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This is a list of articles with uses property (P3176).

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publication date Article main subject language of work or name ?p
2013-10-14 VIAFbot and the Integration of Library Data on Wikipedia English Wikipedia
Virtual International Authority File
English SBN author ID (P396), IdRef ID (P269), Bibliothèque nationale de France ID (P268), Library of Congress authority ID (P244), GND ID (P227), VIAF ID (P214), ISNI (P213), sex or gender (P21)
2014 A Model for Enriching Multilingual Wikipedias Using Infobox and Wikidata Property Alignment Wikidata
English coordinate location (P625), taxon author (P405), taxon name (P225), IUCN conservation status (P141), image (P18), country (P17)
2014 Introducing Wikidata to the Linked Data Web Wikidata
Wikidata Data Model
linked data
English date of birth (P569), spouse (P26)
2015 Extraction of Lethal Events from Wikipedia and a Semantic Repository data extraction
cause of death
English manner of death (P1196), date of death (P570), date of birth (P569), cause of death (P509), occupation (P106), place of death (P20), place of birth (P19)
2015 Extraction of Career Profiles from Wikipedia English date of birth (P569), subclass of (P279), occupation (P106), position held (P39), instance of (P31), spouse (P26)
2015 Klios Algorithmen: Automatisierte Auswertung von Wikipedia-Inhalten als Faktenbasis und Diskursraum German number of deaths (P1120), end time (P582), start time (P580)
2015 ‘Is’ to ‘Was’: Coordination and Commemoration on Posthumous Wikipedia Biographies Wikipedia
English date of death (P570), date of birth (P569), sex or gender (P21), place of death (P20), place of birth (P19)
2015-05-05 Utilizing the Wikidata system to improve the quality of medical content in Wikipedia in diverse languages: a pilot study Wikidata
English significant drug interaction (P769), DrugBank ID (P715)
2015-06-22 Quantifying Cultural Histories via Person Networks in Wikipedia English occupation (P106), instance of (P31), country of citizenship (P27)
2015-07-15 Wikidata through the Eyes of DBpedia Wikidata
English GeoNames ID (P1566), coordinate location (P625), subclass of (P279), logo image (P154), instance of (P31), place of birth (P19)
2015-09-23 Reifying RDF: What Works Well With Wikidata? Wikidata
<some value>
Apache Jena
Virtuoso Universal Server
standard reification
n-ary relations
singleton properties
named graph
English population (P1082), point in time (P585), end time (P582), start time (P580), date of death (P570), date of birth (P569), website username (P554), website account on (P553), subclass of (P279), followed by (P156), follows (P155), shares border with (P47), position held (P39), instance of (P31), sex or gender (P21), head of government (P6)
2015-10-22 Drawing Questions from Wikidata Wikidata English production company (P272), twinned administrative body (P190), cast member (P161), followed by (P156), contains administrative territorial entity (P150), located in the administrative territorial entity (P131), instance of (P31), country of citizenship (P27), P9 (P9), category for films shot at this location (P1740), given name (P735), family name (P734), voice actor (P725), said to be the same as (P460)
2015-10-28 Modéliser le réseau social des acteurs de cinéma des années 1920 et 1930 avec Wikidata Wikidata
film actor
co-stardom network
French publication date (P577), cast member (P161)
2015-11-12 Centralizing content and distributing labor: a community model for curating the very long tail of microbial genomes Wikidata
community curation
English Refseq Genome ID (P2249), drug used for treatment (P2176), medical condition treated (P2175), has effect (P1542), product or material produced (P1056), found in taxon (P703), encoded by (P702), encodes (P688), biological process (P682), cell component (P681), molecular function (P680), genomic end (P645), genomic start (P644), RefSeq Protein ID (P637), part of (P361), Entrez Gene ID (P351), subclass of (P279), parent taxon (P171), regulates (molecular biology) (P128), taxon rank (P105)
Wikidata: A platform for data integration and dissemination for the life sciences and beyond Wikidata
Semantic Web
English ChEMBL ID (P592)
2016 Wikidata as a semantic framework for the Gene Wiki initiative Wikidata
Gene Wiki
English chromosome (P1057), Ensembl Protein ID (P705), encoded by (P702), encodes (P688), ortholog (P684), biological process (P682), cell component (P681), molecular function (P680), genomic assembly (P659), genomic end (P645), genomic start (P644), PDB structure ID (P638), RefSeq Protein ID (P637), HomoloGene ID (P593), subclass of (P279)
