypte - None
  • 28356 - None - H. Maagschap - None
  • 22921 - None - Portret van een man - Portrait of a man
  • 1173 - None - De evangelist Mattheüs - St. Matthew writing his Gospel
  • 1175 - None - De evangelist Lucas zijn evangelie schrijvend - Saint Luke writing the gospel
  • 55370 - ABM s163 - Saul staat de harpspelende David naar het leven (1 Samuel 18:10-11) - Saul casts his spear at David when the latter is playing his harp before the king (1 Samuel 18:10-11)
  • 66357 - ABM s163 - David wordt in triomf ingehaald met het hoofd van Goliat (1 Samuel 17:54) - David's triumph: the women of Israel come out to welcome David, singing, dancing, and playing tambourines and lyres; David holding the head of Goliath (1 Samuel 17:54)
  • 120202 - BMH s1806 - De H. Maria Magdalena het kruis omarmend - Saint Mary Magdalene embracing the cross
  • 59992 - BMH s380 - Portret van een man met gouden kettingen - Portrait of a man with gold chains
  • 6981 - OKM s24 - De engel van de verkondiging van Christus' geboorte aan de herders - Angels of the Nativity -> Paintings by Abraham Bloemaert that still need a link: Q61935088


  • RKDimages needing a link: 17
  • Auto added links this run: 0
  • To auto add nex run: 0
  • Number of suggestions: 3
  • No suggestion, but in use on another item: 0
  • No suggestion, but paintings available by the same painter: 2
  • No suggestion and nothing found: 12