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This page collects information on items about earthquake (Q7944).

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Article publication date author author name string published in
Das Erdbeben auf Guadeloupe 1843 Illustrirte Zeitung
Das Erdbeben Mendoza’s 1861 Friedrich Gerstäcker Die Gartenlaube
Das Erdbeben an der Westküste von Südamerika im Jahre 1868 1868 Die Gartenlaube
Das Erdbeben in Südamerika 1868 Die Gartenlaube
Ueber Erderschütterungen 1888 Rudolf Falb Die Gartenlaube, 1888
Die Gartenlaube
Interpretation of damage to houses and casualties relied on a precise evaluation of earthquake ground motions in the epicentral region : The 1945 Mikawa earthquake Natural Disaster Science

encyclopedic article[edit]

Article publication date author author name string published in
Zemětřesení Cyrill Purkyně Ottův slovník naučný
ЭСБЕ / Землетрясения Feodor Yulievich Levinson-Lessing Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary. Volume XII, 1894

scholarly article[edit]

Article publication date author author name string published in
Conjectures concerning the Cause, and Observations upon the Phaenomena of Earthquakes; Particularly of That Great Earthquake of the First of November, 1755, Which Proved So Fatal to the City of Lisbon, and Whose Effects Were Felt As Far As Africa, an 1759-01-01 J. Michell Philosophical Transactions
Note on the Earthquake Experienced at Patna. 1866-06-01 R F Hutchinson Indian Medical Gazette
Earthquake Shocks in Sussex 1879 Frederick Ernest Sawyer Sussex Archaeological Collections
Earthquake in Van 1881-07 EMILIUS CLAYTON Nature
THE CACHAR EARTHQUAKE OF 1869 1883-02-23 W M Davis Science
The earthquake of Aug. 10 1884-08-22 L Waldo Science
The Ohio earthquake 1884-09-26 E T Nelson Science
EARTHQUAKE OF JAN. 2, 1885 1885-02-13 C G Rockwood Science
RECENT EARTHQUAKE LITERATURE 1886-09-10 C G Rockwood Science
STUDY OF THE EARTHQUAKE 1886-09-10 E Hayden Science
THE EARTHQUAKE OF AUG. 31, 1886 1886-09-10 Science
Earthquake sounds 1886-10-15 J Moore Science
The Charleston earthquake 1886-10-29 M C Meigs Science
Earthquake weather at sea 1887-03-25 H D Harrower Science
The Sonora earthquake 1887-05-20 G E Goodfellow Science
The Charleston Earthquake 1887-07-15 C E Dutton Science
The Sonora Earthquake 1887-08-12 G E Goodfellow Science
An Earthquake in Pennsylvania 1889-04-05 J E Kershner Science
On the Propagation of Earthquake Motion to Great Distances 1900-01-01 R. D. Oldham Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A
The Derby Earthquakes of March 24th and May 3rd, 1903 1904-02-01 C. Davison Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London
The New Madrid Earthquake 1905-01 Edward M. Shepard The Journal of Geology
The Earthquake at Dharmsala 1905-05-01 Survivor Indian Medical Gazette
THE CALIFORNIA EARTHQUAKE 1906-06-29 Andrew Lawson A O Leuschner Science
Earthquake Shock Considered as an Etilogical Factor in the Production of Mental and Nervous Diseases. 1907-06-01 Robertson JW California State Journal of Medicine
T Inamuru
D S Jordan
THE SANTA BARBARA EARTHQUAKE 1925-07-10 B Willis Science
THE EARTHQUAKE OF JULY 7 1925-07-17 Science
THE EARTHQUAKE OF MAY 22 1927-06-03 Science
AN EARTHQUAKE IN ALASKA 1927-11-04 Science
EARTHQUAKE WARNINGS 1927-11-18 Science
Earthquake Sounds heard at Great Distances 1929-11 ANDREW THOMSON Nature
