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1 Daniel S Pine 36 Daniel S Pine Daniel S Pine Attention bias modification treatment: a meta-analysis toward the establishment of novel treatment for anxiety
2 Brendan P Bradley 13 Brendan P Bradley Brendan P. Bradley Attention bias to threat in maltreated children: implications for vulnerability to stress-related psychopathology.
3 Geert Crombez 11 Geert Crombez Geert Crombez Limited transfer of threat bias following attentional retraining.
4 Steffen Moritz 9 Steffen Moritz Steffen Moritz Cognitive Biases Questionnaire for psychosis.
5 Yair Bar-Haim 8 Yair Bar-Haim Yair Bar-Haim Variations in the serotonin-transporter gene are associated with attention bias patterns to positive and negative emotion faces
6 Gideon Koren 7 Gideon Koren Gideon Koren Bias toward the null hypothesis in pregnancy drug studies that do not include data on medical terminations of pregnancy: the folic acid antagonists.
7 Onyebuchi A Arah 7 Onyebuchi A Arah Onyebuchi A. Arah Severe hypoglycaemia and cardiovascular disease: systematic review and meta-analysis with bias analysis.
8 Anna M Barrett 6 Anna M Barrett Anna M. Barrett Perceptual-attentional and motor-intentional bias in near and far space.
9 Zhen Wang 6 Zhen Wang Zhen Wang Bias-free true random number generation using superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors
10 Guido Schwarzer 6 Guido Schwarzer Guido Schwarzer Methods for detecting, quantifying, and adjusting for dissemination bias in meta-analysis are described.
11 Zhen Wang 6 Zhen Wang Zhen Wang Systematic reviews supporting practice guideline recommendations lack protection against bias.
12 Carlos M Grilo 6 Carlos M Grilo Carlos M Grilo An examination of weight bias among treatment-seeking obese patients with and without binge eating disorder.
13 J. Fassbender 5 J. Fassbender Juergen Fassbender All-optical probe of magnetization dynamics in exchange biased bilayers on the picosecond timescale
14 Colette R Hirsch
Colette Hirsch
Colette R Hirsch
Colette Hirsch
Colette R Hirsch The contribution of attentional bias to worry: distinguishing the roles of selective engagement and disengagement.
Attentional and interpretive bias towards illness-related information in chronic fatigue syndrome: A systematic review.
15 Elske Salemink 5 Elske Salemink Elske Salemink How does Cognitive Bias Modification affect anxiety? Mediation analyses and experimental data.
16 Nandini Dendukuri 5 Nandini Dendukuri Nandini Dendukuri Evaluation of screening tests for detecting Chlamydia trachomatis: bias associated with the patient-infected-status algorithm.
17 Linda Polka 5 Linda Polka Linda Polka A universal bias in adult vowel perception - By ear or by eye.
18 Pablo Alonso-Coello 5 Pablo Alonso-Coello Pablo Alonso-Coello 42 systematic reviews generated 23 items for assessing the risk of bias in Values and Preferences´ studies.
19 Holger J Schünemann 5 Holger J Schünemann Holger Schünemann Systematic reviewers neglect bias that results from trials stopped early for benefit.
20 Laurent Duret 5 Laurent Duret Laurent Duret Detecting positive selection within genomes: the problem of biased gene conversion.
21 Elaine Fox 5 Elaine Fox Elaine Fox Is manipulation of mood a critical component of cognitive bias modification procedures?
22 Thomas Lumley 5 Thomas Lumley Thomas Lumley Validation sampling can reduce bias in health care database studies: an illustration using influenza vaccination effectiveness.
23 Ben Grafton 4 Ben Grafton Ben Grafton RAndomised controlled trial to imProve depressIon and the quality of life of people with Dementia using cognitive bias modification: RAPID study protocol.
24 Li Li 4 Li Li LI LI Satellite Clock Bias Estimation Based on Backward Filtering
25 Dimitris Mavridis 4 Dimitris Mavridis Dimitris Mavridis Publication bias and small-study effects magnified effectiveness of antipsychotics but their relative ranking remained invariant.
