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List of image suggestions that could be added to painting items.

  1. Go through the lines until you see a line where the item, the image and the image title seem to match
  2. Open the image, the link and "add" in new tabs
  3. Look if the image on Commons and the image at the link are the same
  4. Click the "do it" link in the 3rd tab
  5. Close the tabs and look for another match

Four different lists are available to work on:

These lists will overlap. In the related changes you can see if someone else already worked on the items linked from this page. This page is updated regularly by a robot.

For items that already have an image, but a higher resolution version is available the higher resolution image suggestions are available. If the images are the same and suggested image is of higher quality, the image should be replaced.


Painting Image Image title Link Add Creator Collection Inventory number