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This Wikiproject serves as a working group and process documentation archive for the International (Digital) Dura-Europos Archive (IDEA), a project generously funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and in development at Bard College and Yale University.

In the short term, we have two overarching goals:

  1. to intensively model in Wikidata all artifacts excavated from Dura-Europos that reside in Yale collections (drawn from the Yale University Art Gallery (Q1568434), the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library (Q814779), and the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History (Q122945)).
  2. together with Pleiades, to create an urban gazetteer that definitively geo-spatially locates and disambiguates the major archaeological features at the site of Dura-Europos. It is our vision and hope that the resulting geo-spatial nodes may serve as Linked Open Data (LOD) re-assembly points for objects excavated at the same site but removed to institutions worldwide. IDEA will create Wikidata items for all the Dura-Europos archaeological features established with authoritative Pleiades ids.

In the longer-term, we envision:

  • that any and all of the worldwide institutions whose collections contain artifacts from the site of Dura-Europos consider making their Dura artifacts available either via Wikidata (following the process outlined below, if it's helpful) or an alternate compatible LOD interface. Participation from international partners could achieve what amounts to the digital reassembly and re-contextualization of the artifacts from this unique archaeological resource.

Those who are not directly interested in the archaeological site of Dura-Europos in modern Syria may nonetheless find useful the documentation of our process and modeling decisions with regard to:

  • three-dimensional, multi-phased archaeological space
  • fragmentary archaeological artifacts
  • our adopted solutions to the vexing issue of modeling chronological uncertainty

We invite participation and input from interested parties, and encourage you to sign below as participants.


How do we describe and connect data from Dura-Europos, and why? How can another project connect their data to Dura's? Explore our data-modeling decisions on the tabs below.

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The project is currently working on systematically creating records for all people, buildings/features, artifacts, archival documents, and bibliography associated with the site of Dura-Europos.


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