The California Earthquakes of Nov. 28, 1929, and the Surface Layers of the Earth in California 1931-02-01 Byerly P Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Theory of Elastic Systems Vibrating under Transient Impulse with an Application to Earthquake-Proof Buildings. 1933-02-01 Biot M Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Earthquake Damage and Earthquake Insurance: Studies of a Rational Basis for Earthquake Insurance; also Studies of Engineering Data for Earthquake-Resisting Construction 1933-03 Nature
Subject of Following Letters: Reports by Health Officers of Long Beach and Los Angeles on Medical Service in the Recent Southern California Earthquake. 1933-04-01 Decker CW California and western medicine
The Southern California Earthquake 1933-04-01 California and western medicine
THE LONG BEACH EARTHQUAKE 1933-08-18 H O Wood Science
The Provincetown, Massachusetts, Earthquake of April 23, 1935, and Data for Investigating New England's Seismicity. 1935-06-01 Leet LD Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
B. Gutenberg
Magnitude and Energy of Earthquakes 1936-02-01 Charles Francis Richter Gutenberg B Science
The Earthquake-Horse 1946-07 L. A. Mackay Classical Philology
The Earthquake in Romeo and Juliet 1949-06 Sidney Thomas Modern language notes
A nurse in the Assam earthquake. 1950-09-01 WORKMAN CJ Nursing mirror and midwives journal
Indian Earthquake Observations 1950-10 Nature
Notes on the Assam Earthquake 1951-01 F. KINGDON-WARD Nature
Sound Waves in the Atmosphere Generated by a Small Earthquake 1951-09-01 Hugo Benioff
Maurice Ewing
Press F Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Earthquake near Kamchatka 1952-11 Nature
Psychological reactions in an emergency (earthquake). 1952-11-01 LOEWENBERG RD American Journal of Psychiatry
The Recent Arvin-Tehachapi, Southern California, Earthquake. 1952-12-01 Buwalda JP
Amand PS
Turbidity currents and submarine slumps, and the 1929 Grand Banks [Newfoundland] earthquake 1952-12-01 Bruce Charles Heezen
Maurice Ewing
American Journal of Science
Effect of Arvin-Tehachapi earthquake on springs and streamflow, California 1953 R.C. Briggs
H.C. Troxell
Open-File Report
The Turkish Earthquake of March 18 1953-03 Ernest Tillotson Nature
Earthquake Swarm in the Ionian Sea 1953-08 Ernest Tillotson Nature
Earthquake in Western Cyprus 1953-09 Nature
Earthquake Damage and the Nature of the Ground 1953-10 Nature
Further evidence for a turbidity current following the 1929 Grand banks earthquake 1954-07 Maurice Ewing
Bruce Charles Heezen
D.B. Ericson Deep-sea research
Earthquake near Orléansville, Algeria 1954-09 Nature
On the Lower Limit of the Magnitude of Earthquakes Accompanied by Aftershocks 1955 Toshi Asada
Earthquake Geography 1955-10 Ernest Tillotson Nature
The San Francisco earthquake and fire; public health aspects. 1956-07-01 STILES WW California medicine
New Dimensions in Seismology: Earthquakes are characterized by geographical position, instant of occurrence, depth, and magnitude. 1958-07-01 Charles Francis Richter Science
A Mongolian Earthquake 1959-02 Nature
Yellowstone Park Earthquake 1959-09 Ernest Tillotson Nature
The Agadir Earthquake of February 29 1960-04 Ernest Tillotson Nature
Earthquake Mechanisms 1960-05-20 Perry Byerly Science
The Chilean earthquakes of May 1960. 1960-12-01 DUKE CM Science
Operation "earthquake". 1961-01-01 PORTER EY Medical services journal, Canada
[The nephropathies caused by entombment in the earthquake at Agadir on the 1st of March 1960. Renal histopathological data on the fatal forms. Casablanca experience.] 1961-02-01 MIROUZE J
