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Date Title Presenter Venue Link
2016-8-1 Opportunities and challenges presented by Wikidata in the context of biocuration User:i9606 ICBO/BioCreative 2016
2016-04-17 Centralizing content and distributing labor: a community model for curating the very long tail of microbial genomes User:Putmantime Force 2016, Biocuration 2016 [1][2]
2016-04-13 Wikidata as a platform for biocuration User:i9606 Biocuration 2016 [3]
2016-04-12 Leveraging Wikidata for crowd curation User:Andrawaag Biocuration 2016 [4]
2016-02-23 Channeling collaborative spirit User:i9606 HeartBD2K PI meeting [5]
2015-12-07 A linked data platform for humans and machines to query User:Andrawaag SWAT4LS 2015 [6]
2015-11-05 Open biomedical knowledge using crowdsourcing and citizen science User:Andrew Su UCSD [7]
2015-11-03 Making every human gene accessible and linkable User:Andrawaag ODI summit [8] [9]
2015-09-25 Lets eat soup together User:Andrawaag RD-CONNECT workshop on data linkage and ontologies [10]
2015-05-11 Crowd Sourcing Methods to Annotate Biological Processes User:Andrawaag NSF workshop Mass Spectrometry: Data to Knowledge [11] [12]
2015-02-06 Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science for Biology User:Andrew Su UCSD [13]
2014-04-09 A Centralized Model Organism Database (CMOD) for the Long Tail of Genomes User:Andrew Su Biocuration 2014 [14]
2014-01-16 A Centralized Model Organism Database (CMOD) for the Long Tail of Sequenced Genomes User:Andrew Su GMOD 2014 [15]