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Table of wikis[edit]

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Wiki Local link Wikimedia project Language code
Malayalam Wikipedia (Q874555) ഫലകം:Scholia wikipedia ml
Serbian Wikipedia (Q200386) Шаблон:Scholia wikipedia sr
Balinese Wikipedia (Q70885480) Mal:Scholia wikipedia ban
Arabic Wikipedia (Q199700) قالب:سكوليا wikipedia ar
Macedonian Wikipedia (Q842341) Предлошка:Сколија wikipedia mk
Portuguese Wikipedia (Q11921) Predefinição:Scholia wikipedia pt
Persian Wikipedia (Q48952) الگو:Scholia wikipedia fa
English Wikiversity (Q22808092) Template:Scholia wikiversity en
Norwegian Wikipedias (Q191769) Mal:Scholia wikipedia nb
Basque Wikipedia (Q207260) Txantiloi:Scholia wikipedia eu
Vietnamese Wikipedia (Q200180) Bản mẫu:Scholia wikipedia vi
Assamese Wikipedia (Q8559119) সাঁচ:Scholia wikipedia as
Serbo-Croatian Wikipedia (Q58679) Šablon:Scholia wikipedia sh
Min Nan Wikipedia (Q3239456) Pang-bô͘:Scholia wikipedia nan
Japanese Wikipedia (Q177837) Template:Scholia wikipedia ja
South Azerbaijani Wikipedia (Q20789766) شابلون:Scholia wikipedia azb
Thai Wikipedia (Q565074) แม่แบบ:Scholia wikipedia th
Norwegian (Bokmål) Wikipedia (Q109333352) Mal:Scholia wikipedia nb
French Wikipedia (Q8447) Modèle:Scholia wikipedia fr
Sinhala Wikipedia (Q8571954) සැකිල්ල:Scholia wikipedia si
Chinese Wikipedia (Q30239) Template:Scholia wikipedia zh
Tagalog Wikipedia (Q877685) Padron:Scholia wikipedia tl
Tamil Wikipedia (Q844491) வார்ப்புரு:Scholia wikipedia ta
English Wikipedia (Q328) Template:Scholia wikipedia en
Swedish Wikipedia (Q169514) Mall:Scholia wikipedia sv
Cantonese Wikipedia (Q1190962) Template:Scholia wikipedia yue
Greek Wikipedia (Q11918) Πρότυπο:Scholia wikipedia el
Indonesian Wikipedia (Q155214) Templat:Scholia wikipedia id
Danish Wikipedia (Q181163) Skabelon:Scholia wikipedia da
Bosnian Wikipedia (Q1047829) Šablon:Scholia wikipedia bs
Wikidata (Q2013) Template:Scholia wikidata en
Malay Wikipedia (Q845993) Templat:Scholia wikipedia ms
Bengali Wikipedia (Q427715) টেমপ্লেট:স্কলিয়া wikipedia bn
English Wikisource (Q15156406) Template:Scholia wikisource en
Urdu Wikipedia (Q1067878) سانچہ:Scholia wikipedia ur
Sorani Kurdish Wikipedia (Q4115463) داڕێژە:Scholia wikipedia ckb
Santali Wikipedia (Q55950814) ᱪᱷᱟᱸᱪ:Scholia wikipedia sat

∑ 37 items.

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