Maroc medical
The Agadir Earthquake 1961-04 Ernest Tillotson Nature
[Fatal nephropathies due to the Agadir earthquake (renal histopathological data).] 1961-06-01 MIROUZE J
La Presse médicale
Earthquake-resisting Bonds in Brickwork 1962-03 Nature
Earthquake Series in St. Kitts–Nevis 1961–62 1962-09 G. R. ROBSON
The 1962 earthquake in Iran. Some medical and social aspects. 1963-04-01 SAIDI F The New England Journal of Medicine
A missionary doctor in the Tokyo earthquake disaster of 1923. 1963-04-01 KIBBY SV Medical times
Fellowships in Seismology and Earthquake Engineering 1963-06 Nature
THE ENERGY RATE-DEPTH FUNCTION FOR EARTHQUAKES. 1964-01-01 Knopoff L Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Earthquake Source Mechanisms 1964-03-27 Hugo Benioff Science
EARTHQUAKE 1964-05-01 WHIPPLE MR Nursing Outlook
Seismic Air Waves from the Great 1964 Alaskan Earthquake 1964-06 BRUCE A. BOLT Nature
Alaska medicine
Magnetic Disturbances preceding the 1964 Alaska Earthquake 1964-08 GEORGE W. MOORE Nature
FEEDING EVACUEES AFTER THE ALASKAN EARTHQUAKE. 1964-09-01 SNELL AE Journal of the American Dietetic Association
Earth Movements: Alaskan Earthquake, 1964 1964-09-11 M N Christensen
B A Bolt
ALASKA EARTHQUAKE. 1964-10-01 BOWMAN KM American Journal of Psychiatry
Grand Banks Earthquake of 1929 and the ‘Instantaneous’ Cable Failures 1964-11 SUPRIYA SEN GUPTA Nature
The Lancet
Nihon Ishikai zasshi. Journal of the Japan Medical Association
Alaskan Earthquake, 27 March 1964: Vertical Extent of Faulting and Elastic Strain Energy Release 1965-02-19 F Press
D Jackson
Soil and caries. New Zealand earthquake may have provided vital link 1965-03 Eula Bingham Tic
Alaskan Glaciers: Recent Observations in Respect to the Earthquake-Advance Theory. 1965-04-01 Post AS Science
Effects of Earthquakes on Dams and Embankments 1965-06 N. M. Newmark Geotechnique
Tectonic Deformation Associated with the 1964 Alaska Earthquake: The earthquake of 27 March 1964 resulted in observable crustal deformation of unprecedented areal extent. 1965-06-01 George Plafker Science
Aftershocks of the 4 February 1965 Rat Island Earthquake 1965-06-04 J N Jordan
J F Lander
R A Black
Experimental control during an earthquake. 1965-11-01 Sloane HN Jr
Harper LJ
Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior
Earthquake Prediction: ESSA and USGS Vie for Leadership 1966-01-14 L J Carter Science
The Alaskan Earthquake of March 1964 1966-02 Nature
Earthquake prediction 1966-06-17 F Press
W F Brace
Polarity of the Earthquake Source 1966-07 F. F. EVISON Nature
Effects of the earthquake of March 27, 1964, on the communities of Kodiak and nearby islands: Chapter F in The Alaska earthquake, March 27, 1964: effects on communities 1967 George Plafker Reuben Kachadoorian Professional Paper
Hydrologic effects of the earthquake of March 27, 1964, outside Alaska, with sections on Hydroseismograms from the Nunn-Bush Shoe Co. well, Wisconsin, and Alaska earthquake effects on ground water in Iowa: Chapter C in The Alaska earthquakes, March 2 1967 Robert C. Vorhis
Elmer E. Rexin
R.W. Coble
Professional Paper
The Alaska Earthquake of 1964 1967-07 WALLACE R. HANSEN Nature
Japanese Program on Earthquake Prediction: A prediction program now under way in Japan succeeds in long-range forecast of the Matsushiro earthquakes 1967-08-18 T Hagiwara
T Rikitake
