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WikiProject Patents





Recommended statements


External databases


Example items and searches


WikiProject Patents is about setting up items about patent documents from any country or time period, importing relevant data from various sources, citing/sourcing it well, linking to related materials, and making use of such data on Wikimedia and other sites. There are related topics this project can support such as trademarks, design registrations, and perhaps other intellectual property.

The tabs above (subpages)[edit]

  • The tab for Scope describes patents and other relevant data.
  • Aligning to external databases -- linking to or downloading from external databases, perhaps also tools and games to Wikidata using various reconciliation tools (Mix'n'Match, OpenRefine, and distributed games); these external databases are run by organizations which are likely partners for us
  • External databases is for links to and from other relevant data.
  • Recommended statements is the place to list which fields/properties belong on items representing patents, aka The Ontology Problem, aka gentle standard-setting.
  • Wikidata:WikiProject Patents/Example items and searches is for tools, queries, and example items to show how to discover and draw inferences and conclusions from patents on Wikidata; distinctive, celebrated, or new examples


The participants listed below can be notified using the following template in discussions:

{{Ping project|Patents}}

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