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This WikiProject space focuses on using NYC Open Datasets to import and refine educational data into Wikidata.


This project began during the November 2020 Wikidata Institute. A major Wikidata ah-ha moment arrived after conducting a simple Wikidata query for women educated at Teachers College (Q7691246). I was happy to find Shirley Chisholm. Because of my previous work at Boys and Girls High School with MyLibraryNYC, I knew that Chisholm also attended Girls’ High School, which eventually merged into Boys and Girls High School in the 1970s. Her portrait is included in a collage of notable alumni proudly hanging in the opening foyer to Boys and Girls. In navigating to the Wikidata item for Chisholm, I noticed that Girls’ High School was not included as a value for the educated at property (P69). I added this value with a reference, and noticed how sparse the information for Girls’ High School was in Wikidata. This led me to add 20 references to the item for Girls’ High School (Q5564567), and start thinking about the visibility of New York City Public Schools (Q408230) in Wikidata.

As a result of these explorations, a data model was developed and added to Cradle for creating new items for schools in Wikidata while middle and high school datasets were downloaded from NYC Open Data, cleaned, and prepped for batch upload using QuickStatements. The data model below served as the foundation for importing 721 middle and high school entities. Reconciliation using OpenRefine helped to reduce and merge duplicates. The model aims to utilize the data as structured by the City of New York and increase its usefulness in a linked open data environment.


Main properties[edit]

Property Value Usage note
Label Use the school_name field from NYC Open Dataset Example: "I.S. 5 - The Walter Crowley Intermediate School"
Alias Leave blank unless there is a clear alias See example Boys and Girls High School (Q4952707)
Description "[grades20XX field of NYC Open Dataset] in the [neighborhood field of NYC Open Dataset] of [city field of NYC Open Dataset], New York" Replace the information in brackets with the local information. For example: "high school in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York"
instance of (P31) school (Q3914) Use school (Q3914) as it aligns with constraint when adding NCES School ID (Q63568975)
located in the administrative territorial entity (P131) Manhattan (Q11299), Brooklyn (Q18419), The Bronx (Q18426), Queens (Q18424), Staten Island (Q18432), New York (Q1384) Use the city field of NYC Open Dataset
member of (P463) New York City Public Schools (Q408230)
street address (P6375) Use the address or primary address field from NYC Open Dataset
postal code (P281) Use the zip code field from NYC Open Dataset, or derive from primary address field
country (P17) United States of America (Q30)
coordinate location (P625) 40.7261446, -73.9750657 Coordinate locations were generated using a Google Spreadsheets and this tool by Jack Dougherty and Ilya Ilyankou. For QuickStatements, format coordinates as follows @40.7261446/-73.9750657
school district (P5353) Use NYC Open Data or NCES data for school district. The following query provides QIDs for New York City Geographic Districts Example: New York City Geographic District 1 (Q118876628)
official website (P856) Use the website field from NYC Open Dataset Be sure to use qualifiers language of work or name (P407) with value English (Q1860)
NCES school ID (P2484) Export a file or look up the NCES School ID here Example: "360015306619"

Other properties[edit]

Property Value Usage note
inception (P571) year
students count (P2196) number qualifier point in time (P585) with value of the date or year
described at URL (P973) link to Examples high school "17K547" or kindergarten "02M343" Look up school codes by type of school: high-school, middle-school or kindergarten.
catalog code (P528) school code Example value of "K547" for Brooklyn Academy of Science and the Environment (Q4974746) Add qualifier catalog (P972) and value New York City Department of Education schools list (Q105519205).


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