Seismic seiches from the March 1964 Alaska earthquake: Chapter E in The Alaska earthquake, March 27, 1964: effects on hydrologic regimen 1968 Arthur F. McGarr Robert C. Vorhis Professional Paper
Effects of the Alaska earthquake of March 27, 1964, on shore processes and beach morphology: Chapter J in The Alaska earthquake, March 27, 1964: regional effects 1968 Kirk W. Stanley Professional Paper
Source parameters of earthquakes and discrimination between earthquakes and nuclear explosions 1968 John B. Davies
Stewart W. Smith
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America
Group Analysis of Variance for Earthquake Location and Magnitude 1968-01 B. A. BOLT
Skopje Earthquake 1968-02 Nature
[Peculiarities of the incidence of myocardial infarct during the Tashkent earthquakes of 1966-1967]. 1968-02-01 Z I Umidova
A A Aripdzhanov
G P Korolev
Z K Timbekova
A G Mukhamedshina
S M Burleva
Koyna Earthquake 1968-03 HARI NARAIN
Interstate travel and school enrollment after Alaska Good Friday earthquake. 1968-03-01 Wilson R
Rader W
Alaska medicine
Extension Failure: an Earthquake Mechanism 1968-04 GEOFFREY R. ROBSON
Seismology: The Kakhk Earthquake 1968-09 Nature
Relation between Earthquake Foreshocks, Stress and Mainshocks 1968-09 EDUARD BERG Nature
Erosion and deposition on a beach raised by the 1964 earthquake, Montague Island, Alaska: Chapter H in The Alaska earthquake, March 27, 1964: regional effects 1969 Mike Kirkby Anne V. Kirkby Professional Paper
Earthquake Research: Aftermath of Alaska 1969-03 Nature
Earthquake Prediction 1969-03 D. DAVIES Nature
On some mental effects of earthquakes. 1969-06-01 Arvidson RM American Psychologist
Homogeneous catalogs of earthquakes. 1969-08-01 Knopoff L
Gardner JK
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Mantle Earthquake Mechanisms and the Sinking of the Lithosphere 1969-09 BRYAN ISACKS
Earthquake prediction and control 1969-12-19 L C Pakiser
J P Eaton
J H Healy
C B Raleigh
The Alaska earthquake, March 27, 1964: lessons and conclusions 1970 Edwin B. Eckel Professional Paper
Effects of the earthquake of March 27, 1964, on the Alaska Railroad: Chapter D in The Alaska earthquake, March 27, 1964: effects on transportation, communications, and utilities 1970 David S. McCulloch
Manuel G. Bonilla
Professional Paper
Earthquake occurrence in the state of washington 1970-01-23 Z F Danescaron Science
Earthquakes and nuclear detonations. 1970-02-01 James N. Brune
Gary W. Boucher
Alan S. Ryall
Charles Francis Richter
Anderson DL
Archambeau CB
Smith SW
Bai LF
Emilian C
Harrisoi CG
Swansoi M
[Panic and hyperrectivity of the mimic mentalis muscles. (Studies of the palmo-mental reflex in persons exposed to the earthquake of Sicily during the panic state)] 1970-07-01 Liggio F Acta neurologica
The Gediz (Turkey) earthquake of March 28, 1970 1970-08-08 N N Ambraseys
J S Tchalenko
[Psychopathological observations in the earthquake area (Ancash, 1970)] 1970-09-01 Infantes V
Veliz J
Morales J
Pardo-Figueroa I
Jeri FR
Revista de neuro-psiquiatria
Tectonic stress and the spectra of seismic shear waves from earthquakes 1970-09-10 James N. Brune Journal of Geophysical Research
After the earthquake. 1970-10-01 D Rennie The Lancet
Earthquake lightning 1970-11-21 D Finkelstein
J Powell
Seismological evidence for a lithospheric normal faulting — the Sanriku earthquake of 1933 1971-04 Hiroo Kanamori Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors
Recollections of an earthquake. 1971-05-01 Fulkerson S Imprint
