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image Name Bio sex or gender given name family name date of birth place of birth Twitter Facebook
Portrait Damien Abad.jpg
Damien Abad French politician male Damien Abad 1980-04-05 Nîmes damienabad damien.abad.9
Caroline Abadie French politician female Caroline Abadie 1976-09-07 Saint-Martin-d'Hères AbadieCaroline caroline.abadie.16
Bérangère Abba.jpg
Bérangère Abba French politician female Bérangère Abba 1976-10-22 Chaumont b_abba
Jean-Félix Acquaviva French politician male Jean-Félix Acquaviva 1973-03-19 Bastia JF_Acquaviva
Damien Adam 02.jpg
Damien Adam French politician male Damien Adam 1989-06-28 Orléans damienadam76
Lénaïck Adam 02.jpg
Lénaïck Adam French politician male Lénaïck Adam 1992-02-19 Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni LenaickADAM
Saïd Ahamada.jpg
Saïd Ahamada French politician male Saïd Ahamada 1972-11-07 Saint-Denis saidahamada saidrachida2017
Éric Alauzet (cropped).jpg
Éric Alauzet French politician male Éric Alauzet 1958-06-07 Nancy ericalauzet
Ramlati Ali French politician female Ramlati Ali 1961-05-28 Pamandzi <no value> drramlatiali
Louis Aliot 2015 02.jpg
Louis Aliot French politician male Louis Aliot 1969-09-04 Toulouse louis_aliot louisaliot.officiel
Aude Amadou French politician female Aude Amadou 1980-02-29 Coutances AudeAmadou
Patrice Anato French politician male Patrice Anato 1976-03-14 Lomé patrice_anato
DeputeXIVeLegVeRep-Francois Andre2.jpg
François André French politician male François André 1967-07-19 Pontivy FrancoisAndre35 francoisandredepute
Pieyre-Alexandre Anglade (cropped).jpg
Pieyre-Alexandre Anglade French politician male Pieyre-Alexandre Anglade 1986-11-02 16th arrondissement of Paris PA_Anglade PAAnglade
Emmanuelle Anthoine French politician female Emmanuelle Anthoine 1964-07-02 Saint-Vallier eanthoine26
Alexandra Valetta-Ardisson palais Bourbon 18907.jpg
Alexandra Valetta Ardisson French politician female Alexandra Valetta-Ardisson 1976-06-07 Cannes A_Ardisson Alexandra-Valetta-Ardission-REM-4%C3%A8me-circonscription-Alpes-Maritimes-452977691719373
Jean-Philippe Ardouin.jpg
Jean-Philippe Ardouin French politician male Jean-Philippe Ardouin 1964-03-05 Saintes <no value> jpardouin
Christophe Arend.jpg
Christophe Arend French politician male Christophe Arend 1975-08-12 Forbach christophearend christophearend.ReM
Gabriel Attal 02.jpg
Gabriel Attal French politician male Gabriel Attal 1989-03-16 Clamart GabrielAttal
Julien Aubert député.jpg
Julien Aubert French politician male Julien Aubert 1978-06-11 Marseille julienaubert84 julienaubertvaucluse
Auconie, Sophie-9730.jpg
Sophie Auconie French politician female Sophie Auconie 1963-08-19 Dugny Sophie_Auconie
Clémentine Autain, 2017 (cropped).jpg
Clémentine Autain politician female Clémentine Autain 1973-05-26 Saint-Cloud Clem_Autain
Laetitia avia AN 16441.JPG
Lætitia Avia French politician female Lætitia Avia 1985-10-29 Livry-Gargan LaetitiaAvia
Joël Aviragnet 04.jpg
Joël Aviragnet French politician male Joël Aviragnet 1956-06-16 Encausse-les-Thermes JAviragnet joel.aviragnet
Bruno Nestor Azerot French politician male Bruno Nestor Azerot 1961-07-22 La Trinité BNAzerot
Florian Bachelier 16276 AN.jpg
Florian Bachelier French politician male Florian Bachelier 1979-04-05 Thionville FBACHEL1ER
Delphine Bagarry French politician female Delphine Bagarry 1970-01-09 Lyon DBagarry
Didier baichere.jpg
Didier Baichère French politician male Didier Baichère 1970-08-20 Limoux dbaichere EnmarcheVersailles
Erwan Balanant French politician male Erwan Balanant 1971-02-21 Lorient erwanbalanant
Géraldine Bannier French politician female Géraldine Bannier 1979-11-22 Laval Bannier_G
Frédéric Barbier.jpg
Frédéric Barbier French politician male Frédéric Barbier 1960-08-30 Audincourt Fred_Barbier
Ericka Bareigts French politician female Ericka Bareigts 1967-04-16 Saint-Denis ebareigts erickabareigts974
Jean Noel Barrot AN 16809.JPG
Jean-Noël Barrot French politician male Jean-Noël Barrot 1983-05-14 Paris jnbarrot
Nathalie Bassire French politician female Nathalie Bassire 1968-01-22 Saint-Pierre NathalieBassire nathbassire
Delphine Batho p1370391 (crop).jpg
Delphine Batho French politician female Delphine Batho 1973-03-23 Paris delphinebatho DelphineBatho
Marie-Noëlle Battistel.jpg
Marie-Noëlle Battistel French politician female Marie-Noëlle Battistel 1956-08-20 Grenoble <no value> marienoelle.battistel
Xavier Batut.jpg
Xavier Batut French politician male Xavier Batut 1976-12-26 Créteil XavierBatut xavier.batut10
Valérie Bazin-Malgras.jpg
Valérie Bazin-Malgras French politician female Valérie Bazin-Malgras 1969-10-31 Romilly-sur-Seine VBazinMalgras
Thibault Bazin French politician male Thibault Bazin 1984-10-27 Nancy thibault_bazin
Sophie Beaudouin-Hubière French politician female Sophie Beaudouin-Hubière 1972-11-20 Toulouse BeaudouinSo SophieBeaudouinHubiere
Valérie beauvais 17425.jpg
Valérie Beauvais French politician female Valérie Beauvais 1963-03-08 Nevers valbeauvais
Olivier BECHT.jpg
Olivier Becht French politician male Olivier Becht 1976-04-28 Strasbourg <no value>
Belkhir Belhaddad French politician male Belkhir Belhaddad 1969-07-09 Timgad b_belhaddad
Mounir Belhamiti french politician male Mounir Belhamiti 1985-03-08 Nantes
Huguette Bello.jpg
Huguette Bello French politician from La Réunion female Huguette Bello 1950-08-24 Saint-Pierre HuguetteBello 1514688388804955
Justine Bénin.jpg
Justine Benin French politician female Justine Benin 1975-03-12 Les Abymes Justine_BENIN
Thierry Benoit French politician male Thierry Benoit 1966-09-13 Fougères Th_Benoit35 thierry.benoit.148
Aurore Bergé French politician female Aurore Bergé 1986-11-13 Paris auroreberge Aurore-Berg%C3%A9-39829403685
Groupe France Insoumise - Ugo Bernalicis (cropped).jpg
Ugo Bernalicis French politician male Ugo Bernalicis 1989-09-25 Arras Ugobernalicis ugobernalicis
Philippe Berta 02.jpg
Philippe Berta French geneticist and academic male Philippe Berta 1960-04-11 Besançon PBertaGard
Hervé Berville (cropped).jpg
Hervé Berville French politician male Hervé Berville 1990-01-15 Rwanda herveberville HerveBerville
Grégory Besson-Moreau French politician male Grégory Besson-Moreau 1982-07-07 Brou-sur-Chantereine GBessonMoreau
Barbara Bessot-Ballot French politician female Barbara Bessot-Ballot 1972-04-13 Besançon B_BessotBallot
Gisele Biemouret.jpg
Gisèle Biémouret French politician female Gisèle Biémouret 1952-06-16 Fleurance GiseleBiemouret gisele.biemouret
Bruno Bilde French politician male Bruno Bilde 1976-09-22 Nancy BrunoBilde
Anne Blanc French politician female Anne Blanc 1966-07-20 Rodez AnneBlanc_12
Christophe Blanchet.jpg
Christophe Blanchet French politician male Christophe Blanchet 1973-04-09 Caen christoblanchet christopheblanchet2017
Yves Blein en 2016 à Feyzin.jpg
Yves Blein French politician male Yves Blein 1954-10-12 Lyon yves_blein
Agnès Firmin Le Bodo.jpg
Agnès Firmin-Le Bodo French politician female Agnès Firmin-Le Bodo 1968-11-20 Le Havre agnesfirmin
Gaël Le Bohec.jpg
Gaël Le Bohec French politician male Gaël Le Bohec 1977-11-04 Saint-Brieuc GaelLeBohec LeBohecGael
AN 181118.jpg
Pascal Bois French politician male Pascal Bois 1959-12-03 14th arrondissement of Paris PascalBoisLREM La-République-en-Marche-3ème-circonscription-de-lOise-1765700730123442
Philippe Bolo French politician male Philippe Bolo 1967-03-25 Limoges phbolo philippe.bolo.7
Paris - Marche pour la Vie 2015 - 7.jpg
Jacques Bompard French politician male Jacques Bompard 1943-02-24 Montpellier JacquesBompard
Bruno Bonnell 02.jpg
Bruno Bonnell French businessman male Bruno Bonnell 1958-10-06 Algiers BrunoBonnellOff
Émilie Bonnivard French politician female Émilie Bonnivard 1980-08-02 Chambéry BonnivardE
Aude Bono.jpg
Aude Bono-Vandorme French politician female Aude Bono-Vandorme 1962-08-03 Soissons AudeBono AudeBono2017
Jean-Yves Bony.jpg
Jean-Yves Bony French politician male Jean-Yves Bony 1955-03-11 Aurillac <no value> jeanyves.bony.165
Julien Borowczyk 02.jpg
Julien Borowczyk French politician male Julien Borowczyk 1979-05-02 Montbrison JulienBorowczyk 100017706129942
Éric Bothorel.jpg
Éric Bothorel French politician male Éric Bothorel 1966-10-20 Paimpol ebothorel
Ian Boucard.jpg
Ian Boucard French politician male Ian Boucard 1988-05-05 Belfort IanBoucard Ian-Boucard-L%C3%A9gislatives-2017-1767760516872135
Jean-Claude Bouchet French politician male Jean-Claude Bouchet 1957-05-02 Cavaillon JCBOUCHET
Florent Boudié French politician male Florent Boudié 1973-09-22 Sainte-Foy-la-Grande florent_boudie florentboudie33
Christophe Bouillon (cropped).jpg
Christophe Bouillon French politician male Christophe Bouillon 1969-03-04 Rouen Chris_Bouillon DeputeBouillon
Brigitte Bourguignon.jpg
Brigitte Bourguignon French politician female Brigitte Bourguignon 1959-03-21 Boulogne-sur-Mer BrigBourguignon brigitte.bourguignon.5
Bayrou Bercy 2007-04-18 n29.jpg
Jean-Louis Bourlanges French politician French MEP male Jean-Louis Bourlanges 1946-07-13 Neuilly-sur-Seine JLBourlanges JLBourlanges2017