2016 From Freebase to Wikidata: The Great Migration Wikidata
data migration
Primary Sources Tool
English Freebase ID (P646), end time (P582), start time (P580), MusicBrainz artist ID (P434), VIAF ID (P214), position held (P39), mother (P25), father (P22)
2016 WikiReading: A Novel Large-scale Language Understanding Task over Wikipedia WikiReading
English date of official opening (P1619), instrument (P1303), given name (P735), start time (P580), publication date (P577), date of death (P570), date of birth (P569), original language of film or TV show (P364), located in or next to body of water (P206), parent taxon (P171), genre (P136), author (P50), instance of (P31), sex or gender (P21), country (P17)
2016 State of the Union: A Data Consumer’s Perspective on Wikidata and Its Properties for the Classification and Resolution of Entities Wikidata English fictional analog of (P1074), said to be the same as (P460), subclass of (P279), instance of (P31), country (P17)
2016 Managing and Consuming Completeness Information for Wikidata Using COOL-WD Wikidata
English follows (P155), contains administrative territorial entity (P150), taxon rank (P105), member of political party (P102), child (P40), spouse (P26)
2016 Extracting Scientists from Wikipedia English subclass of (P279), occupation (P106)
2016 Expanding Wikidata’s Parenthood Information by 178%, or How To Mine Relation Cardinalities number of children (P1971), occupation (P106), child (P40)
2016 Are Linked Datasets fit for Open-domain Question Answering? A Quality Assessment question answering English occupation (P106), instance of (P31)
2016 Comparison of Wikidata and DBpedia projects as spatial data sources Czech aerodrome reference point (P2786), different from (P1889), equivalent property (P1628), coordinates of westernmost point (P1335), coordinates of easternmost point (P1334), coordinates of southernmost point (P1333), coordinates of northernmost point (P1332), coordinates of the point of view (P1259), coordinate location (P625), postal code (P281), located in the administrative territorial entity (P131), shares border with (P47), country (P17)
2016 WikiParq: A Tabulated Wikipedia Resource Using the Parquet Format English instance of (P31)
2016 An Empirical Evaluation of Property Recommender Systems for Wikidata and Collaborative Knowledge Bases Wikidata
recommender system
knowledge base
English subclass of (P279), instance of (P31)
2016 Property Paths over Linked Data: can it be done and how to start? English member of (P463), cast member (P161), located in the administrative territorial entity (P131)
2016 Genre Ontology Learning: Comparing Curated with Crowd-Sourced Ontologies Ontology learning
music genre
English genre (P136)
2016 Travel Attractions Recommendation with Knowledge Graphs knowledge graph English subclass of (P279), instance of (P31)
2016-03-31 Flemish art collections, Wikidata and Linked Open Data - Manual Wikidata:Flemish art collections, Wikidata and Linked Open Data
English mass (P2067), width (P2049), height (P2048), inception (P571), location (P276), inventory number (P217), collection (P195), material used (P186), depicts (P180), creator (P170), genre (P136), movement (P135), instance of (P31), image (P18)
2016-04 Applying a Multi-Level Modeling Theory to Assess Taxonomic Hierarchies in Wikidata Wikidata English subclass of (P279), instance of (P31)
2016-05 Literature, Geolocation and Wikidata Wikidata
English quote (P1683), coordinates of the point of view (P1259), location of creation (P1071), inspired by (P941), main subject (P921), filming location (P915), narrative location (P840), coordinate location (P625), residence (P551), place of publication (P291), location (P276), collection (P195), depicts (P180), publisher (P123), place of burial (P119), employer (P108), educated at (P69), place of death (P20), place of birth (P19)
2016-06 Enriching Wikidata with Frame Semantics Wikidata
English inverse property (P1696), see also (P1659), subproperty of (P1647), student of (P1066), killed by (P157), educated at (P69), instance of (P31)
2016-08 Monitoring the Gender Gap with Wikidata Human Gender Indicators gender bias on Wikipedia
English date of death (P570), date of birth (P569), ethnic group (P172), occupation (P106), field of work (P101), instance of (P31), country of citizenship (P27), sex or gender (P21), place of birth (P19)
2016-09-23 Querying Wikidata: Comparing SPARQL, Relational and Graph Databases Wikidata
English position held (P39)
Problematizing and Addressing the Article-as-Concept Assumption in Wikipedia facet of (P1269)
Wikidata Missing Pictures end time (P582), instance of (P31), image (P18)
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