Relation of sunspot and earthquake activity 1971-08-06 J Gribbin Science
Physical science: discrimination of earthquakes and explosions using short period seismic array data. 1971-09-01 Anglin FM Nature
An earthquake under grass. 1971-10-01 Shipper JC California medicine
Reconnaissance engineering geology of the Haines area, Alaska, with emphasis on evaluation of earthquake and other geologic hazards 1972 Richard Walter Lemke
Lynn A. Yehle
Open-File Report
Earthquake-destroyed hospitals provide makeshift services. 1972-01-01 Phillips DF Hospitals
The destruction of a medical center by earthquake. Initial effects on patients and staff. 1972-02-01 Koegler RR
Hicks SM
California medicine
Earthquake mechanism 1972-04 Keiiti Aki Tectonophysics
Penrose conference on fracture mechanics and earthquake source mechanisms 1972-07-07 P P Dudley
R E Riecker
Catastrophic Damage to Coral Reef Communities by Earthquake 1972-09 D. R. STODDART Nature
Earthquake accord and the test ban 1972-10-06 N W Science
The earthquake in Managua. 1973-01-01 C Vijil The Lancet
Earthquakes and earthquake engineering 1973-03-16 D Tocher Science
Earthquake predictions: breakthrough in theoretical insight? 1973-05-01 Hammond AL Science
Public policy toward environment 1973: a review and appraisal. Earthquakes. 1973-05-01 S.T. Algermissen Kisslinger C Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
Earthquake Prediction: Variation of Seismic Velocities before the San Francisco Earthquake. 1973-05-01 Whitcomb JH
Garmany JD
Anderson DL
Earthquake prediction: a physical basis. 1973-08-01 Scholz CH
Sykes LR
Aggarwal YP
Earthquake waves and the geomagnetic dynamo 1973-08-10 D J Mullan Science
Aftershocks and intensity of the managua earthquake of 23 december 1972 1973-08-10 T Matumoto
G Latham
Birth order and the 1971 Los Angeles earthquake. 1973-10-01 Hoyt MF
Raven BH
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Human Impact of the Managua Earthquake: Transitional societies are peculiarly vulnerable to natural disasters. 1973-12-01 Kates RW
Amaral DJ
Haas JE
Olson RA
Ramos R
Olson R
Point mugu, california, earthquake of 21 february 1973 and its aftershocks. 1973-12-01 Ellsworth WL
Campbell RH
Hill DP
Page RA
Alewine RW 3rd
Hanks TC
Heaton TH
Hileman JA
Kanamori H
Minster B
Whitcomb JH
Post-Earthquake Dilatancy Recovery 1974 Christopher H. Scholz Geology
Matsushiro, Japan, Earthquake Swarm: Confirmation of the Dilatancy-Fluid Diffusion Model 1974 Amos Nur Geology
Elevation Changes Preceding the San Fernando Earthquake of February 9, 1971 1974 Robert O. Castle
John N. Alt
James C. Savage
Emery I. Balazs
Focal process of the great Chilean earthquake May 22, 1960 1974-01 Hiroo Kanamori John J. Cipar Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors
Earthquake disaster in Nicaragua: reflections on the initial management of massive casualties. 1974-01-01 Whittaker R
Fareed D
Green P
Barry P
Borge A
Fletes-Barrios R
Journal of Trauma
Dilatancy: growing acceptance as an earthquake mechanism. 1974-05-01 Hammond AL Science
Earthquake mechanics in the central United States 1974-06-21 R L Street
R B Herrmann
O W Nuttli
Strain release mechanism of the 1906 san francisco earthquake 1974-06-21 W Thatcher Science
Earthquake Prediction: Absence of a Precursive Change in Seismic Velocities before a Tremor of Magnitude 3frac34 1974-09-20 Arthur F. McGarr Science
Earthquakes and the rotation of the Earth. 1974-10-01 Anderson DL Science