26 Reinout W Wiers 4 Reinout W Wiers Reinout W Wiers Approach-bias predicts development of cannabis problem severity in heavy cannabis users: results from a prospective FMRI study
27 Y. Wang 4 Y. Wang Yi Wang Experimental studies of di-jet survival and surface emission bias inAu+Aucollisions via angular correlations with respect to back-to-back leading hadrons
28 Guy Bosmans 4 Guy Bosmans Guy Bosmans Young Adolescent’s Confidence in Maternal Support: Attentional Bias Moderates the Link Between Attachment-Related Expectations and Behavioral Problems
29 Per Carlbring 4 Per Carlbring Per Carlbring Internet-delivered attention bias modification training in individuals with social anxiety disorder - a double blind randomized controlled trial
30 Liang Zhang 4 Liang Zhang Liang Zhang Grain size tuning of nanocrystalline chemical vapor deposited diamond by continuous electrical bias growth: Experimental and theoretical study
31 Elie A Akl 4 Elie A Akl Elie A Akl GRADE Guidelines: 19. Assessing the certainty of evidence describing the relative importance of outcomes or values and preferences -- Risk of bias and indirectness.
32 Eddie Harmon-Jones 4 Eddie Harmon-Jones Eddie Harmon-Jones Nonconscious attention bias to threat is correlated with anterior cingulate cortex gray matter volume: a voxel-based morphometry result and replication.
33 Lucie Ménard 4 Lucie Ménard Lucie Ménard A universal bias in adult vowel perception - By ear or by eye.
34 M Alan Brookhart 4 M Alan Brookhart M Alan Brookhart Reducing Bias Amplification in the Presence of Unmeasured Confounding Through Out-of-Sample Estimation Strategies for the Disease Risk Score.
35 Ulrike Schmidt 4 Ulrike Schmidt Ulrike Schmidt Review of attentional bias modification: a brain-directed treatment for eating disorders.
36 Erick H Turner 4 Erick H Turner Erick H Turner Publication bias, with a focus on psychiatry: causes and solutions.
37 Kai Wang 4 Kai Wang Kai Wang Correction of phase velocity bias caused by strong directional noise sources in high-frequency ambient noise tomography: a case study in Karamay, China
38 Jon May 4 Jon May Jon May Implicit and explicit memory bias in anxiety
39 Li Li 4 Li Li Li Li Epitaxial Growth of Intermetallic MnPt Films on Oxides and Large Exchange Bias.
40 Hyo-Chang Lee 4 Hyo-Chang Lee Hyo-Chang Lee Effects of RF bias power on electron energy distribution function and plasma uniformity in inductively coupled argon plasma
41 Karin Roelofs 4 Karin Roelofs Karin Roelofs Reduced Affective Biasing of Instrumental Action With tDCS Over the Prefrontal Cortex.
42 Matt Vassar 4 Matt Vassar Matt Vassar Evidence of selective reporting bias in hematology journals: A systematic review.
43 Rafael A Irizarry 4 Rafael A Irizarry Rafael Irizarry Accounting for GC-content bias reduces systematic errors and batch effects in ChIP-seq data.
44 Lydia Krabbendam 3 Lydia Krabbendam Lydia Krabbendam Data gathering: biased in psychosis?
45 Brian Medeiros 3 Brian Medeiros Brian Medeiros Mixed-phase clouds cause climate model biases in Arctic wintertime temperature inversions
46 John Macleod 3 John Macleod John Macleod Using linked educational attainment data to reduce bias due to missing outcome data in estimates of the association between the duration of breastfeeding and IQ at 15 years.
47 Boris R Krasnov 3 Boris R Krasnov Boris R Krasnov Sex-biased parasitism is not universal: evidence from rodent-flea associations from three biomes.
48 O. Chubykalo-Fesenko 3 O. Chubykalo-Fesenko Oksana Chubykalo-Fesenko Extraordinary exchange-bias effects in coupled SmCo 5 (perpendicular)/CoFeB (in-plane) bilayers
49 David Torgerson
David J Torgerson
David Torgerson
David J Torgerson
David J. Torgerson Bias in recruitment to cluster randomized trials: a review of recent publications.