Pierre-Yves Bournazel French politician male Pierre-Yves Bournazel 1977-08-31 Riom-ès-Montagnes pybournazel
Bertrand Bouyx French politician male Bertrand Bouyx 1970-05-26 Juvisy-sur-Orge BertrandBouyx bertrandbouyx
Pascale Boyer.jpg
Pascale Boyer French politician female Pascale Boyer 1965-09-28 Saint-Mandé pascaleboyer05 Pascale-Boyer-100017284290475
Valérie Boyer.jpg
Valérie Boyer French politician female Valérie Boyer 1962-06-11 Bourges valerieboyer13
Yaël Braun-Pivet 4colonnes 19182.jpg
Yaël Braun-Pivet French politician female Yaël Braun-Pivet 1970-12-07 Nancy YaelBRAUNPIVET yaelBraunPivet
Marine Brenier French politician female Marine Brenier 1986-08-11 Nice marinebrenier marine.brenier
Xavier Breton French politician male Xavier Breton 1962-11-25 Darney bretonxavier
Sylvain Brial French politician male Sylvain Brial 1964-09-16 Sigave
Guy Bricout French politician male Guy Bricout 1944-02-18 Caudry <no value> Guy-Bricout-1101832169837965
Jean-Louis Bricout.jpg
Jean-Louis Bricout French politician male Jean-Louis Bricout 1957-12-27 Busigny jlbricout
Jean-Jacques Bridey avec des habitants de Fresnes.jpg
Jean-Jacques Bridey French politician male Jean-Jacques Bridey 1953-05-07 Nice jjbridey94260
Blandine Brocard French politician female Blandine Brocard 1981-11-03 Strasbourg BBrocard Bbrocard
Bernard Brochand.jpg
Bernard Brochand French politician male Bernard Brochand 1938-06-05 Nice <no value>
Moetai-Charles Brotherson.jpg
Moetai Brotherson French politician male Moetai Brotherson 1969-10-22 Papeete Moetai1
Vincent Bru 03.jpg
Vincent Bru French politician male Vincent Bru 1955-04-29 Bayonne bru_vincent
Anne Brugnera.jpg
Anne Brugnera French politician female Anne Brugnera 1970-11-28 Versailles annebrugnera
Danielle Brulebois French politician female Danielle Brulebois 1947-07-04 Longwy-sur-le-Doubs dbrulebois
Fabrice Brun French politician male Fabrice Brun 1968-04-02 Avignon FabriceBrun FabriceBrunArdeche
Alain Bruneel.jpg
Alain Bruneel member of French National Assembly male Alain Bruneel 1952-07-07 Tourcoing Alain_Bruneel
Anne-France Brunet French politician female Anne-France Brunet 1962-06-12 Saint-Maur-des-Fossés AFBrunet_4403 BrunetAF
Stéphane Buchou 02.jpg
Stéphane Buchou French politician male Stéphane Buchou 1974-03-14 Strasbourg StephaneBuchou
Marie-George Buffet 2010.jpg
Marie-George Buffet French politician female Marie-George Buffet 1949-05-07 Sceaux <no value>
Carole Bureau-Bonnard.jpg
Carole Bureau-Bonnard French politician female Carole Bureau-Bonnard 1965-08-06 La Fère CaroleBBonnard CaroleBureauBonnardOise
Pierre Cabaré French politician male Pierre Cabaré 1957-12-12 Toulouse DeputeCabareP
Céline Calvez French politician female Céline Calvez 1979-07-24 Rennes celinecalvez CelineCalvez
Emilie Cariou.jpg
Émilie Cariou French politician female Émilie Cariou 1971-10-14 Verdun EmilieCariou
Gilles Carrez French politician male Gilles Carrez 1948-08-29 Paris GillesCarrez
Luc Carvounas - 1.jpg
Luc Carvounas French politician male Luc Carvounas 1971-06-08 Charenton-le-Pont luccarvounas
DeputeXIVeLegVeRep-Christophe Castaner.jpg
Christophe Castaner French politician male Christophe Castaner 1966-01-03 Ollioules CCastaner christophe.castaner
Michel Castellani.jpg
Michel Castellani French politician male Michel Castellani 1945-09-28 Bastia Castellani_
Anne laure cattelot image.jpg
Anne-Laure Cattelot French politician female Anne-Laure Cattelot 1988-10-25 Maubeuge ALCattelot
Jacques Cattin.jpg
Jacques Cattin French politician male Jacques Cattin 1958-06-04 Colmar JCattin2017
Lionel causse.jpg
Lionel Causse French politician male Lionel Causse 1971-05-06 Toulouse DeputeCausse
Danièle Cazarian French politician female Danièle Cazarian 1965-08-31 7th arrondissement of Lyon <no value>
Samantha Cazebonne French headmaster and politician female Samantha Cazebonne 1971-08-10 La Rochelle scazebonne scazebonne
Jean-René Cazeneuve French politician male Jean-René Cazeneuve 1958-06-09 Paris jrcazeneuve
Sébastien Cazenove.jpg
Sébastien Cazenove French politician male Sébastien Cazenove 1976-12-28 Perpignan SCazenove sebastienCazenove2017
Anthony Cellier French politician male Anthony Cellier 1975-06-01 Pierrelatte anthonycellier AnthonyCellier2017
Jean-François Cesarini.jpg
Jean-François Cesarini French politician male Jean-François Cesarini 1970-09-30 Avignon JFCesarini
Emilie Chalas.jpg
Emilie Chalas French politician female Émilie Chalas 1977-10-18 Grenoble EmilieCChalas emiliechalasofficiel
Philippe Chalumeau.jpg
Philippe Chalumeau French politician male Philippe Chalumeau 1963-11-08 Rochefort Chalumeau_P EnMarche37
Annie Chapelier.jpg
Annie Chapelier French politician female Annie Chapelier 1967-11-07 Canada chapelierannie
Sylvie Charrière.jpg
Sylvie Charrière French politician female Sylvie Charrière 1961-05-15 Montreuil SylvieCharriere LREMSylvieCharriere
Fannette Charvier.jpg
Fannette Charvier French politician female Fannette Charvier 1984-12-31 Annecy F_Charvier
André Chassaigne à la foire du livre 2010 de Brive la Gaillarde.JPG
André Chassaigne French politician male André Chassaigne 1950-07-02 Clermont-Ferrand AndreChassaigne AnChassaigne
Philippe Chassaing.jpg
Philippe Chassaing French politician male Philippe Chassaing 1972-05-18 Albi ChassaingPh philippe.chassaing.771
Sébastien Chenu.jpg
Sébastien Chenu French politician male Sébastien Chenu 1973-04-13 Beauvais sebchenu
Gérard Cherpion par Claude Truong-Ngoc janvier 2016.jpg
Gérard Cherpion French politician male Gérard Cherpion 1948-03-15 Dombasle-sur-Meurthe GerardCherpion G%C3%A9rard-Cherpion-David-Valence-Ensemble-pour-les-Vosges-1016800655118063
Guillaume Chiche.jpg
Guillaume Chiche French politician male Guillaume Chiche 1986-03-31 Niort GuillaumeChiche
Paul Christophe salle 4 colonnes 18990.jpg
Paul Christophe French politician male Paul Christophe 1971-02-10 Les Sables-d'Olonne christophe_p pol.christophe
Dino Cinieri.jpg
Dino Cinieri French politician male Dino Cinieri 1955-07-09 Firminy <no value>
Éric Ciotti (2).jpg
Éric Ciotti French politician male Éric Ciotti 1965-09-28 Nice ECiotti ECIOTTI
Stéphane Claireaux French politician male Stéphane Claireaux 1964-06-23 Saint Pierre and Miquelon sclaireaux
Mireille Clapot.jpg
Mireille Clapot French politician female Mireille Clapot 1963-10-14 Belley CLAPOTMireille
Jean Michel Clément salle 4 colonnes 19261.jpg
Jean-Michel Clément French politician male Jean-Michel Clément 1954-10-31 Mauprévoir jmclement86
Christine Cloarec 02.jpg
Christine Cloarec personnalité politique française female Christine Cloarec 1964-10-28 Romainville ChrisCloarec ChristineCloarecLREM
Jean-Charles Colas-Roy.jpg
Jean-Charles Colas-Roy French politician male Jean-Charles Colas-Roy 1978-05-02 Montpellier JCColasRoy
Fabienne Colboc French politician female Fabienne Colboc 1971-08-09 Thiais fabiennecolboc FabienneColboc3704
Gilbert Collard - salon du livre de Paris 2010.JPG
Gilbert Collard French politician and lawyer male Gilbert Collard 1948-02-03 Marseille GilbertCollard
Paul-André Colombani.jpg
Paul-André Colombani French politician male Paul-André Colombani 1967-08-17 Bastia pacolombani pac.pinarello
Eric Coquerel en 2017.jpg
Éric Coquerel French politician male Éric Coquerel 1958-12-30 Courbevoie ericcoquerel EricCoquerelPG
Alexis Corbière Jardin 4colonnes.jpg
Alexis Corbière French politician male Alexis Corbière 1968-08-17 Béziers alexiscorbiere
Pierre Cordier French politician male Pierre Cordier 1972-05-27 Charleville-Mézières CORDIERPierre08
François Cormier-Bouligeon 4 colonnes 19224.jpg
François Cormier-Bouligeon French politician male François Cormier-Bouligeon 1972-11-19 Bourges FCBDeputeduCher francoiscormierbouligeon2017
Josiane Corneloup.jpg
Josiane Corneloup French politician female Josiane Corneloup 1959-09-30 Le Creusot <no value> josiane.corneloup
François cornut-gentille 4 colonnes 19207.jpg
François Cornut-Gentille French politician male François Cornut-Gentille 1958-05-22 Saint-Mandé FCornutGentille
Bérangère Couillard.jpg
Bérangère Couillard French politician female Bérangère Couillard 1986-07-24 Rennes BCouillard2017
Charles De Courson.JPG
Charles de Courson French politician male Charles de Courson 1952-04-02 16th arrondissement of Paris C_deCourson
Yolaine de Courson 3.jpg
Yolaine de Courson French politician female Yolaine de Courson 1954-07-14 Neuilly-sur-Seine <no value>
Michèle Crouzet.jpg
Michèle Crouzet French politician female Michèle Crouzet 1967-08-31 Lormes MicheleCrouzet
Jean-Pierre Cubertafon 4colonnes 19192.jpg
Jean-Pierre Cubertafon French politician male Jean-Pierre Cubertafon 1948-02-05 Lanouaille <no value> jeanpierre.cubertafon
Marie-Christine Dalloz French politician female Marie-Christine Dalloz 1958-01-10 Saint-Claude <no value> mariechristine.dalloz
Olivier Damaisin Salel 4 colonnes 19357.jpg
Olivier Damaisin French politician male Olivier Damaisin 1966-08-05 Romans-sur-Isère olivierdam1
Yves Daniel (cropped).jpg
