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Fatameh is a tool to add items to Wikidata about papers with content generated from places like EuropePMC, PubMed and Crossref.



  1. Navigate to the tool and log in using the Wikimedia OAuth
  2. Make a single item from PMID by using the form on the homepage
  3. Alternatively just navigate your browser to to add an item from PMID 12345

Don't worry; if the item already exists a new one won't be made. You'll simply be returned the Wikidata item ID for it.

Also for PMCID[edit]

Follow the simple instructions but instead navigate to

From the Commandline/Scripts/Bots etc..[edit]

You can use the token on the profile page to add from cURL.

However you need to hit a different URL. They are the same but start with '/token/' after 'fatameh'.


You'll also need to set the HTTP Authorization Header to 'Token <my token>'. In cURL you can do it like this:

curl --header "Authorization: Token mysupersecrettoken123456"

Bug Tracking/Code[edit]

Bug Tracking:


More Info[edit]

It was started at the 2017 Vienna Hackathon and improved at Wikicite-2017 just afterwards.

It was written by User:T Arrow and User:Tobias1984 following the excellent Django OAuth tutorial written by Tobias1984

T Arrow is currently maintaining it as part of the WikiFactMine project which needed a way to frictionlessly make items about papers.

It relies on Wikidataintegrator to do all the heavy lifting.