Methodological bias in cluster randomised trials
50 Peter C Dedon 3 Peter C Dedon Peter C. Dedon A system of RNA modifications and biased codon use controls cellular stress response at the level of translation.
51 Daniel Westreich 3 Daniel Westreich Daniel Westreich Berkson's bias, selection bias, and missing data.
52 Tony Blakely 3 Tony Blakely Tony Blakely Unlocking the numerator-denominator bias. I: Adjustments ratios by ethnicity for 1991-94 mortality data. The New Zealand Census-Mortality Study.
53 Julia Schroeder 3 Julia Schroeder Julia Schroeder Biased sampling: no 'Homer Simpson Effect' among high achievers.
54 Daniela Mier 3 Daniela Mier Daniela Mier A diary-based modification of symptom attributions in pathological health anxiety: effects on symptom report and cognitive biases.
55 Grant L Iverson 3 Grant L Iverson Grant L. Iverson The Nature and Clinical Significance of Preinjury Recall Bias Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.
56 Louis M Luttrell 3 Louis M Luttrell Louis M. Luttrell 'Biasing' the parathyroid hormone receptor: a novel anabolic approach to increasing bone mass?
57 Torsten Hothorn 3 Torsten Hothorn Torsten Hothorn Bias in random forest variable importance measures: illustrations, sources and a solution.
58 Chunzai Wang 3 Chunzai Wang Chunzai Wang The impacts of the summer Asian Jet Stream biases on surface air temperature in mid-eastern China in IPCC AR4 models
59 Greta G Cummings 3 Greta G Cummings Greta Cummings What is the influence of randomisation sequence generation and allocation concealment on treatment effects of physical therapy trials? A meta-epidemiological study
60 Douglas Maraun 3 Douglas Maraun Douglas Maraun Stochastic Model Output Statistics for Bias Correcting and Downscaling Precipitation Including Extremes
61 D. Bisello 3 D. Bisello Dario D. Bisello Measurement of theB−lifetime using a simulation free approach for trigger bias correction
62 Jian Wang 3 Jian Wang Jian Wang Current conserving theory for frequency dependent noise power under dc bias
63 A Legarra 3 A Legarra Andrés Legarra Computational strategies for national integration of phenotypic, genomic, and pedigree data in a single-step best linear unbiased prediction.
64 Haitao Chu 3 Haitao Chu Haitao Chu On estimation of vaccine efficacy using validation samples with selection bias.
65 Anne Maass 3 Anne Maass Anne Maass Directional bias in the mental representation of spatial events: nature or culture?
66 Penelope P Howards 3 Penelope P Howards Penelope P Howards Adjusting for bias due to incomplete case ascertainment in case-control studies of birth defects
67 Alessandro Laio 3 Alessandro Laio Alessandro Laio A kinetic model of trp-cage folding from multiple biased molecular dynamics simulations
68 Guang Zeng 2 Guang Zeng Guang Zeng Assessing the sensitivity of the hydroxyl radical to model biases in composition and temperature using a single-column photochemical model for Lauder, New Zealand
69 Michael Witthöft 2 Michael Witthöft Michael Witthöft Neural correlates of an attentional bias to health-threatening stimuli in individuals with pathological health anxiety.
70 Miguel Kiwi 2 Miguel Kiwi Miguel Kiwi Dipole-induced exchange bias.
71 Sven Bestmann 2 Sven Bestmann Sven Bestmann Age-dependent Pavlovian biases influence motor decision-making
72 C. Reijmer 2 C. Reijmer Carleen Reijmer Using MODIS land surface temperatures and the Crocus snow model to understand the warm bias of ERA-Interim reanalyses at the surface in Antarctica
73 Alula Hadgu 2 Alula Hadgu Alula Hadgu Bias due to composite reference standards in diagnostic accuracy studies.
74 Shari R Baum 2 Shari R Baum Shari R. Baum Event-related potentials show online influence of lexical biases on prosodic processing.
75 Mohit Bhandari 2 Mohit Bhandari Mohit Bhandari A Systematic Review of Surgical Randomized Controlled Trials: Part I. Risk of Bias and Outcomes: Common Pitfalls Plastic Surgeons Can Overcome.