Yves Daniel French politician male Yves Daniel 1954-07-31 Mouais ydaniel_depute Yves.Daniel.legislatives2017
Geneviève Darrieussecq - 2017.jpg
Geneviève Darrieussecq French physician, mayor of Mont-de-Marsan (France) since 2008 female Geneviève Darrieussecq 1956-03-04 Peyrehorade gdarrieussecq genevieve.darrieussecq
Olivier Dassault.jpg
Olivier Dassault French politician male Olivier Dassault 1951-06-01 Boulogne-Billancourt ODassault
Alain David.jpg
Alain David French politician male Alain David 1949-06-02 Libourne 2017alaindavid
Dominique DAVID2.jpg
Dominique David French politician female Dominique David 1963-02-27 Montpellier DominiqueDavid_ DDavid2017
Bernard Deflesselles French politician male Bernard Deflesselles 1953-10-16 Paris BDeflesselles
Typhanie Degois French politician female Typhanie Degois 1993-01-06 Fourmies Typhanie_Degois Typhanie.Degois
Marc Delatte French politician male Marc Delatte 1961-05-24 Soissons MarcDelatte
Rémi Delatte.jpg
Rémi Delatte French politician male Rémi Delatte 1956-06-09 Dijon <no value>
Michel Delpon French politician male Michel Delpon 1949-08-13 Lafitte DelponMichelEM
Stéphane Demilly French politician male Stéphane Demilly 1963-06-26 Albert <no value> St%C3%A9phane-Demilly-1497343097190263
Nicolas Démoulin.jpg
Nicolas Démoulin French politician male Nicolas Démoulin 1979-07-22 Bordeaux DemoulinEM NicolasDemoulinRepubliqueEnMarche
Marguerite Deprez-Audebert.jpg
Marguerite Deprez-Audebert French politician female Marguerite Deprez-Audebert 1952-05-17 Béthune MDeprezAudebert MDeprezAudebert
Béatrice Descamps French politician (1961-) female Béatrice Descamps 1961-04-24 Valenciennes Descamps2017
Vincent Descœur.jpg
Vincent Descœur French politician male Vincent Descœur 1962-12-13 Aurillac VincentDescoeur
Frédéric Descrozaille French politician male Frédéric Descrozaille 1967-04-16 Neuilly-sur-Seine fdescrozaille fdescrozaille2017
Pierre Dharréville French politician male Pierre Dharréville 1975-06-15 Nanterre pdharreville pierre.dharreville
Éric Diard French politician male Éric Diard 1965-07-21 Marseille Ericdiard eric.diard.3
Laëtitia Romeiro Dias French politician female Laëtitia Romeiro Dias 1981-01-15 13th arrondissement of Paris Romeiro1L LaetitiaRomeiroDiasLegislatives
Benjamin DIRX député.png
Benjamin Dirx French politician male Benjamin Dirx 1979-01-25 Villefranche-sur-Saône BenjaminDirx benjamin.dirx.3
Julien Dive.jpg
Julien Dive French politician male Julien Dive 1985-05-21 Saint-Quentin JulienDive AvecJulienDive
Jean-Baptiste Djebbari CDDAT.jpg
Jean-Baptiste Djebbari French politician male Jean-Baptiste Djebbari 1982-02-26 Melun Djebbari_JB
Stéphanie Do French politician female Stéphanie Do 1979-12-20 Ho Chi Minh City DoStephanie_77
Député Loïc DOMBREVAL.png
Loïc Dombreval French politician male Loïc Dombreval 1966-04-16 Boulogne-Billancourt LoicDombreval
Jean-Pierre Door.JPG
Jean-Pierre Door French politician male Jean-Pierre Door 1942-04-01 Sully-sur-Loire doorjean
Jeanine Dubié.jpg
Jeanine Dubié French politician female Jeanine Dubié 1958-01-03 Lourdes <no value>
Jacqueline Dubois.jpg
Jacqueline Dubois French politician female Jacqueline Dubois 1957-05-28 Fréjus Jacqlinedubois jacqueline.dubois.319
Marianne Dubois élysée.png
Marianne Dubois French politician female Marianne Dubois 1957-12-17 Corbeil-Essonnes duboismarianne DuboisMarianne
Portrait de Christelle Dubos.jpg
Christelle Dubos French politician female Christelle Dubos 1976-03-26 Le Coteau duboschristelle duboschristelle
Coralie Dubost French politician female Coralie Dubost 1983-03-04 Montpellier CoDubost CoralieDubostREM
Nicole Dubret Chiratte 18951.jpg
Nicole Dubré-Chirat French politician female Nicole Dubré-Chirat 1951-12-18 Angers NicoleDubre17 nicoledubrechirat
Virginie Duby-Muller.JPG
Virginie Duby-Muller French politician female Virginie Duby-Muller 1979-08-16 Bonneville DubyMuller virginiedubymuller
Audrey Dufeu-Schubert.jpg
Audrey Dufeu-Schubert French politician female Audrey Dufeu-Schubert 1980-06-03 Saint-Nazaire audreydufeu
Jean-Paul Dufrègne 2018.jpg
Jean-Paul Dufrègne French politician male Jean-Paul Dufrègne 1958-03-28 Saint-Menoux JP_Dufregne jpdufregne
Françoise Dumas AN 16806.jpg
Françoise Dumas French politician female Françoise Dumas 1960-04-12 Alès fdumasdeputee
Frédérique Dumas French film producer & politician female Frédérique Dumas 1963-05-18 20th arrondissement of Paris DumasFrederique
DeputeXIVeLegVeRep-Laurence Dumont2.jpg
Laurence Dumont French politician female Laurence Dumont 1958-06-02 Vincennes <no value>
Pierre-Henri Dumont 02.jpg
Pierre-Henri Dumont French politician male Pierre-Henri Dumont 1987-10-07 Grande-Synthe phdumont
Philippe Dunoyer French politician male Philippe Dunoyer 1968-01-11 Nouméa philippedunoyer2017
Nicolas Dupont-Aignan DLR 2009-06-02 n1.jpg
Nicolas Dupont-Aignan French politician male Nicolas Dupont-Aignan
1961-03-07 15th arrondissement of Paris dupontaignan nicolasdupontaignan
Stella Dupont.jpg
Stella Dupont French politician female Stella Dupont 1973-11-03 Angers Stelladupont2
Olivier Dussopt.jpg
Olivier Dussopt French politician male Olivier Dussopt 1978-08-16 Annonay olivierdussopt olivierdussopt
Bruno Duvergé.jpg
Bruno Duvergé French politician male Bruno Duvergé 1957-04-03 Cambrai BrunoDuverge people/Bruno-Duverg%C3%A9/100008520227262
Jean-François Eliaou French politician male Jean-François Eliaou 1956-08-13 Nice JFEliaou
Nathalie Elimas French politician female Nathalie Élimas 1973-06-05 Beauvais avyelimas
Sophie Errante.jpg
Sophie Errante French politician female Sophie Errante 1971-07-22 Nantes SophieErrante SophieErrante
Nadia Essayan.jpg
Nadia Essayan French politician female Nadia Essayan 1957-06-06 Dimbokro NadiaEssayan
Christophe Euzet.jpg
Christophe Euzet French politician male Christophe Euzet 1967-04-02 Perpignan ChristopheEuzet C.Euzet.LREM
Saint-Laurent-Blangy - Congrès fondateur des Patriotes le 18 février 2018 (061).JPG
José Évrard French politician male José Évrard 1945-07-17 Cauchy-à-la-Tour <no value> 100011697845457
Catherine Fabre.jpg
Catherine Fabre French politician female Catherine Fabre 1978-09-19 Toulouse cfabreLREM
Élise Fajgeles.jpg
Élise Fajgeles French politician female Élise Fajgeles 1970-07-06 Sartrouville EliseFajgeles
Olivier Falorni (cropped).jpg
Olivier Falorni French politician male Olivier Falorni 1972-03-27 Rochefort OlivierFalorni olivierfalorni
Michel Fanget (3).jpg
Michel Fanget French politician male Michel Fanget 1950-05-03 Clermont-Ferrand michelfanget michel.fanget.9
Daniel Fasquelle.jpg
Daniel Fasquelle French politician male Daniel Fasquelle 1963-01-16 Saint-Omer DFasquelle DanielFasquelle62
Elsa Faucillon French politician female Elsa Faucillon 1981-08-06 Amiens ElsaFaucillon elsa.faucillon
Valéria Faure-Muntian.jpg
Valéria Faure-Muntian French politician female Valéria Faure-Muntian 1984-09-02 Kiliya V_Faure_Muntian Valeriafauremuntian
Portrait d'Olivier Faure.jpg
Olivier Faure French politician male Olivier Faure 1968-08-18 Grenoble faureolivier olivierfaure77
Jean-Michel Fauvergue.jpg
Jean-Michel Fauvergue French politician male Jean-Michel Fauvergue 1957-01-31 Bages <no value> EnMarcheJeanMichelFauvergue
Yannick FAVENNEC député de la Mayenne.jpg
Yannick Favennec French politician male Yannick Favennec 1958-08-12 Chaudron-en-Mauges yfavennec
Richard Ferrand 2008.jpg
Richard Ferrand French politician male Richard Ferrand 1962-07-01 Rodez RichardFerrand RichardFerrandAN
Jean-Jacques Ferrara French politician male Jean-Jacques Ferrara 1967-06-16 Marseille jjferrarafb forzajeanjacques
Marc Fesneau (2015).jpg
Marc Fesneau French politician male Marc Fesneau 1971-01-11 15th arrondissement of Paris MFesneau REMMarcFesneau
Sandrine Le Feur French politician female Sandrine Le Feur 1991-03-18 Pléguien SandrineLeFeur enmarche29680
Caroline Fiat-2.jpg
Caroline Fiat French politician female Caroline Fiat 1977-01-28 Verdun CarolineFiat54 Caroline-FIAT-1350685361668065
Jean-Marie Fiévet French politician male Jean-Marie Fiévet 1964-06-19 Bressuire JeanMarieFIEVET
Fabien Di Filippo.jpg
Fabien Di Filippo French politician male Fabien Di Filippo 1986-08-23 Sarrebourg FabienDiFilippo
Isabelle Florennes French politician female Isabelle Florennes 1967-08-02 Arras iflorennes92 IFlorennes
Le Foll Toulouse 2012.JPG
Stéphane Le Foll French politician male Stéphane Le Foll 1960-02-03 Le Mans SLeFoll
Photo Philippe FOLLIOT.jpg
Philippe Folliot French politician male Philippe Folliot 1963-07-14 Albi philippefolliot philippe.folliot.14
Emmanuelle Fontaine-Domeizel French politician female Emmanuelle Fontaine-Domeizel 1973-08-28 Manosque <no value> emmanuelle.fontaine.domeizel
Pascale fontenel personne 16394.JPG
Pascale Fontenel-Personne French politician female Pascale Fontenel-Personne 1962-05-26 Le Mans f_personne
Minister of State for Agriculture, Food Processing, Fisheries and Rural Affairs of France, Nicolas Forissier.jpg
Nicolas Forissier French politician male Nicolas Forissier 1961-02-17 Paris N_Forissier
