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This page describes how to find paintings on Wikipedia to achieve the sum of all paintings.

People wrote articles on Wikipedia about paintings long before Wikidata existed and (thankfully) continue to do so. On Wikidata we want to add instance of (P31) -> painting (Q3305213) to the connected item so we can find the painting items and expand them. For us to find these painting articles, the article needs to be somewhere in the tree under Category:Paintings (Q6009893).

We use a tool to find all articles in the tree under Category:Paintings (Q6009893) in some Wikipedia. We have two types of queries:

  • Item exists, but doesn't have any statements. You can add the first statement
  • Item doesn't exist yet. You can check if the painting doesn't have an item yet and if that isn't the case, create a new item and add the first statement.

Every item that is not classified will be found this way. This approach won't find items about paintings that have an incorrect instance of (P31) or subclass of (P279) classification. Due to the nature of the category tree, a lot of non painting items will show up. You should classify these too to shorten the list.

Language Wikipedia Code No statements No item
Catalan Wikipedia cawiki Catalan no statements Catalan without item
German Wikipedia dewiki German no statements German without item
English Wikipedia enwiki English no statements English without item
Spanish Wikipedia eswiki Spanish no statements Spanish without item
French Wikipedia frwiki French no statements French without item
Italian Wikipedia itwiki Italian no statements Italian without item
Dutch Wikipedia nlwiki Dutch no statements Dutch without item
Polish Wikipedia plwiki Polish no statements Polish no items
Portuguese Wikipedia ptwiki Portuguese no statements Portuguese no items
Russian Wikipedia ruwiki Russian no statements Russian no items

For paintings (Category:Paintings (Q6009893)) which have an article in the some Wikipedia, but are missing in creator (P170) or collection (P195), see Wikidata:WikiProject sum of all paintings/Wiki monitor