76 Andreas Voss 2 Andreas Voss Andreas Voss A Diffusion Model Analysis of Decision Biases Affecting Delayed Recognition of Emotional Stimuli.
77 V. Re 2 V. Re Valerio Re Response of SOI bipolar transistors exposed to /spl gamma/-rays under different dose rate and bias conditions
78 Andrew D Oxman 2 Andrew D Oxman Andrew D. Oxman Randomisation to protect against selection bias in healthcare trials
79 Laura Johnson 2 Laura Johnson Laura Johnson The perceived feasibility of methods to reduce publication bias.
80 H. Wang 2 H. Wang Hui Wang Experimental studies of di-jet survival and surface emission bias inAu+Aucollisions via angular correlations with respect to back-to-back leading hadrons
81 James C Gee 2 James C Gee James C Gee N4ITK: improved N3 bias correction
82 Jack van Honk 2 Jack van Honk Jack van Honk In the eye of the beholder: reduced threat-bias and increased gaze-imitation towards reward in relation to trait anger.
83 Negar Fani 2 Negar Fani Negar Fani FKBP5 and attention bias for threat: associations with hippocampal function and shape.
84 Arthur Christopoulos 2 Arthur Christopoulos Arthur Christopoulos H2 relaxin is a biased ligand relative to H3 relaxin at the relaxin family peptide receptor 3 (RXFP3).
85 Cristina Sampaio 2 Cristina Sampaio Cristina Sampaio Category-based errors and the accessibility of unbiased spatial memories: a retrieval model.
86 Xavier Batlle 2 Xavier Batlle Xavier Batlle Controlling exchange bias in Co-CoOx nanoparticles by oxygen content.
87 Gail Geller 2 Gail Geller Gail Geller Weight-based stigma and physician bias.
88 Jie Sui 2 Jie Sui Jie Sui Lesion-symptom mapping of self-prioritization in explicit face categorization: distinguishing hypo- and hyper-self-biases.
89 Caroline Hunt 2 Caroline Hunt Caroline Hunt Attentional bias towards threatening stimuli in children with anxiety: A meta-analysis.
90 Piotr Tryjanowski 2 Piotr Tryjanowski Piotr Tryjanowski Male-Biased Sex of Extra Pair Young in the Socially Monogamous Red-Backed ShrikeLanius collurio
91 Nate Kornell 2 Nate Kornell Nate Kornell The ease-of-processing heuristic and the stability bias: dissociating memory, memory beliefs, and memory judgments.
92 S. Campana 2 S. Campana Sergio Campana Dust extinctions for an unbiased sample of gamma-ray burst afterglows
93 Andy P Field 2 Andy P Field Andy P Field Is there room for 'development' in developmental models of information processing biases to threat in children and adolescents?
94 Lei Yang 2 Lei Yang Lei Yang Effect of nickel incorporation on structural, nanomechanical and biocompatible properties of amorphous hydrogenated carbon thin films prepared by low energy biased target ion beam deposition
95 Gerard Urrútia 2 Gerard Urrútia Gerard Urrútia Evidence-informed recommendations to reduce dissemination bias in clinical research: conclusions from the OPEN (Overcome failure to Publish nEgative fiNdings) project based on an international consensus meeting
96 Simone Fattorini 2 Simone Fattorini Simone Fattorini recluster: an unbiased clustering procedure for beta-diversity turnover
97 Xin Wang 2 Xin Wang Xin Wang The impacts of the summer Asian Jet Stream biases on surface air temperature in mid-eastern China in IPCC AR4 models
98 Tomasz K Wojdacz 2 Tomasz K Wojdacz Tomasz K Wojdacz A new approach to primer design for the control of PCR bias in methylation studies.
99 Robert Peveler 2 Robert Peveler Robert Peveler Attentional bias towards health-threat information in chronic fatigue syndrome.
100 John P A Ioannidis 2 John P A Ioannidis John P. A. Ioannidis Molecular bias.
101 M. Wada 2 M. Wada Masayuki Wada Experimental studies of di-jet survival and surface emission bias inAu+Aucollisions via angular correlations with respect to back-to-back leading hadrons
102 Ernst H W Koster 2 Ernst H W Koster Ernst H.W. Koster Mechanisms of attentional biases towards threat in anxiety disorders: An integrative review.
