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For a query that produces an image grid of CC0 images used on Wikidata items for which the English Wikipedia's article uses Template:Scholia, see here or here, or here to include public domain images.

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WDQS | PetScan | TABernacle | Find images Recent changes | Query: SELECT DISTINCT ?item WHERE { { SELECT ?item WHERE { SERVICE wikibase:mwapi { bd:serviceParam wikibase:endpoint "" . bd:serviceParam wikibase:api "Generator" . bd:serviceParam mwapi:generator "search" . bd:serviceParam mwapi:gsrsearch "hastemplate:Scholia" . bd:serviceParam mwapi:gsrlimit "max" . ?item wikibase:apiOutputItem mwapi:item . } } LIMIT 300 } ?item wdt:P18 ?image . { SELECT ?image WHERE { wd:Q6938433 wdt:P910 ?category . ?link schema:about ?category; schema:isPartOf <>; schema:name ?title . SERVICE wikibase:mwapi { bd:serviceParam wikibase:api "Generator" . bd:serviceParam wikibase:endpoint "" . bd:serviceParam mwapi:gcmtitle ?title . bd:serviceParam mwapi:generator "categorymembers" . bd:serviceParam mwapi:gcmprop "ids|title|type" . bd:serviceParam mwapi:gcmlimit "max" . # out ?subcat wikibase:apiOutput mwapi:title . ?ns wikibase:apiOutput "@ns" . ?image wikibase:apiOutputItem mwapi:item . } } LIMIT 20 } hint:Prior hint:runFirst "true". } LIMIT 20
image Article description instance of
Narendra Modi 2021 (cropped).jpg
Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India and former Chief minister of Gujarat human
Olympic rings with white rims.svg
2008 Summer Olympics Games of the XXIX Olympiad, held in Beijing in 2008 Summer Olympic Games
GREIDER Carol 2014 - Less vignetting.jpg
Carol Greider American molecular biologist and Nobel laureate human
Wild zebra on Kenya countryside.jpg
ecosystem community of living organisms together with the nonliving components of their environment, interacting as a system biome
type of system
7042 lores-Ebola-Zaire-CDC Photo.jpg
quarantine epidemiological intervention of restriction on the movement of people and goods, which is intended to prevent the spread of infectious disease or pests public health intervention
Erwin neher 2007 lindau.jpg
Erwin Neher German biophysicist human
Palmitic acid shorthand formula.PNG
fatty acid carboxylic acid with a long aliphatic chain, either saturated or unsaturated structural class of chemical compounds
Bison bonasus (Linnaeus 1758).jpg
Bison bonasus species of mammal taxon
Nobel prize medal awarded to Alexander Fleming, 1945. (9660573705).jpg
Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine one of five Nobel Prizes established in 1895 by Alfred Nobel science award
Erdos head budapest fall 1992.jpg
Paul Erdős Hungarian mathematician (1913–1996) human
Flag of the United States.svg
2016 United States presidential election 58th quadrennial U.S. presidential election United States presidential election
Beauty of Oromia.jpg
Oromo people ethnic group in Ethiopia, with several subcategories ethnic group
Drosophila melanogaster - side (aka).jpg
Drosophila melanogaster species of fly taxon
model organism
H. Robert Horvitz.jpg
H. Robert Horvitz American biologist human
Biochar pile.jpg
biochar lightweight black residue, made of carbon and ashes, after pyrolysis of biomass soil conditioner
Eric Lander (cropped).jpg
Eric Lander American academic human
Dengue virus cause of dengue fever taxon
1471-2415-12-28-1Cerebral angiogram.jpg
cerebrovascular disease artery disease that is characterized by dysfunction of the blood vessels supplying the brain
Embryonic foot of mouse.jpg
apoptotic process programmed cell death process biological process
Spanish Coronavirus Technical Management Committee press briefing 20 March 20 04 (cropped).jpg
Fernando Simón Spanish physician human

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