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For a query that produces an image grid of CC0 images used on Wikidata items for which the English Wikipedia's article uses Template:Scholia, see here or here, or here to include public domain images.

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WDQS | PetScan | TABernacle | Find images Recent changes | Query: SELECT DISTINCT ?item WHERE { { SELECT ?item WHERE { SERVICE wikibase:mwapi { bd:serviceParam wikibase:endpoint "" . bd:serviceParam wikibase:api "Generator" . bd:serviceParam mwapi:generator "search" . bd:serviceParam mwapi:gsrsearch "hastemplate:Scholia" . bd:serviceParam mwapi:gsrlimit "max" . ?item wikibase:apiOutputItem mwapi:item . } } LIMIT 300 } ?item wdt:P18 ?image . { SELECT ?image WHERE { wd:Q6938433 wdt:P910 ?category . ?link schema:about ?category; schema:isPartOf <>; schema:name ?title . SERVICE wikibase:mwapi { bd:serviceParam wikibase:api "Generator" . bd:serviceParam wikibase:endpoint "" . bd:serviceParam mwapi:gcmtitle ?title . bd:serviceParam mwapi:generator "categorymembers" . bd:serviceParam mwapi:gcmprop "ids
image Article description instance of
Synapse diag3.png
myasthenia gravis human disease disease
designated intractable/rare diseases
7042 lores-Ebola-Zaire-CDC Photo.jpg
quarantine epidemiological intervention of restriction on the movement of people and goods, which is intended to prevent the spread of infectious disease or pests public health intervention
Marburg virus.jpg
Marburg virus disease Human disease disease
infectious disease
Erwin neher 2007 lindau.jpg
Erwin Neher German biophysicist human
Nobel Prize 2009-Press Conference Physiology or Medicine-16.jpg
Jack Szostak American biologist human
Klebsiella pneumoniae 01.png
Klebsiella pneumoniae species of bacterium taxon
Erdos head budapest fall 1992.jpg
Paul Erdős Hungarian mathematician (1913–1996) human
Drosophila melanogaster - side (aka).jpg
Drosophila melanogaster species of fly taxon
model organism
Peter Piot.jpg
Peter Piot Belgian microbiologist known for research into Ebola and AIDS human
Dr Eric Lander, Director of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.jpg
Eric Lander American academic human
Dengue virus cause of dengue fever taxon
Koç University Turkish private university located in İstanbul private university
research university
Hepatitis E virus.jpg
hepatitis E Human disease disease
infectious disease
notifiable disease
Huda Zoghbi.jpg
Huda Zoghbi Lebanese scientist human
Linnean Medal award made annually to alternately a botanist or a zoologist science award
UM, Minderbroedersberg.jpg
Maastricht University public university in Maastricht university
Coxsackie B4 virus.JPG
Coxsackievirus virus that causes digestive upset and sometimes heart damage organisms known by a particular common name
ACTD004807 - Fulas.jpg
Fula people a large ethnic group in Sahel and West Africa people
ethnic group
Katie Bouman answers questions about the Event Horizon Telescope project.jpg
Katie Bouman American computer scientist human
Łajno końskie 400.jpg
feces solid or semisolid remains of the food that could not be digested, from any animal

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