Paula Forteza 02.jpg
Paula Forteza French politician female Paula Forteza 1986-08-08 Paris PaulaForteza PaulaForteza2017
Alexandre Freschi French politician male Alexandre Freschi 1979-05-17 Marmande AVFreschi
Bruno Fuchs French politician male Bruno Fuchs 1959-04-07 Colmar bruno_fuchs
Jean-Luc Fugit.jpg
Jean-Luc Fugit French politician male Jean-Luc Fugit 1969-11-27 Rodez Jean_LucFUGIT
Manif pour tous Paris 2013-01-13 n13.jpg
Marc Le Fur French politician male Marc Le Fur 1956-11-28 Dakar marclefur
Laurent Furst 2.jpg
Laurent Furst French politician male Laurent Furst 1965-05-19 Colmar <no value>
Didier Le Gac.jpg
Didier Le Gac French politician male Didier Le Gac 1965-07-19 Plouarzel
didierlegac didierlegac2017
Olivier gaillard AN 16777.jpg
Olivier Gaillard French politician male Olivier Gaillard 1967-02-28 Nîmes Gaillard2017
Albane Gaillot French politician female Albane Gaillot 1971-07-07 13th arrondissement of Paris AlbaneGaillot
Grégory Galbadon French politician male Grégory Galbadon 1973-01-21 Coutances GregoryGalbadon
Patricia Gallerneau.jpg
Patricia Gallerneau French politician female Patricia Gallerneau 1954-09-09 20th arrondissement of Paris PGallerneau patricia.gallerneau
Portrait de Claude de Ganay.jpg
Claude de Ganay French politician male Claude de Ganay 1953-09-05 Paris Cdganay
Laurent Garcia.jpg
Laurent Garcia French politician male Laurent Garcia 1970-05-31 Paris GarciaLaxou Laurent-Garcia-2017-1159962430725786
Guillaume Garot 2012.jpg
Guillaume Garot French politician male Guillaume Garot 1966-05-29 Laval guillaumegarot
Thomas Gassilloud French politician male Thomas Gassilloud 1981-05-21 Saint-Symphorien-sur-Coise tgassilloud ThomasGassilloud
Jean Jacques Gaultier.gif
Jean-Jacques Gaultier French politician male Jean-Jacques Gaultier 1963-07-13 Épinal JJ_Gaultier Jean-Jacques-Gaultier-1088303261286818
RG fdsea (cropped).jpg
Raphaël Gauvain French politician male Raphaël Gauvain 1973-04-10 14th arrondissement of Paris RaphaelGauvain
Laurence Gayte.jpg
Laurence Gayte French politician female Laurence Gayte 1965-09-25 13th arrondissement of Paris LaurenceGayte laurence.gayte
Gilles Le Gendre French politician male Gilles Le Gendre 1958-05-13 Neuilly-sur-Seine GillesLeGendre
Anne Genetet.jpg
Anne Genetet French physician and politician female Anne Genetet 1963-04-20 Neuilly-sur-Seine AGenetet AnneGenetet2017
Annie Genevard 16665.jpg
Annie Genevard French politician female Annie Genevard 1956-09-07 Audincourt AnnieGenevard
Raphaël Gérard French politcian male Raphaël Gérard 1968-01-11 Cirey-sur-Vezouze RaphaelGerard17 RaphaelGerardLaRepubliqueEnMarche17
Séverine Gipson French politician female Séverine Gipson 1970-12-13 Évreux severine_gipson
Annick Girardin.jpg
Annick Girardin French politician female Annick Girardin 1964-08-03 Saint-Malo AnnickGirardin
Éric Girardin French politician male Éric Girardin 1966-02-12 Sézanne GirardinEric GirardinEricEnMarche
Joël Giraud.jpg
Joël Giraud French politician male Joël Giraud 1959-10-14 Gap JoelGiraud05 JoelGiraud2017
Olga Givernet.jpg
Olga Givernet French politician female Olga Givernet 1981-10-17 Saint-Germain-en-Laye OlgaGivernet olga.givernet
Claude Goasguen, gymnase Japy 2008 02 27 n7.jpg
Claude Goasguen French politician male Claude Goasguen 1945-03-12 Toulon ClaudeGoasguen
Philippe Gomès New Caledonian politician male Philippe Gomès 1958-10-27 Algiers PhilippeGomesCE
Valérie Gomez-Bassac AN.jpg
Valérie Gomez-Bassac French politician female Valérie Gomez-Bassac 1969-07-16 Valenciennes VGB83
Philippe Gosselin 1.JPG
Philippe Gosselin French politician male Philippe Gosselin 1966-10-23 Carentan phgosselin phgosselin
Guillaume Gouffier-Cha 2017.jpg
Guillaume Gouffier-Cha French politician male Guillaume Gouffier-Cha 1986-02-01 Beauvais G_GouffierCha GouffierChaDepute
Perrine Goulet French politician female Perrine Goulet 1978-03-19 Nevers perrinegoulet
Fabien Gouttefarde.jpg
Fabien Gouttefarde French politician male Fabien Gouttefarde 1978-09-27 Versailles FGouttefarde Gouttefarde2017
Carole Grandjean.jpg
Carole Grandjean French politician female Carole Grandjean 1983-05-18 Suresnes CaroleEM54
Florence Granjus.jpg
Florence Granjus French politician female Florence Granjus 1962-05-17 Nanterre fgranjus fgranjus78
Romain Grau French politician male Romain Grau 1974-06-21 Perpignan RomainGrau
Olivia Grégoire 4.jpg
Olivia Grégoire French politician female Olivia Grégoire 1978-09-30 Paris oliviagregoire
Jean-Carles Grelier French politician male Jean-Carles Grelier 1966-03-15 Le Mans JCGrelier jeancarles.grelier
Constance LE GRIP.jpg
Constance Le Grip French politician female Constance Le Grip 1960-11-14 Chatou ConstanceLeGrip
Benjamin Griveaux.jpg
Benjamin Griveaux French politician male Benjamin Griveaux 1977-12-29 Saint-Rémy BGriveaux
Portrait emilie guerel.jpg
Émilie Guerel French politician female Émilie Guerel 1983-12-18 Carpentras eguerelLREM
Stanislas guerini AN 16475.JPG
Stanislas Guerini French politician male Stanislas Guerini 1982-05-14 Paris StanGuerini
M'jid El Guerrab French politician male M'jid El Guerrab 1983-04-25 Aurillac <no value>
Marie Guévenoux French politician female Marie Guévenoux 1976-11-02 Amiens mguevenoux GuevenouxMarie
Claire Javois.jpg
Claire Guion-Firmin French politician female Claire Guion-Firmin 1957-09-06 Saint Martin <no value>
David Habib French politician male David Habib 1961-03-16 Paris DavidDhabib David-Habib-100010948578619
Meyer Habib French Jewish politician male Meyer Habib 1961-04-28 Paris Meyer_Habib avecvousmeyerhabib
Nadia Hai.jpg
Nadia Hai French politician female Nadia Hai 1980-03-08 Trappes NadiaHAI78
Sarah El Haïry French politician female Sarah El Haïry 1989-03-16 Romorantin-Lanthenay sarahelhairy elhairy.sarah
Véronique Hammerer 2.jpg
Véronique Hammerer French politician female Véronique Hammerer 1968-11-04 Dax hammerer2017
Brahim Hammouche 02.jpg
Brahim Hammouche French politician male Brahim Hammouche 1971-05-17 Semaoune BHammouche5708 hammouche2017
Yannick Haury French politician male Yannick Haury 1954-06-12 Nantes YHaury44
Christine Hennion 21062017.jpg
Christine Hennion French politician female Christine Hennion 1955-08-23 Roubaix Ch_Hennion ChristineHennion2017
Pierre Henriet French politician male Pierre Henriet 1991-11-26 Fontenay-le-Comte HenrietPierre HenrietPierre
Michel Herbillon lors de la cérémonie du 8 mai 2010-003.JPG
Michel Herbillon French politician male Michel Herbillon 1951-03-06 Saint-Mandé <no value>
Daniele Hérin 16628.jpg
Danièle Hérin French politician female Danièle Hérin 1947-01-14 Carcassonne Daniele_herin daniele.herin
Antoine Herth French politician male Antoine Herth 1963-02-14 Sélestat antoineherth antoineherth67
Patrick Hetzel French politician male Patrick Hetzel 1964-07-02 Phalsbourg patrickhetzel Hetzel2017
Alexandre Holroyd 16333 AN.jpg
Alexandre Holroyd French politician male Alexandre Holroyd 1987-05-17 Basel alexIholroyd alexandre.holroyd.31
Dimitri Houbron French politician male Dimitri Houbron 1991-02-12 Roubaix DimitriHoub17 dimitri.houbron.17eme.Nord
Sacha Houlié.jpg
Sacha Houlié French politician male Sacha Houlié 1988-10-08 Bressuire Sach_He
Philippe Huppé (cropped).jpg
Philippe Huppé French politician male Philippe Huppé 1968-02-12 Mazamet PhilippeHuppe
Christian Hutin French politician male Christian Hutin 1961-01-18 Lille <no value>
Sébastien Huyghe (photo version 2).jpg
Sébastien Huyghe French politician male Sébastien Huyghe 1969-10-25 Béthune SebastienHuyghe shuyghe.depute
Monique Iborra French politician female Monique Iborra 1945-03-08 El Harrach MoniqueIborra
Cyrille Isaac-Sibille French politician male Cyrille Isaac-Sibille 1958-04-30 6th arrondissement of Lyon CIsaacSibille
Christian Jacob - 29-08-11.jpg
Christian Jacob French politician male Christian Jacob 1959-12-04 Rozay-en-Brie <no value>
Jean-Michel Jacques French politician male Jean-Michel Jacques 1968-02-29 Metz J_M_Jacques
Elodie Jacquier-Laforge .jpg
Élodie Jacquier-Laforge French politician female Élodie Jacquier-Laforge 1978-04-15 Grenoble elodiejala
Caroline Janvier.jpg
Caroline Janvier French politician female Caroline Janvier 1982-03-09 Nantes CarolineJanvier
Yves Jégo en 2016.jpg
Yves Jégo French politician male Yves Jégo 1961-04-17 Besançon yvesjego
Christophe Jerretie 02.jpg
Christophe Jerretie French politician male Christophe Jerretie 1979-08-31 Tulle cjerretie La-Corr%C3%A8ze-En-Marche-avec-Christophe-Jerretie-1667045190271909
François Jolivet.jpg
François Jolivet French politician male François Jolivet 1966-03-21 Châteauroux FJolivet36
Bruno Joncour French politician male Bruno Joncour 1953-11-25 Bizerte BJoncour
Sandrine Josso .jpg
Sandrine Josso French politician female Sandrine Josso 1975-09-19 Guérande sandrinejossoAN SandrineJosso2017
Régis Juanico French politician male Régis Juanico 1972-02-05 Saint-Rémy Juanico regis.juanico
Hubert Julien-Laferrière French economist and politician male Hubert Julien-Laferrière 1966-02-27 Boulogne-Billancourt hub_laferriere hjulienlaferriere