103 Simon C. Griffith 2 Simon C. Griffith Simon Griffith Variation in Reproductive Success Across Captive Populations: Methodological Differences, Potential Biases and Opportunities
104 Eisuke Sato 2 Eisuke Sato Eisuke Sato Attentional bias modification alters intrinsic functional network of attentional control: a randomized controlled trial
105 Hugh Garavan 2 Hugh Garavan Hugh Garavan Personality, Attentional Biases towards Emotional Faces and Symptoms of Mental Disorders in an Adolescent Sample.
106 Karsten Steinhauer 2 Karsten Steinhauer Karsten Steinhauer Event-related potentials show online influence of lexical biases on prosodic processing.
107 Yuan Zhang 2 Yuan Zhang Yuan Zhang 42 systematic reviews generated 23 items for assessing the risk of bias in Values and Preferences´ studies.
108 Kypros Kypri 2 Kypros Kypri Kypros Kypri Potential biases due to geocoding error in spatial analyses of official data.
109 Dmitri A Petrov 2 Dmitri A Petrov Dmitri A. Petrov X-linked genes evolve higher codon bias in Drosophila and Caenorhabditis
110 L. Brigliadori 2 L. Brigliadori Luca Brigliadori Production ofKS0,K*±(892)andϕ0(1020)in minimum bias events andKS0andΛ0in jets inpp¯collisions ats=1.96  TeV
111 Kate Goddard 2 Kate Goddard Kate Goddard Automation bias: a systematic review of frequency, effect mediators, and mitigators.
112 Kristin Pauker 2 Kristin Pauker Kristin Pauker A Perceptual Pathway to Bias: Interracial Exposure Reduces Abrupt Shifts in Real-Time Race Perception That Predict Mixed-Race Bias.
113 Mohammad Ali Mansournia 2 Mohammad Ali Mansournia Mohammad Ali Mansournia Sparse data bias: a problem hiding in plain sight.
114 Costanza Papagno 2 Costanza Papagno Costanza Papagno Auditory deprivation affects biases of visuospatial attention as measured by line bisection.
115 Nicole A Thomas 2 Nicole A Thomas Nicole A. Thomas Lateral biases in lighting of abstract artwork.
116 Janelle Lee 2 Janelle Lee Janelle Lee Influenza vaccination and mortality: differentiating vaccine effects from bias.
117 S. H. Kim 2 S. H. Kim Shin-Hong Kim Production ofKS0,K*±(892)andϕ0(1020)in minimum bias events andKS0andΛ0in jets inpp¯collisions ats=1.96  TeV
118 Jerker Denrell 2 Jerker Denrell Jerker Denrell The effect of selection bias in studies of fads and fashions.
119 Thomas Huber 2 Thomas Huber Thomas Huber G protein subtype–specific signaling bias in a series of CCR5 chemokine analogs
120 Jay S Kaufman 2 Jay S Kaufman Jay S. Kaufman Bias Correction Methods for Misclassified Covariates in the Cox Model: comparison offive correction methods by simulation and data analysis.
121 Constantine Sedikides 2 Constantine Sedikides Constantine Sedikides The self-serving bias in relational context
122 Jie Ren 2 Jie Ren Jie Ren Emergence and control of heat current from strict zero thermal bias.
123 X. Li 2 X. Li Xuan Li Experimental studies of di-jet survival and surface emission bias inAu+Aucollisions via angular correlations with respect to back-to-back leading hadrons
124 Ashish Sharma 2 Ashish Sharma Ashish Sharma Impact of bias-corrected reanalysis-derived lateral boundary conditions on WRF simulations
125 Daniela M Pfabigan 2 Daniela M Pfabigan Daniela Melitta Pfabigan Sex differences in event-related potentials and attentional biases to emotional facial stimuli.
