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WikiProject Source Metadata

WikiCite: creating a shared bibliographic repository for all Wikimedia projects
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Topics co-occurring with Zika virus (Q202864)

The aim of of the WikiProject Source Metadata is:

  • to act as a hub for work in Wikidata involving citation data and bibliographic data.
  • to define a set of properties that can be used by citations, infoboxes, and Wikisource.
  • to map and import all relevant metadata that currently is spread across Commons, Wikipedia, and Wikisource.
  • establish methods to interact with this metadata from different projects.
  • to create a large open bibliographic database within Wikidata.
  • to reveal, build, and maintain community stakeholdership for the inclusion and management of source metadata in wikidata.

There have been various proposals over the years for similar projects (see meta:WikiCite for details). Now that Wikidata is here, we can make it happen.


See this subpage for more details.



Timeline (from 1952 till early 2016) of Wikidata items with publication date (P577) and with main subject (P921) being set to Zika virus (Q202864) and/ or Zika fever (Q8071861), as per this Wikidata list

Here is an example that creates a reference list with the articles

based on the following code:

  • {{#invoke:Cite | reflist | Q14405740 Q13416617 Q20058533 Q15567682 }}

This results in