Earthquake research in China 1975 anonymous Eos
Processes during the Matsushiro, Japan, Earthquake Swarm as Revealed by Leveling, Gravity, and Spring-Flow Observations 1975 Carl Kisslinger Geology
Earthquake simulation by nuclear explosions 1975-01 Oscar C. Kolar
Norman L. Pruvost
Earthquake prediction: progress in california, hesitation in washington. 1975-02-01 Hammond AL Science
Earthquake prediction: modeling the anomalous vp/vs source region. 1975-02-01 Griggs DT
Jackson DD
Knopoff L
Shreve RL
Source mechanisms and tectonic significance of historical earthquakes along the nankai trough, Japan 1975-06 Masataka Ando Tectonophysics
Earthquake regulations: what do they mean to your hospital? 1975-06-01 Downing SW
Mosesman B
Hospital forum
Earthquakes, active faults, and geothermal areas in the imperial valley, california. 1975-06-01 Hill DP
Mowinckel P
Peake LG
Earthquake Shaking and Damage to Buildings: Recent evidence for severe ground shaking raises questions about the earthquake resistance of structures. 1975-08-01 Page RA
Joyner WB
Blume JA
Earthquake prediction in China 1975-11 David Davies Nature
Determining earthquake recurrence intervals from deformational structures in young lacustrine sediments 1975-12 John D. Sims Tectonophysics
Strain accumulation and release mechanism of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake 1975-12-10 Wayne Thatcher Journal of Geophysical Research
Theory of earthquakes-IV. General implications for earthquake prediction 1976 B. T. Brady Pure and Applied Geophysics
Earthquake in Guatemala: epidemiologic evaluation of the relief effort. 1976-01-01 de Ville de Goyet C
del Cid E
Romero A
Jeannée E
Lechat M
Pan American Journal of Public Health
Earthquake disaster. 1976-01-01 A A Moinfar Annales de la Société belge de médecine tropicale
An experiment in earthquake control at rangely, colorado 1976-03-26 C B Raleigh
J H Healy
J D Bredehoeft
Earthquakes: an evacuation in china, a warning in california. 1976-05-01 Hammond AL Science
Guatemala after the earthquake. 1976-05-01 J Chatterson Canadian Journal of Public Health
Earthquake light 1976-09-17 J J Lloyd Science
Tectonic aspects of the Guatemala earthquake of 4 February 1976 1976-09-24 George Plafker Science
Earthquake light in focus. 1976-10-01 Richter CF Science
Prediction of the Haicheng earthquake 1977 anonymous Eos
Anomalous seismicity prior to rock bursts: implications for earthquake prediction 1977-01 B. T. Brady Pure and Applied Geophysics
Earthquake hazard in New England 1977-01-14 ANTHONY F. SHAKAL
Earthquake-resistant hospitals: some cost considerations. 1977-02-01 Hill RW
Barnecut RJ
The balance of energy in earthquake faulting 1977-02-01 F. A. Dahlen Geophysical Journal International
Living with earthquakes. 1977-03-01 Derek John Blundell Disasters
A physical interpretation of the Haicheng earthquake prediction 1977-05-12 C H Scholz Nature
The earthquake that is underfoot: greater appreciation of endocrine deficiency states. 1977-06-01 Block MB Arizona medicine
Chinese earthquake policy. 1977-06-01 P O'Keefe Disasters
Disease-surveillance and decision-making after the 1976 Guatemala earthquake. 1977-07-01 H C Spencer
C C Campbell
A Romero
O Zeissig
R A Feldman
E R Boostrom
E C Long
The Lancet
Volcanic activity and great earthquakes at convergent plate margins. 1977-08-01 Carr MJ Science
Earthquake injuries related to housing in a guatemalan village 1977-08-12 R I Glass