126 Francesca Chiaromonte 2 Francesca Chiaromonte Francesca Chiaromonte Insertions and deletions are male biased too: a whole-genome analysis in rodents
127 S. Zhang 2 S. Zhang Song Zhang Experimental studies of di-jet survival and surface emission bias inAu+Aucollisions via angular correlations with respect to back-to-back leading hadrons
128 Jie Wu 2 Jie Wu Jayne Wu On Chip Micropumping for Biofluids by Temperature Biased AC Electrothermal Effect
129 Mohammad Kazem Moravvej-Farshi 2 Mohammad Kazem Moravvej-Farshi Mohammad Kazem Moravvej-Farshi Array of Unbiased Antennaless THz Emitters Composed of Buried Nanoscale Asymmetric MSM Gratings With Dissimilar Schottky Barriers
130 Patrick Cavanagh 2 Patrick Cavanagh Patrick Cavanagh Idiosyncratic, retinotopic bias in face identification modulated by familiarity
131 J. Zhang 2 J. Zhang Jingyu Zhang Measurement of charged particle spectra in minimum-bias events from proton–proton collisions at $$\sqrt{s}=13\,\text {TeV} $$s=13TeV
132 S. Sharma 2 S. Sharma Sanjib Sharma Metallicity bias in the kinematics of the Milky Way stellar halo
133 Arun Kumar 2 Arun Kumar Arun Kumar Measurement of charged particle spectra in minimum-bias events from proton–proton collisions at $$\sqrt{s}=13\,\text {TeV} $$s=13TeV
134 Paola Escudero 2 Paola Escudero Paola Escudero A general auditory bias for handling speaker variability in speech? Evidence in humans and songbirds.
135 Stuart Barber 2 Stuart Barber Stuart Barber Participation Bias Assessment in Three High-Impact Journals
136 Bethany A Teachman 2 Bethany A Teachman Bethany A. Teachman Moderators of age effects on attention bias toward threat and its association with anxiety.
137 J. D. Tapia Takaki 2 J. D. Tapia Takaki Daniel Tapia Takaki Measurement of charged particle spectra in minimum-bias events from proton–proton collisions at $$\sqrt{s}=13\,\text {TeV} $$s=13TeV
138 Emery N Brown 2 Emery N Brown Emery Brown Bayesian analysis of interleaved learning and response bias in behavioral experiments.
139 Sharad Goel 2 Sharad Goel Sharad Goel Fair and Balanced? Quantifying Media Bias Through Crowdsourced Content Analysis
140 Julian Savulescu 2 Julian Savulescu Julian Savulescu Propranolol reduces implicit negative racial bias.
141 Martina de Zwaan 2 Martina de Zwaan Martina de Zwaan Comparing Self-Report Measures of Internalized Weight Stigma: The Weight Self-Stigma Questionnaire versus the Weight Bias Internalization Scale.
142 Lisham Ashrafioun 2 Lisham Ashrafioun Lisham Ashrafioun Implicit bias about weight and weight loss treatment outcomes.
143 Karin Mogg 2 Karin Mogg Karin Mogg Attention bias for food is independent of restraint in healthy weight individuals-an eye tracking study.
144 Jane Candlish 2 Jane Candlish Jane Candlish Evaluation of biases present in the cohort multiple randomised controlled trial design: a simulation study.
145 Richard D Riley 2 Richard D Riley Richard D. Riley One-stage individual participant data meta-analysis models: estimation of treatment-covariate interactions must avoid ecological bias by separating out within-trial and across-trial information
146 Pedro Gorria 2 Pedro Gorria Pedro Gorria Co nanoparticles inserted into a porous carbon amorphous matrix: the role of cooling field and temperature on the exchange bias effect.
147 Alex D Leow 2 Alex D Leow Alex D Leow Unbiased tensor-based morphometry: improved robustness and sample size estimates for Alzheimer's disease clinical trials.
148 A. Gupta 2 A. Gupta Anik Gupta Experimental studies of di-jet survival and surface emission bias inAu+Aucollisions via angular correlations with respect to back-to-back leading hadrons
149 Emily J Bethell 2 Emily J Bethell Emily J Bethell A "How-To" Guide for Designing Judgment Bias Studies to Assess Captive Animal Welfare.
150 Marjan Drukker 2 Marjan Drukker Marjan Drukker How to boost positive interpretations? A meta-analysis of the effectiveness of cognitive bias modification for interpretation.