Sébastien Jumel French politician male Sébastien Jumel 1971-12-20 Sainte-Adresse sebastienjumel sebastien.jumel.9
Mansour Kamardine Mayotte politician male Mansour Kamardine 1959-03-23 Sada <no value> MansourKamardine2017
Catherine Kamowski p.jpg
Catherine Kamowski French politician female Catherine Kamowski 1958-04-08 Valenciennes CKamowski3805
Marietta Karamanli French politician female Marietta Karamanli 1964-12-18 Athens karamanli72
Guillaume Kasbarian.jpg
Guillaume Kasbarian French politcian male Guillaume Kasbarian 1987-02-28 Marseille guillaumekasba
Manuéla Kéclard-Mondésir French politician female Q55419812 1971-05-06 Le Lamentin
Stéphanie Kerbarh.jpg
Stéphanie Kerbarh French politician female Stéphanie Kerbarh 1975-07-31 Orléans SKerbarh
Yannick Kerlogot French politician male Yannick Kerlogot 1970-05-12 Saint-Brieuc ykerlogot
Loïc Kervran.jpg
Loïc Kervran French politician male Loïc Kervran 1984-02-11 Moulins LoicKervran18
Fadila Khattabi.jpg
Fadila Khattabi French politician female Fadila Khattabi 1962-02-23 Montbéliard KhattabiF FadilaKhattabi2017
Anissa Khedher.jpg
Anissa Khedher French politician female Anissa Khedher 1980-04-01 Vénissieux Anissa_Khedher anissakhedher
Rodrigue Kokouendo.jpg
Rodrigue Kokouendo French politician male Rodrigue Kokouendo 1974-03-08 Bangui RKokouendoJ
Charlotte Letrillard et Jacques Krabal.jpg
Jacques Krabal French politician male Jacques Krabal 1948-04-10 Épieds JKrabal
Sonia Krimi .jpg
Sonia Krimi French politician female Sonia Krimi 1982-12-20 Tunis Sonia_Krimi
Aina Kuric.jpg
Aina Kuric French politician female Aina Kuric 1987-05-15 Creil ainakuric ainakuric2017
Brigitte Kuster.jpg
Brigitte Kuster French politician female Brigitte Kuster 1959-04-12 Saint-Cloud brigitte_kuster
Photo Mustapha Laabid Portrait.jpg
Mustapha Laabid French politician male Mustapha Laabid 1969-03-29 Rennes mustapha_laabid
Daniel Labaronne.jpg
Daniel Labaronne French politician male Daniel Labaronne 1955-07-16 Paris LabaronneDaniel
Bastien Lachaud en 2017.jpg
Bastien Lachaud French politician male Bastien Lachaud 1980-08-05 Vitry-sur-Seine LachaudB
Valérie Lacroute French politician female Valérie Lacroute 1965-10-29 Chalon-sur-Saône VLacroute valerie.lacroute.7
Jean-Christophe Lagarde 2015 (cropped).jpg
Jean-Christophe Lagarde French politician male Jean-Christophe Lagarde 1967-10-24 Châtellerault jclagarde jeanchristophe.lagarde.3
Jean-Luc Lagleize.jpg
Jean-Luc Lagleize French politician male Jean-Luc Lagleize 1958-09-09 Tarbes JeanLucLAGLEIZE
Fabien Lainé French politician male Fabien Lainé 1976-04-15 Arcachon fabien_laine
Amal-Amélia Lakrafi French politician female Amal-Amélia Lakrafi 1978-03-20 Casablanca Amelia_LKF
François-Michel Lambert French politician male François-Michel Lambert 1966-08-24 Havana fm_lambert depute.lambertfm
Jérôme Lambert French politician male Jérôme Lambert 1957-06-07 Vincennes jeromelambert16
Anne christine lang AN 16541.JPG
Anne-Christine Lang French politician female Anne-Christine Lang 1961-08-10 Mont-de-Marsan AChristine_Lang ACLang2017
Mohamed Laqhila 02.jpg
Mohamed Laqhila French politician male Mohamed Laqhila 1959-08-03 Oulmes laqhila
Frédérique Lardet French politician female Frédérique Lardet 1966-09-01 Annecy F_Lardet
Michel LARIVE, en circonscription, juillet 2017.jpg
Michel Larive French politician male Michel Larive 1966-08-22 14th arrondissement of Paris Michel_Larive michel.larive
Guillaume Larrivé French politician male Guillaume Larrivé 1977-01-24 Mulhouse GLarrive guillaumelarrive
Jean-Charles Larsonneur French politician male Jean-Charles Larsonneur 1984-01-24 Brest JCLarsonneur
Jean Lassalle 04.jpg
Jean Lassalle French politician male Jean Lassalle 1955-05-03 Lourdios-Ichère jeanlassalle
Florence Lasserre David.jpg
Florence Lasserre-David French politician female Florence Lasserre-David 1974-06-29 Bayonne <no value>
Philippe Latombe French politician male Philippe Latombe 1975-04-21 14th arrondissement of Paris platombe philippelatombe85
Michel Lauzzana French politician male Michel Lauzzana 1957-03-20 Castelsarrasin lauzzanamichel 2017Michel.Lauzzana
Célia de Lavergne French politician female Célia de Lavergne 1979-11-21 Clamart CdLavergne
Fiona Lazaar.jpg
Fiona Lazaar French politician female Fiona Lazaar 1985-09-19 Val-d’Oise fionalazaar
Marie Lebec.jpg
Marie Lebec French politician female Marie Lebec 1990-12-17 Vernon MarieLebec78
Jean-Claude Leclabart 02.jpg
Jean-Claude Leclabart French politician male Jean-Claude Leclabart 1954-12-04 Lawarde-Mauger-l'Hortoy jcleclabart2017
Sébastien Leclerc French politician male Sébastien Leclerc 1970-03-28 Lisieux Leclerc2017
Charlotte Lecocq French politician female Charlotte Lecocq 1977-07-17 Pointe-à-Pitre lecocqcharlotte
Jean-Paul Lecoq French politician male Jean-Paul Lecoq 1958-10-13 Le Havre <no value> jplecoq76
Vincent LEDOUX.jpg
Vincent Ledoux French politician male Vincent Ledoux 1966-06-21 Watermael-Boitsfort / Watermaal-Bosvoorde VincentLedoux59 vincent.ledoux.313
Martine Leguille-Balloy.jpg
Martine Leguille-Balloy french politician female Martine Leguille-Balloy 1957-09-06 La Guerche-sur-l'Aubois LeguilleBalloy
Christophe Lejeune.jpg
Christophe Lejeune French politician male Christophe Lejeune 1969-03-22 Luxeuil-les-Bains lejeune_ch
Marion Lenne French politician female Marion Lenne 1974-11-20 Gardanne marion_lenne MarionL2017
Maurice Leroy.jpg
Maurice Leroy French politician male Maurice Leroy 1959-02-02 Paris MauriceLeroy
Roland Lescure French politician male Roland Lescure 1966-11-26 11th arrondissement of Paris RolandLescure RolandLescure.RepubliqueEnMarche
Serge Letchimy.jpg
Serge Letchimy French politician male Serge Letchimy 1953-01-13 Gros-Morne SergeLetchimy
Genevieve Levy.jpg
Geneviève Levy French politician female Geneviève Levy 1948-02-24 Marseille <no value> genevievelevy83
Santa Barbara Town Hall Monique Limon.jpg
Monique Limon French politician female Monique Limon 1953-12-05 Paris 3807Limon moniquelimonlegislatives2017
Richard Lioger.jpg
Richard Lioger French politician male Richard Lioger 1957-09-18 10th arrondissement of Paris LiogerRichard
Brigitte Liso French politician female Brigitte Liso 1959-07-29 Lille brigitte_liso brigitteliso
Marie-France Lorho French politician female Marie-France Lorho 1964-12-15 Colmar FranceLorho MarieFranceLorho
David Lorion French politician male David Lorion 1964-10-15 Saint-Pierre David_Lorion davidlorionofficiel
Alexandra Louis.jpg
Alexandra Louis French politician female Alexandra Louis 1983-09-17 Grenoble AlexandraL1303
Véronique Louwagie (cropped).jpg
Véronique Louwagie French politician female Véronique Louwagie 1961-03-20 Buis-sur-Damville VeroLouwagie veronique.louwagie.3
AuDe Luquet SC09344.jpg
Aude Luquet French politician female Aude Luquet 1967-08-18 Melun AudeLuquet2017 AudeLuquet2017
Gilles Lurton perron Assemblée.jpg
Gilles Lurton French politician male Gilles Lurton 1963-07-06 Saint-Malo gilleslurton GillesLurton7
Marie-Ange Magne French politician female Marie-Ange Magne 1987-11-20 Limoges MarieAngeMagne
Lise Magnier photographie officielle de L'Assemblée Nationale 720230.jpg
Lise Magnier french politician female Lise Magnier 1984-12-31 Châlons-en-Champagne lise_magnier
Mounir Mahjoubi.jpg
Mounir Mahjoubi French politician male Mounir Mahjoubi 1984-03-01 12th arrondissement of Paris mounir
Sylvain Maillard French politician male Sylvain Maillard 1974-04-28 Saint-Maur-des-Fossés SylvainMaillard sylvain.maillard.14
Laurence Maillart-Méhaignerie.jpg
Laurence Maillart-Méhaignerie French politician female Laurence Maillart-Méhaignerie 1967-04-05 12th arrondissement of Paris LMaillart LMaillartMehaignerie
Bruno Le Maire par Claude Truong-Ngoc novembre 2014.jpg
Bruno Le Maire French politician male Bruno Le Maire 1969-04-15 Neuilly-sur-Seine BrunoLeMaire blm27
Jacques Maire.jpg
Jacques Maire French politician male Jacques Maire 1962-04-04 Enghien-les-Bains JMaireofficiel JacquesMaireLREM
Josette Manin French politician female Josette Manin 1950-03-16 Le Lamentin <no value> JM.legistive2017
Emmanuel Maquet.jpg
Emmanuel Maquet French politician male Emmanuel Maquet 1968-06-02 Dieppe emmanuel_maquet Maquet2017
Lens - Sochaux (15-09-2018) 37.jpg
Jacqueline Maquet French politician female Jacqueline Maquet 1949-05-13 Estrée-Blanche JMaquetDeputee JacquelineMaquetEnMarche
Jacques Marilossian.jpg
Jacques Marilossian French politician male Jacques Marilossian 1958-07-26 Le Puy-en-Velay jmarilossian marilossian2017
Olivier Marleix French politician male Olivier Marleix 1971-02-06 Boulogne-Billancourt oliviermarleix MarleixOlivier
Franck Marlin 2.jpg
Franck Marlin French politician male Franck Marlin 1964-09-30 Orléans franckmarlin
Sandra Marsaud 16872 quatre colonnes.jpg
Sandra Marsaud French politician female Sandra Marsaud 1974-01-02 Périgueux MARSAUDSandra SandraMarsaudLaRepubliqueEnMarche
Didier Martin French politician male Didier Martin 1956-08-20 Clichy dmartindijon
Denis Masséglia french politician male Denis Masséglia 1981-04-11 Nice denis_Masseglia