J J Urrutia
S Sibony
H Smith
B Garcia
L Rizzo
Building and earthquake-proof hospital. 1977-10-01 Zeisel WS Hospital progress
East Anatolian earthquake of 24 November 1976 1977-12 M. NAFI TOKSÖZ
[Birth of a child during an earthquake in the Izu-Oshima area] 1978-02-01 Uchiyama F Josanpu zasshi = The Japanese journal for midwife
Earthquake Prediction and Warning 1978-03 Tsuneji Rikitake Interdisciplinary Science Reviews
A view of the medical and nutritional consequences of the earthquake in Guatemala 1978-03-01 Solomons NW
Butte N
Public Health Reports
The Gediz earthquake: reconstruction between 1970 & 1977. 1978-03-01 A Germen Disasters
Earthquakes: prediction proving elusive. 1978-04-01 Richard A. Kerr Science
Guadalcanal earthquake. 1978-07-01 R H Webber Tropical Doctor
The mechanism and treatment of pelvic fractures encountered in earthquakes. 1978-07-01 Pan TT
Tsung SL
Sun CY
Chinese Medical Journal
Seismological aspects of the Guatemala Earthquake of February 4, 1976 1978-07-10 Hiroo Kanamori Gordon S. Stewart Journal of Geophysical Research
[The earthquake off the Miyagi coast and the activities of public health nurses] 1978-09-01 Oishi Y Kango = Japanese journal of nursing
[Nurses rushed to their patients spontaneously - from the experiences gained through the earthquake off the Miyagi coast] 1978-09-01 Yoshida M Kango = Japanese journal of nursing
Earthquake Swarm Along the San Andreas Fault near Palmdale, Southern California, 1976 to 1977. 1978-09-01 McNally KC
Kanamori H
Pechmann JC
Fuis G
An earthquake swarm on the Chagos?Laccadive Ridge and its tectonic implications 1978-12 Seth Stein Geophysical Journal International
The lice earthquake 1978-12 W A Mitchell
F C Cuny
J Jackson
I Davis
[Measurement and applications of radon-222 in natural water (II). For earthquake prediction (author's transl)] 1978-12-01 Nishimura S Radioisotopes
Tabas-e-golshan (iran) catastrophic earthquake of 16 september 1978; a preliminary field report. 1978-12-01 M Berberian Disasters
Earthquake precursory effects due to pore fluid stabilization of a weakening fault zone 1979 James R. Rice John W. Rudnicki Journal of Geophysical Research
[Automatic measurement of radon in soil gas for earthquake prediction (author's transl)] 1979-01-01 Nishimura S Radioisotopes
The earthquake of March 4, 1977, its recording peculiarities and source parameters 1979-03 N.V. Kondorskaya
O.N. Solovieva
A.I. Zakharova
T.B. Yanovskaya
L.S. Chepkunas
L.N. Pavlova
Disaster in bali caused by earthquake 1976 (a report). 1979-03-01 S L Leimena Disasters
Earthquake prediction: mexican quake shows one way to look for the big ones 1979-03-02 R A Kerr Science
The earthquake spectral anomaly estimate by the MLH to mB relation and its possible application to earthquake prediction 1979-04 A.A. Gusev
A.N. Semenov
L.G. Sinelnikova
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors
Classification of earthquake precursors 1979-05 Tsuneji Rikitake Tectonophysics
Considerations in the earthquake-resistant design of earth and rockfill dams 1979-09 H. Bolton Seed Geotechnique
Earthquakes near Parkfield, California: Comparing the 1934 and 1966 Sequences. 1979-09-01 Bakun WH
McEvilly TV
Earthquake-caused landslides: a major disturbance to tropical forests. 1979-09-01 Garwood NC
Janos DP
Brokaw N
[State of the organ of hearing and equilibrium in persons who experienced the earthquake in Svishtov] 1979-09-01 Brychkov II Zhurnal ushnykh, nosovykh i gorlovykh boleznei = The journal of otology, rhinology, and laryngologie [sic]