151 Mohammad Javad Mohammad-Zamani 2 Mohammad Javad Mohammad-Zamani Mohammad Javad Mohammad-Zamani Array of Unbiased Antennaless THz Emitters Composed of Buried Nanoscale Asymmetric MSM Gratings With Dissimilar Schottky Barriers
152 Amílcar Labarta 2 Amílcar Labarta Amílcar Labarta Controlling exchange bias in Co-CoOx nanoparticles by oxygen content.
153 X. Li 2 X. Li Xin Li Experimental studies of di-jet survival and surface emission bias inAu+Aucollisions via angular correlations with respect to back-to-back leading hadrons
154 H. Q. Xu 2 H. Q. Xu Hongqi Xu Superconductor-nanowire devices from tunneling to the multichannel regime: Zero-bias oscillations and magnetoconductance crossover
155 Stefan Kaiser 2 Stefan Kaiser Stefan Kaiser Attentional bias in depressive patients and the moderating effect of concurrent anxiety.
156 Gaia Scerif 2 Gaia Scerif Gaia Scerif The interplay of spatial attentional biases and mental codes in VSTM: Developmentally informed hypotheses.
157 Z. Hradil 2 Z. Hradil Zdeněk Hradil Biased Tomography Schemes: An Objective Approach
158 Terry Haines 2 Terry Haines Terry Haines Reference bias: presentation of extreme health states prior to EQ-VAS improves health-related quality of life scores. a randomised cross-over trial.
159 Nataša Nestorović 2 Nataša Nestorović Nataša Nestorović Soy Phytoestrogens Do Not Fully Reverse Changes in Rat Pituitary Castration Cells: Unbiased Stereological Study
160 Richard J. Butler 2 Richard J. Butler Richard J. Butler Estimating the effects of sampling biases on pterosaur diversity patterns: implications for hypotheses of bird/pterosaur competitive replacement
161 Stephen R Cole 2 Stephen R Cole Stephen R Cole All your data are always missing: incorporating bias due to measurement error into the potential outcomes framework.
162 Javad Salehi Fadardi 2 Javad Salehi Fadardi Javad Salehi Fadardi Substance use and the paradox of good and bad attentional bias.
163 Jorge L Armony 2 Jorge L Armony Jorge Armony Influence of emotional expression on memory recognition bias in schizophrenia as revealed by fMRI.
164 Susanta K Behura 2 Susanta K Behura Susanta K Behura Comparative analysis of codon usage bias and codon context patterns between dipteran and hymenopteran sequenced genomes.
165 Yun Liu 2 Yun Liu Yun Liu Observation of short-lived local polar states induced by applied tip biases in BaTiO3-based relaxor ferroelectric ceramics
166 Pascal Molenberghs 2 Pascal Molenberghs Pascal Molenberghs Seeing is believing: neural mechanisms of action-perception are biased by team membership.
167 Oscar Iglesias 2 Oscar Iglesias Oscar Iglesias Controlling exchange bias in Co-CoOx nanoparticles by oxygen content.
168 L. Verde 2 L. Verde Licia Verde Large-scale non-Gaussian mass function and halo bias: tests onN-body simulations
169 Joo-Von Kim 2 Joo-Von Kim Joo-Von Kim Phase diagrams and energy barriers of exchange-biased bilayers with additional anisotropies in the ferromagnet
170 Peter F Arndt 2 Peter F Arndt Peter F Arndt Male-driven biased gene conversion governs the evolution of base composition in human alu repeats.
171 Stefan Lüpold 2 Stefan Lüpold Stefan Lüpold An analytical framework for estimating fertilization bias and the fertilization set from multiple sperm-storage organs.
172 Alun Hughes 2 Alun Hughes Alun D. Hughes Why does primary angioplasty not work in registries? Quantifying the susceptibility of real-world comparative effectiveness data to allocation bias.
173 Ilse Kryspin-Exner 2 Ilse Kryspin-Exner Ilse Kryspin-Exner Attentional biases in healthy adults: Exploring the impact of temperament and gender.