Jean-Louis Masson French politician (1954) male Jean-Louis Masson 1954-02-05 La Garde <no value>
Max Mathiasin.jpg
Max Mathiasin French politician male Max Mathiasin 1956-02-24 Deshaies MaxMathiasin
Fabien Matras.jpg
Fabien Matras French politician male Fabien Matras 1984-09-12 Grenoble FabienMatras
Jean-Paul Mattei French politician male Jean-Paul Mattei 1954-03-21 Saarburg jp_mattei
Sereine Mauborgne French politician female Sereine Mauborgne 1972-05-03 Le Mans SereineEnMarche
Stéphane Mazars (cropped).jpg
Stéphane Mazars French politician male Stéphane Mazars 1969-03-25 Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche S_Mazars stephane.mazars.7
Jean François Mbaye.jpg
Jean-François Mbaye French politician male Jean-François Mbaye 1979-01-01 Dakar JFMBAYE
Graziella Melchior French politician female Graziella Melchior 1960-04-06 Brest GrazieMelchior GraziellaMelchior
Melenchon, 6ème République - MG 6513 (cropped).jpg
Jean-Luc Mélenchon French politician and national Minister of Vocational Education from 2000 to 2002 male Jean-Luc Mélenchon 1951-08-19 Tangier JLMelenchon JLMelenchon
Emmanuelle Ménard French politician female Emmanuelle Ménard 1968-08-15 Lille emenard34 menard2017
Ludovic Mendes French politician male Ludovic Mendes 1987-04-11 Borny ludovicMDS
Gérard Menuel French politician male Gérard Menuel 1952-05-07 Jasseines <no value>
Thomas Mesnier 16881.JPG
Thomas Mesnier French politician male Thomas Mesnier 1986-03-04 Barbezieux-Saint-Hilaire MESNIERThomas ThomasMesnierLaRepubliqueEnMarche
Sophie Mette French politician female Sophie Mette 1959-09-13 Montauban SophieMette1 sophiemettemodemlrem
Frédérique Meunier French politician female Frédérique Meunier 1960-12-08 Paris fmeunier19 people/Fr%C3%A9d%C3%A9rique-Meunier/100014963402726
Annaïg Le Meur 02.jpg
Annaïg Le Meur French politician female Annaïg Le Meur 1973-04-29 Brest AnnaigLeMeur_AN annaiglemeur2017
Marjolaine Meynier-Millefert.jpg
Marjolaine Meynier-Millefert French politician female Marjolaine Meynier-Millefert 1982-09-30 Échirolles M_MeynierM MarjolaineMeynierMillefert
Philippe Michel-Kleisbauer French politician male Philippe Michel-Kleisbauer 1969-03-06 Draguignan PhilippeMichelK PhilippeMichelKleisbauer
Monica Michel French politician female Monica Michel 1955-04-16 Victoria MonicaMichel_Of
Thierry Michels 03 (cropped).jpg
Thierry Michels French politician male Thierry Michels 1960-08-27 Strasbourg ThierryMichels
Patrick Mignola.JPG
Patrick Mignola French politician male Patrick Mignola 1971-08-08 Chambéry PatrickMignola patrick.mignola
Bruno Millienne French politician male Bruno Millienne 1959-11-28 Argenteuil BrunoMillienne
Maxime Minot French politician male Maxime Minot 1987-07-20 Clermont MaximeMinot
Patricia Mirallès - Assemblée nationale.jpg
Patricia Mirallès French politician female Patricia Mirallès 1967-08-22 Montpellier MIRALLESMP patricia.miralles34000
Jean-Michel Mis French politician male Jean-Michel Mis 1967-07-28 Saint-Étienne JeanMichelMIS
FIL 2013 - remise des trophées championnat national des bagadoù 2013 - Paul Molac.JPG
Paul Molac politician from France male Paul Molac 1962-05-21 Ploërmel Paul_Molac
Amélie de Montchalin.jpg
Amélie de Montchalin French politician female Amélie de Montchalin 1985-06-19 8th arrondissement of Lyon AdeMontchalin
Sandrine Mörch French politician female Sandrine Mörch 1961-11-13 Issy-les-Moulineaux SandrineMorch
Jean-Baptiste Moreau.jpg
Jean-Baptiste Moreau French politician male Jean-Baptiste Moreau 1977-02-14 Guéret moreaujb23 jeanbaptiste.moreau1
Pierre Morel-A-L'Huissier.jpg
Pierre Morel-A-L'Huissier French politician male Pierre Morel-À-L'Huissier 1958-12-21 Strasbourg morelpierre pierremorelalhuissier
Tour de France de l'&galité femmes-hommes - Adrien Morenas 1 (cropped).jpg
Adrien Morenas French politician male Adrien Morenas 1982-01-01 Carpentras AdrienMorenas adrien.morenas.3
Cendra Motin French politician female Cendra Motin 1975-01-29 Bagnols-sur-Cèze <no value>
Naima Moutchou.jpg
Naïma Moutchou French politician female Naïma Moutchou 1980-11-04 Ermont NaimaMoutchou
Isabelle Muller-Quoy.jpg
Isabelle Muller-Quoy French politician female Isabelle Muller-Quoy 1967-11-08 Agen imullerquoy
Cécile Muschotti.jpg
Cécile Muschotti French politician female Cécile Muschotti 1987-10-30 Toulon CMUSCHOTTI
Sébastien Nadot Commission Affaire Etrangères.png
Sébastien Nadot French historian, writer and politician male Sébastien Nadot 1972-07-08 Fleurance Sebastien_Nadot Sebastien.NADOT.DEPUTE
Christophe Naegelen salle quatre colonnes 19002.jpg
Christophe Naegelen French politician male Christophe Naegelen 1983-12-30 Remiremont c_naegelen christophenaegelen2017
Jean-Philippe Nilor French politician male Jean-Philippe Nilor 1965-05-15 Fort-de-France <no value>
Mickaël Nogal.jpg
Mickaël Nogal French politician male Mickaël Nogal 1990-11-26 Toulouse MickaelNogal deputemickaelnogal
Jérôme Nury 02.jpg
Jérôme Nury French politician male Jérôme Nury 1972-08-25 Valence jeromenury
Delphine O.jpg
Delphine O French politician female Delphine Oh 1985-12-25 Mont-Saint-Aignan odelphine delphineo16e
Claire O'Petit.jpg
Claire O'Petit French politician female Claire O'Petit 1949-10-15 Épinay-sur-Seine claireopetit
Marche des fiertés de Paris 2017-22.jpg
Danièle Obono French politician female Danièle Obono 1980-07-12 Libreville Deputee_Obono dan.obono.5
Valerie Oppelt 16299.jpg
Valérie Oppelt French politician female Valérie Oppelt 1973-12-10 Nantes valerie_oppelt
Matthieu Orphelin (cropped).jpg
Matthieu Orphelin French politician male Matthieu Orphelin 1972-12-03 Saint-Nazaire M_Orphelin
Catherine Osson French politician female Catherine Osson 1974-02-07 Croix OssonCatherine catherine.osson
FIL 2017 - Jimmy Pahun - 8449.jpg
Jimmy Pahun French politician male Jimmy Pahun 1962-05-15 Paris 421jimmypahun jm.pahun
Ludovic Pajot 01.jpg
Ludovic Pajot French politician male Ludovic Pajot 1993-11-18 Beuvry ludovicpajot Ludovic-PAJOT-418363448234329
Xavier Paluszkiewicz (cropped).jpg
Xavier Paluszkiewicz French politician male Xavier Paluszkiewicz 1972-12-13 Villerupt XavierPalu2017
Bertrand Pancher.jpg
Bertrand Pancher French politician male Bertrand Pancher 1958-06-05 Saint-Mihiel BertrandPancher bertrand.pancher
Sophie Panonacle French politician female Sophie Panonacle 1968-12-16 Bordeaux SPanonacle
Mathilde Panot en 2017.jpg
Mathilde Panot French politician female Mathilde Panot 1989-01-15 Tours MathildePanot
Jean-François Parigi.png
Jean-François Parigi French politician male Jean-François Parigi 1960-01-25 Châtenay-Malabry <no value>
Didier Paris.jpg
Didier Paris French politician male Didier Paris 1954-02-14 Paris <no value> DidierParis2017
Zivka Park.jpg
Zivka Park French politician female Zivka Park 1985-01-22 Aubervilliers zivkapark
George Pau-Langevin - Février 2013 (2).jpg
George Pau-Langevin French politician female George Pau-Langevin 1948-10-19 Pointe-à-Pitre Pau_Langevin
Eric Pauget 2.jpg
Éric Pauget French politician male Éric Pauget 1970-08-18 Antibes EricPAUGET1
Nicole Le Peih.jpg
Nicole Le Peih French politician female Nicole Le Peih 1959-09-28 Pontivy NicoleLePeih
Hervé Pellois French politician male Hervé Pellois 1951-04-17 La Chapelle-Blanche HervePellois
Guillaume Peltier député.jpg
Guillaume Peltier French politician male Guillaume Peltier 1976-08-27 Paris G_Peltier
Le Pen, Marine-9586.jpg
Marine Le Pen French lawyer and politician female Marine Le Pen 1968-08-05 Neuilly-sur-Seine MLP_officiel
Alain Péréa député de l'Aude.jpg
Alain Perea French politician male Alain Perea 1971-06-05 Béziers PereaAlain
Patrice Perrot French politician male Patrice Perrot 1964-02-24 Decize <no value> patriceperrotenmarche58
Bernard Perrut.jpg
Bernard Perrut member of the National Assembly of France male Bernard Perrut 1957-01-24 Villefranche-sur-Saône B_Perrut bernardperrut1
Pierre Person French politician male Pierre Person 1989-01-22 Nancy Pierr_Person
Portrait Anne-Laurence Petel.jpg
Anne-Laurence Petel French politician female Anne-Laurence Petel 1970-02-08 Saint-Raphaël al_petel
Frédéric Petit French politician male Frédéric Petit 1961-02-10 Marseille fpetitAN fpetit2017
Maud Petit French politician female Maud Petit 1971-11-15 Paris MaudPetit_AN94
Valérie Petit.jpg
Valérie Petit French politician female Valérie Petit 1976-06-23 Meaux ValeriePetit_EM
Stéphane Peu French politician male Stéphane Peu 1962-07-24 Pau stephane1peu
Bénédicte Peyrol French politician female Bénédicte Peyrol 1991-03-23 Vichy B_Peyrol
Michèle Peyron.jpg
Michèle Peyron French politician female Michèle Peyron 1961-07-22 Nîmes MichelePeyron michele.peyron.79
Damien pichereau 4colonnes 16592.jpg
Damien Pichereau French politician male Damien Pichereau 1988-01-28 Mamers DamienPichereau
Laurent Pietraszewski.jpg
Laurent Pietraszewski French politician male Laurent Pietraszewski 1966-11-19 Saint-Denis pietraszewski_l
Sylvia Pinel par Claude Truong-Ngoc avril 2015.jpg