Prospects for earthquake prediction wane. 1979-11-01 Richard A. Kerr Science
Radon Anomaly: A Possible Precursor of the 1978 Izu-Oshima-kinkai Earthquake 1980-02-22 H Wakita
Y Nakamura
K Notsu
M Noguchi
T Asada
Earthquake doublets in the Solomon Islands 1980-03 Hiroo Kanamori Thorne Lay Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors
In earthquakes, failure can follow form. 1980-06-01 Arnold C AIA journal. American Institute of Architects
The california earthquake. 1980-06-01 Lawson AC
Leuschner AO
Observations of dilatancy-induced polarization anomalies and earthquake prediction 1980-08 Stuart Crampin
Russ Evans
Balamir Üçer
Mark Doyle
J. Peter Davis
Galia V. Yegorkina
Alistair Miller
Cal. EMs drilling against earthquake day. 1980-12-01 Tennant HL Emergency department news : EDN
Disaster mental health: a pre- and post-earthquake comparison of psychiatric admission rates. 1981-01-01 F L Ahearn The Urban & social change review
The great tumaco, Colombia earthquake of 12 december 1979. 1981-01-01 Herd DG
Youd TL
Meyer H
Person WJ
Mendoza C
The Napier earthquake--fifty years ago. 1981-01-01 Conly G Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand
Psychic manifestations in 117 young women of Bucharest after March 4, 1977 earthquake 1981-01-01 D Costa
A Popescu
The source parameters, surface deformation and tectonic setting of three recent earthquakes: thessalonki (Greece), tabas-e-golshan (iran) and carlisle (u.k.). 1981-03-01 G King
C Soufleris
M Berberian
The italian earthquake: relief operations. 1981-03-01 R S Stephenson Disasters
An examination of health data following two major earthquakes in Russia. 1981-06-01 L Beinin Disasters
A model for urban post-earthquake fire hazard. 1981-06-01 C Scawthorn
Y Yamada
H Iemura
Active folding in the Algerian earthquake of 10 October 1980 1981-07 G. C. P. King
C. Vita-Finzi
Seismotectonics of the El Asnam earthquake 1981-07 Anne Deschamps M. Ouyed
M. Meghraoui
A. Cisternas
J. Dorel
J. Frechet
R. Gaulon
D. Hatzfeld
H. Philip
Earthquake prediction retracted 1981-07-31 R A Kerr Science
Quiet Zone Within a Seismic Gap near Western Nicaragua: Possible Location of a Future Large Earthquake. 1981-08-01 Harlow DH
White RA
Cifuentes IL
Model of clustering of earthquakes. 1981-09-01 Barenblatt GI
Keilis-Borok VI
Vishik MM
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
[Catamnestic aspects of neurotic recurrences after the earthquake of 4 March 1977] 1981-10-01 Meiu G
Prică A
Radu C
Revista de medicina interna, neurologie, psihiatrie, neurochirurgie, dermato-venerologie. Neurologie, psihiatrie, neurochirurgie
Retrospective studies of unusual animal behavior as an earthquake predictor 1981-12 Dale F. Lott
Benjamin L. Hart
Mary W. Howell
Geophysical Research Letters
Disaster relief after the Charleston earthquake of 1886. 1981-12-01 Fitzgerald RH Jr Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association
Epidemiological surveillance of diseases following the earthquake of 23rd November 1980 in Southern Italy. 1981-12-01 Francesco Forastiere D Greco
A Faustini
M R Galanti
M E Magliola
M L Moro
P Piergentili
F Rosmini
M A Stazi
S Luzi
L Fantozzi
R Capocaccia
S Conti
A Zampieri
Resolving the "sooner vs later" controversy surrounding the public announcement of earthquake predictions*. 1981-12-01 L B Nilson
D C Nilson
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