174 J. Řeháček 2 J. Řeháček Jaroslav Řeháček Biased Tomography Schemes: An Objective Approach
175 David Fowler 2 David Fowler David Fowler Current paranoid thinking in patients with delusions: the presence of cognitive-affective biases.
176 Ayse Ercumen 2 Ayse Ercumen Ayşe Ercümen Potential sources of bias in the use of Escherichia coli to measure waterborne diarrhoea risk in low-income settings.
177 M. Kowalski 2 M. Kowalski Marek Kowalski Transverse sphericity of primary charged particles in minimum bias proton–proton collisions at $\mathbf{\sqrt{s}=0.9},~\mathbf{2.76}~\mbox{and}~\mathbf{7}~\mbox{TeV}$
178 Matthew J Page 2 Matthew J Page Matthew J Page Bias due to selective inclusion and reporting of outcomes and analyses in systematic reviews of randomised trials of healthcare interventions
179 Mojib Latif 2 Mojib Latif Mojib Latif On the Tropical Atlantic SST warm bias in the Kiel Climate Model
180 Zheng Gai 2 Zheng Gai Zheng Gai Epitaxial Growth of Intermetallic MnPt Films on Oxides and Large Exchange Bias.
181 Cecile Hannay 2 Cecile Hannay Cecile Hannay Global Climate Impacts of Fixing the Southern Ocean Shortwave Radiation Bias in the Community Earth System Model (CESM)
182 Bo Liu 2 Bo Liu Bo Liu Quantifying contributions of model processes to the surface temperature bias in FGOALS-g2
183 David M Shaw 2 David M Shaw David M Shaw Blinded by the light: Anonymization should be used in peer review to prevent bias, not protect referees
184 Dean Fergusson 2 Dean Fergusson Dean A Fergusson Few systematic reviews exist documenting the extent of bias: a systematic review.
185 Martin Reuter 2 Martin Reuter Martin Reuter Avoiding asymmetry-induced bias in longitudinal image processing.
186 Gustavo Goni 2 Gustavo Goni Gustavo Goni Reducing Biases in XBT Measurements by Including Discrete Information from Pressure Switches
187 Jing Li 2 Jing Li Jing Li Tetrad analysis in plants and fungi finds large differences in gene conversion rates but no GC bias.
188 Robert D Gibbons 2 Robert D Gibbons Robert D. Gibbons Using latent variable modeling and multiple imputation to calibrate rater bias in diagnosis assessment.
189 Luca Iemi 2 Luca Iemi Luca Iemi Prestimulus alpha-band power biases visual discrimination confidence, but not accuracy.
190 Carel ten Cate 2 Carel ten Cate Carel ten Cate Zebra finches and Dutch adults exhibit the same cue weighting bias in vowel perception.
191 Olsen J 2 Olsen J Jørn Olsen Selection bias in genetic-epidemiological studies of cleft lip and palate
192 Jeremy C Wyatt 2 Jeremy C Wyatt Jeremy C Wyatt Automation bias: a systematic review of frequency, effect mediators, and mitigators.
193 Robert C. Nichol 2 Robert C. Nichol Robert C. Nichol Galaxy Zoo: comparing the demographics of spiral arm number and a new method for correcting redshift bias
194 Amado D Quezada 1 Amado D Quezada Amado D. Quezada Bias correction of nutritional status estimates when reported age is used for calculating WHO indicators in children under five years of age
195 Tapio Eeva 1 Tapio Eeva Tapio Eeva The Design of Artificial Nestboxes for the Study of Secondary Hole-Nesting Birds: A Review of Methodological Inconsistencies and Potential Biases
196 V. Krutelyov 1 V. Krutelyov Vyacheslav E. Krutelyov Measurement of theB−lifetime using a simulation free approach for trigger bias correction
197 Cristin E Kearns 1 Cristin E Kearns Cristin E. Kearns Relationship between Research Outcomes and Risk of Bias, Study Sponsorship, and Author Financial Conflicts of Interest in Reviews of the Effects of Artificially Sweetened Beverages on Weight Outcomes: A Systematic Review of Reviews.
198 Stuart R Lipsitz 1 Stuart R Lipsitz Stuart R Lipsitz Relative risk estimated from the ratio of two median unbiased estimates

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