Sylvia Pinel French politician female Sylvia Pinel 1977-09-28 L'Union SylviaPinel sylvia.pinel
Christine Pirès-Beaune French politician female Christine Pirès-Beaune 1964-10-06 Saint-Georges-de-Mons cpiresbeaune
Béatrice Piron 02.jpg
Béatrice Piron French politician female Béatrice Piron 1965-08-30 Martigues BeatricePiron
Claire Pitollat French politician female Claire Pitollat 1979-09-17 Marseille ClairePitollat
Brune Poirson - Débat France Bleu Vaucluse 10.jpg
Brune Poirson French politician female Brune Poirson 1982-09-01 Washington, D.C. brunepoirson
Bérengère Poletti French politician female Bérengère Poletti 1959-10-14 Biencourt-sur-Orge Poletti_B
Napole Polutele.jpg
Napole Polutele Wallis and Futuna politician male Napole Polutele 1965-06-25 Mua District <no value>
Christophe Di Pompeo 02.jpg
Christophe Di Pompeo French politician male Christophe Di Pompeo 1964-07-15 Hautmont DipompeoChrist christophe.pompeo
Barbara pompili.jpg
Barbara Pompili French politician female Barbara Pompili 1975-06-13 Bois-Bernard barbarapompili pompilibarbara
Jean-Pierre Pont French politician male Jean-Pierre Pont 1950-05-09 Le Portel JeanPierrePont Pont.Jean.Pierre
Jean-François Portarrieu 02.jpg
Jean-François Portarrieu French politician male Jean-François Portarrieu 1965-10-14 Aucamville jfportarrieu
Dominique Potier jardin 4 Colonnes 19297.jpg
Dominique Potier French politician male Dominique Potier 1964-03-17 Toul PotierDominique potierdominique/about
Benoît Potterie 02.jpg
Benoît Potterie French politician male Benoît Potterie 1967-07-23 Calais BenoitPotterie benoit.potterie.792
Jean-Luc Poudroux French politician male Jean-Luc Poudroux 1950-08-29 Saint-Leu
Josy Poueyto.jpg
Josy Poueyto French politician female Josy Poueyto 1954-01-13 4th arrondissement of Paris josypoueyto
Éric Poulliat French politician male Éric Poulliat 1974-07-09 Bordeaux EPoulliat
Photo Natalia wikipédia.jpg
Natalia Pouzyreff French politician female Natalia Pouzyreff 1961-02-18 Limoges npouzyreff78 Natalia-Pouzyreff-2017-215503615623151
Aurélien Pradié - July 2017 - Assemblée Nationale.jpg
Aurélien Pradié French politician male Aurélien Pradié 1986-03-14 Cahors AurelienPradie
Loïc Prud'homme.jpg
Loïc Prud’homme French politician male Loïc Prud'homme 1969-08-19 Bègles Prudhomme2017
DeputeXIVeLegVeRep-Joaquim Pueyo2.jpg
Joaquim Pueyo French politician male Joaquim Pueyo 1950-05-30 Alençon Joaquim_PUEYO PUEYO2017
François Pupponi (cropped).jpg
François Pupponi French politician male François Pupponi 1962-07-31 Nantua fpupponi
Adrien Quatennens.jpg
Adrien Quatennens French politician male Adrien Quatennens 1990-05-23 Lille AQuatennens
Didier Quentin debout.jpg
Didier Quentin French politician male Didier Quentin 1946-12-23 Royan didierquentin
Bruno Questel.jpg
Bruno Questel French politician male Bruno Questel 1966-12-21 Bourg-Achard BQuestel
Valérie Rabault.jpg
Valérie Rabault French economist and politician female Valérie Rabault 1973-04-25 L'Haÿ-les-Roses Valerie_Rabault valerie.rabault
Cathy wiki4.jpg
Cathy Racon-Bouzon French politician female Cathy Racon-Bouzon 1976-11-22 Domont RaconCathy REM13circo5
Alain Ramadier.jpg
Alain Ramadier French politician male Alain Ramadier 1958-07-08 Paris alainramadier alainramadier
Nadia Ramassamy 02.jpg
Nadia Ramassamy French politician female Nadia Ramassamy 1961-05-17 Q3464221 <no value>
Richard RAMOS à l'Assemblée Nationale.jpg
Richard Ramos French politician male Richard Ramos 1968-03-23 Blois <no value>
Pierre-Alain Raphan French politician male Pierre-Alain Raphan 1983-04-06 Choisy-le-Roi p_a_raphan
Jean-Hugues Ratenon.jpg
Jean-Hugues Ratenon French politician male Jean-Hugues Ratenon 1967-06-25 Saint-Benoît JhRatenon ratenon.depute.2017
Isabelle Rauch.jpg
Isabelle Rauch French politician female Isabelle Rauch 1968-08-10 Villers-Semeuse isabelle_rauch
Laure de la Raudière.jpg
Laure de La Raudière French politician female Laure de La Raudière 1965-02-12 Neuilly-sur-Seine lauredlr
Rémy Rebeyrotte.jpg
Rémy Rebeyrotte French politician male Rémy Rebeyrotte 1966-03-08 Autun RRebeyrotte RemyRebeyrotteEnMarche
Robin Reda.jpg
Robin Reda French politician male Robin Reda 1991-05-10 Savigny-sur-Orge robinreda
Frédéric Reiss.jpg
Frédéric Reiss French politician male Frédéric Reiss 1949-11-12 Haguenau <no value>
Jean-Luc Reitzer French politician male Jean-Luc Reitzer 1951-12-29 Altkirch <no value>
Hugues Renson.jpg
Hugues Renson French politician male Hugues Renson 1978-02-11 15th arrondissement of Paris huguesrenson renson2017
Muriel Ressiguier.jpg
Muriel Ressiguier French politician female Muriel Ressiguier 1977-12-21 Châteauroux MRessiguier
Bernard Reynès French politician male Bernard Reynès 1953-10-18 Meknes bernardreynes bernard.reynes
Vote solennel loi mariage 23042013 10.jpg
Franck Riester French politician male Franck Riester 1974-01-03 15th arrondissement of Paris franckriester franck.riester
Cécile Rilhac French politician female Cécile Rilhac 1974-04-21 15th arrondissement of Paris Cecile_Rilhac
Véronique Riotton .tif
Véronique Riotton French politician female Véronique Riotton 1969-11-02 Bonneville riottonenmarche
Stéphanie Rist.jpg
Stéphanie Rist French politician female Stéphanie Rist 1973-08-06 Athis-Mons stephanie_rist StephanieRistEnMarche
Marie-Pierre Rixain 02.jpg
Marie-Pierre Rixain French politician female Marie-Pierre Rixain 1977-01-18 Saint-Cyr-l'École RixainMP
Mireille RObert salles pas perdus 19309.jpg
Mireille Robert French politician female Mireille Robert 1962-03-01 Orthez MRobert_11 MireilleRobertEnMarche
Thierry Robert French politician male Thierry Robert 1977-04-01 Saint-Denis trobert974 thierry.robert.974
Vincent Rolland French politician male Vincent Rolland 1970-02-01 Moûtiers VRolland73 vincent.rolland.9
Xavier Roseren.jpg
Xavier Roseren French politician male Xavier Roseren 1970-01-12 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc roserenxavier
Laurianne Rossi.jpg
Laurianne Rossi French politician female Q30551625 Rossi 1984-05-18 Toulon lauriannerossi laurianne.rossi.5
FIL 2014 - Gwendal Rouillard - 1138.JPG
Gwendal Rouillard French politician male Gwendal Rouillard 1976-04-20 Pontivy G_ROUILLARD gwendal.rouillard1
Cédric Roussel.jpg
Cédric Roussel French politician male Cédric Roussel 1972-10-10 Brest CedricRoussel06 CRoussel06
Fabien Roussel French politician male Fabien Roussel 1969-04-16 Béthune Fabien_Rssl
Sabine Rubin en 2017.jpg
Sabine Rubin French politician female Sabine Rubin 1960-08-13 Paris SabineRubinFI93
Thomas Rudigoz French politician male Thomas Rudigoz 1971-01-11 Lyon trudigoz ThomasRudigoz2017
François Ruffin répondant à un journaliste à Longueau.jpg
François Ruffin French journalist and activist male François Ruffin 1975-10-18 Calais Francois_Ruffin FrancoisRuffin80
François De Rugy - Assemblée Nationale - 20111025-02.jpg
François de Rugy French politician male François de Rugy 1973-12-06 Nantes FdeRugy francoisderugy
Pacôme Rupin French politician male Pacôme Rupin 1985-01-25 Tours PacomeRupin
Martial Saddier.JPG
Martial Saddier French politician male Martial Saddier 1969-10-15 Bonneville MartialSaddier martial.saddier.9
Maina Sage.jpg
Maina Sage French politician female Maina Sage 1975-05-10 Papeete MainaSage MainaSageDeputee
Laurent Saint-Martin French politician male Laurent Saint-Martin 1985-06-22 Toulouse LauStmartin
Laetitia Saint Paul - Saumur.jpg
Laëtitia Saint-Paul French politician female Laëtitia Saint-Paul 1981-01-21 Chartres l_saintpaul
Nicole Sanquer.JPG
Nicole Sanquer French politician female Nicole Sanquer 1972-06-16 Papeete <no value> nicolesanquerfareata
Nathalie Sarles.jpg
Nathalie Sarles French politician female Nathalie Sarles 1962-04-17 Valence NathSarles
Sarnez Mutualite 2008 03 04 n6.jpg
Marielle de Sarnez French politician female Marielle de Sarnez 1951-03-27 8th arrondissement of Paris desarnez
Hervé Saulignac French politician male Hervé Saulignac 1970-11-06 Privas hsaulignac
Jacques savatier AN 6722.jpg
Jacques Savatier French politician male Jacques Savatier 1952-10-23 Fontenay-le-Comte JacquesSavatier
Antoine Savignat French politician male Antoine Savignat 1975-07-22 Cormeilles-en-Parisis antoine7595
Raphaël Schellenberger (cropped).jpg
Raphaël Schellenberger French politician male Raphaël Schellenberger 1990-02-14 Mulhouse rscactu Rapha%C3%ABl-Schellenberger-2017-843461165808658
Jean-Bernard Sempastous.jpg
Jean-Bernard Sempastous French politician male Jean-Bernard Sempastous 1964-08-05 Bagnères-de-Bigorre Sempastoushp
Jean-Marie Sermier French politician male Jean-Marie Sermier 1961-03-05 Nozeroy jmsermier
Olivier Serva.jpg
Olivier Serva French politician male Olivier Serva 1974-06-21 Pointe-à-Pitre olivier_serva
Gabriel Serville.jpg
Gabriel Serville French politician male Gabriel Serville 1959-09-27 Cayenne GabrielServille gabriel.serville
Dominique Da Silva French politician male Dominique da Silva 1968-06-30 L'Isle-Adam DDasilva_LREM
Benoit Simian salle 4 colonnes 19323.jpg
Benoit Simian French politician male Benoit Simian 1983-05-27 Bordeaux BenoitSimian BSmedoc
Thierry Solère (4500081828).jpg
Thierry Solère French politician male Thierry Solère 1971-08-17 Nantes solere92 tsolere
Denis Sommer French politician male Denis Sommer 1957-09-23 Lure DenisSommer denis.sommer
Joachim Son-Forget 16312.jpg
Joachim Son-Forget French radiologist, radiologist and politician male Joachim Son-Forget 1983-04-15 Seoul sonjoachim joachim.forget
Bertrand Sorre.jpg
Bertrand Sorre French politician male Bertrand Sorre 1965-05-08 Cherbourg-Octeville BertrandSorre bertrandsorrecandidat
Portrait Eric Straumann.jpg
Éric Straumann French politician male Éric Straumann 1964-08-17 Colmar ericstraumann
Bruno Studer 03.jpg
Bruno Studer French politician male Bruno Studer 1978-06-18 Colmar BrunoStuder67
Sira Sylla.jpg
Sira Sylla French politician female Sira Sylla 1980-03-14 Rouen sirasylla76
Michèle Tabarot.jpg
Michèle Tabarot French politician female Michèle Tabarot 1962-10-13 Alicante MTabarot
Aurélien Taché French politician male Aurélien Taché 1984-05-26 Niort Aurelientache
Marie Tamarelle-Verhaeghe French politician female Marie Tamarelle-Verhaeghe 1962-09-20 Le Petit-Quevilly mtamverhaeghe
Buon Tan French politician male Buon Tan 1967-03-10 Phnom Penh BuonTAN EnMarcheParis13
Liliane Tanguy.jpg
Liliane Tanguy French politician female Liliane Tanguy 1967-03-12 Pančevo LilianeTanguyAN LilianeTanguyAN
Adrien taquet 16467.jpg
Adrien Taquet French politician male Adrien Taquet 1977-01-03 16th arrondissement of Paris AdrienTaquet
JeanCharles Taugourdeau.jpg
Jean-Charles Taugourdeau French politician male Jean-Charles Taugourdeau 1953-07-17 Dreux JCTaugourdeau JeanCharlesTaugourdeau
Benedicte Taurine palais Bourbon 18972.jpg
Bénédicte Taurine French politician female Bénédicte Taurine 1976-06-18 Lavelanet BenedictTaurine FI09.01
Guy Teissier.png
Guy Teissier French politician male Guy Teissier 1945-04-04 Marseille guyteissier guy.teissier.1
Jennifer de Temmerman 02.jpg
Jennifer de Temmerman French politician female Jennifer de Temmerman 1977-02-16 Valenciennes JenniferDT5915 JenniferDeTemmermanXVNord
Jean Terlier French politician male Jean Terlier 1977-03-02 Toulon JeanTerlier
Stéphane Testé French politician male Stéphane Testé 1968-05-10 Aulnay-sous-Bois StephaneTeste
Vincent Thiébaut par Claude Truong-Ngoc juillet 2017.jpg
Vincent Thiébaut French politician male Vincent Thiébaut 1972-05-23 Toulouse VincentThiebaut
Jean-Louis Thiériot.jpg
Jean-Louis Thiériot French essayist and politician male Jean-Louis Q56599238 1969-06-26 15th arrondissement of Paris
Agnès Thill French politician female Agnès Thill 1964-06-02 14th arrondissement of Paris ThillAgnes
Sabine THILLAYE à l'Assemblée nationale.jpg
Sabine Thillaye French politician female Sabine Thillaye 1959-05-18 Remscheid SabineThillaye SabineThillaye
Valérie Thomas.jpg
Valérie Thomas French politician female Valérie Thomas 1968-01-21 Désertines Vthomas_63
Alice Thourot.jpg
Alice Thourot French politician female Alice Thourot 1985-10-12 Bar-le-Duc AliceThourot
Huguette tiegna (cropped).jpg
Huguette Tiegna French politician female Huguette Tiegna 1982-04-01 Q15152889 HuguetteLREM46 huguette.tiegna.legislatives.lot
Sylvie Tolmont French politician female Sylvie Tolmont 1962-10-09 Le Mans SylvieTolmont
Jean-Louis Touraine.jpg
Jean-Louis Touraine member of the National Assembly of France male Jean-Louis Touraine 1945-10-08 3rd arrondissement of Lyon <no value> jeanlouis.touraine
Alain Tourret à l'Assemblée générale des maires du Calvados.jpg
Alain Tourret French politician male Alain Tourret 1947-12-25 Boppard AlainTourret
Élisabeth Toutut-Picard.jpg
Élisabeth Toutut-Picard French politician female Élisabeth Toutut-Picard 1954-12-17 Blida etoututpicard
Laurence Trastour-Isnart.jpg
Laurence Trastour-Isnart French politician female Laurence Trastour-Isnart 1972-03-06 Cagnes-sur-Mer trastour2017 trastour2017
Stéphane Travert 19059 salle 4 colonnes.jpg
Stéphane Travert French politician male Stéphane Travert 1969-10-12 Carentan StTRAVERT 256137114468103
Nicole Trisse.jpg
Nicole Trisse French politician female Nicole Trisse 1963-06-29 Sarreguemines NicoleTrisse
Stephane Trompille 18881 salle 4 colonnes.jpg
Stéphane Trompille French politician male Stéphane Trompille 1982-12-01 Bourg-en-Bresse S_Trompille stTrompille
Frédérique Tuffnell 03.jpg
Frédérique Tuffnell French politician female Frédérique Tuffnell 1956-06-29 Châtellerault TuffnellLREM17
Nicolas Turquois.jpg
Nicolas Turquois French politician male Nicolas Turquois 1972-07-26 Tours enmarche8604
DeputeXIVeLegVeRep-Cecile Untermaier1.jpg
Cécile Untermaier French politician female Cécile Untermaier 1951-12-28 Belley ceciluntermaier
Hélène Vainqueur-Christophe French politician female Hélène Vainqueur-Christophe 1956-05-06 Trois-Rivières HeleneVainqueur
Isabelle Valentin.jpg
Isabelle Valentin French politician female Isabelle Valentin 1962-01-20 Le Puy-en-Velay isavalentin43
Boris Vallaud.jpg
Boris Vallaud French politician male Boris Vallaud 1975-07-25 Pau BorisVallaud BorisVallaud2017
Valls Schaefer Munich Economic Summit 2015 (cropped).JPG
Manuel Valls French Socialist Party (PS) politician male Manuel Valls 1962-08-13 Barcelona manuelvalls manuelvalls
Laurence Vanceunebrock-Mialon.jpg
Laurence Vanceunebrock-Mialon French politician female Laurence Vanceunebrock-Mialon 1970-05-06 Avion Laudubray LaurenceVanceunebrockMialon
Pierre Vatin French politician male Pierre Vatin 1967-08-21 Saint-Quentin <no value> pierre.vatin
Michèle de Vaucouleurs French politician female Michèle de Vaucouleurs 1964-02-12 Albertville MdeVaucouleurs
Olivier Véran French deputy male Olivier Veran 1980-04-22 Saint-Martin-d'Hères olivierveran
Francis Vercamer French politician male Francis Vercamer 1958-05-10 Lille FVercamer vercamer2017
Patrice Verchère member of the National Assembly of France male Patrice Verchère 1973-12-29 Le Coteau PatriceVerchere patrice.verchere
Photo Marie-Christine Verdier-Jouclas.jpg
Marie-Christine Verdier-Jouclas French politician female Marie-Christine Verdier-Jouclas 1965-03-19 Albi VerdierJouclas
Charles de La Verpillière.jpg
Charles de la Verpillière French politician male Charles de La Verpillière 1954-05-31 Bourg-en-Bresse delaverpilliere
Arnaud Viala French politician male Arnaud Viala 1974-12-04 Millau arnaudviala
Michel Vialay French politician male Michel Vialay 1960-01-06 Paris MichelVialay michel.vialay
Laurence Vichnievsky, 2009 (cropped).jpg
Laurence Vichnievsky French politician female Laurence Vichnievsky 1955-02-05 Boulogne-Billancourt LVichnievsky
Michèle Victory French politician female Michèle Victory 1958-10-28 Bône Department <no value> michele.victory.5
Annie Vidal palais Bourbon 18926.jpg
Annie Vidal French politician female Annie Vidal 1956-09-17 La Bohalle Vidal7602 annie.vidal.169
Jean-Pierre Vigier French politician male Jean-Pierre Vigier 1969-10-22 Brioude J_PVigier 1413258195581316
Philippe Vigier 2015.jpg
Philippe Vigier French politician male Philippe Vigier 1958-02-03 Valence VigierPhilippe vigierphilippe
Patrick Vignal.jpg
Patrick Vignal French politician male Patrick Vignal 1958-01-22 Montpellier PatrickVignal PatrickVignal2017
Corinne Vignon, Députée de Haute-Garonne.jpg
Corinne Vignon French politician female Corinne Vignon 1963-06-10 Agen corinnevignon
Fabrice Le Vigoureux French politician male Fabrice Le Vigoureux 1969-08-27 Caen LeVigoureuxF
Cedric Villani at his office 2015 n3.jpg
Cédric Villani French mathematician male Cédric Villani 1973-10-05 Brive-la-Gaillarde VillaniCedric Cedric.VILLANI.Mathematicien
André Villiers.jpg
André Villiers French politician male André Villiers 1954-12-13 Tharoiseau AVilliers2017
Stephane Viry salle 4 colonnes 18874.jpg
Stéphane Viry French politician male Stéphane Viry 1969-10-14 Épinal ViryStephane
Guillaume Vuilletet French politician male Guillaume Vuilletet 1967-06-20 Beauvais g_vuilletet
Jean-Luc Warsmann par Claude Truong-Ngoc janvier 2016.jpg
Jean-Luc Warsmann French politician male Jean-Luc Warsmann 1965-10-22 Villers-Semeuse warsmann warsmann
Sylvain Waserman par Claude Truong-Ngoc juillet 2017.jpg
Sylvain Waserman French politician male Sylvain Waserman 1967-12-08 7th arrondissement of Paris SylvainWaserman wasermansylvain
Éric Woerth 2.jpg
Éric Woerth French politician male Éric Woerth 1956-01-29 Creil ericwoerth
Martine Wonner par Claude Truong-Ngoc juillet 2017.jpg
Martine Wonner French politician female Martine Wonner 1964-03-27 Hayange MartineWonner
Hubert Wulfranc 02.jpg
Hubert Wulfranc French politician male Hubert Wulfranc 1956-12-17 Rouen <no value> hwulfranc
Hélène Zannier French politician female Hélène Zannier 1972-09-19 Saint-Avold HeleneZannier
JMZ 14 juillet 2017.jpg
Jean-Marc Zulesi French politician male Jean-Marc Zulesi 1988-06-06 Marseille jmzulesi jeanmarc.zulesi
2013-09-17 21-17-14-meeting-nouveau-souffle-pour-belfort.jpg
Michel Zumkeller French politician male Michel Zumkeller 1966-01-21 Belfort MichelZumkeller michel.zumkeller.5
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