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The WikiProject:Modernisme is a project that aims to improve items and statements of Art Nouveau (Q34636) artworks, which are curretly spread in online databases throughout the Internet (and even offline sources). This project is inspired by WikiProject sum of all paintings, and is led by University of Barcelona (Q219615)'s GRACMON, a research group focused in Modernisme. ESM will watch over and curate this project. All are welcome to participate, please join us!


We will focus on Modernisme artworks located in Catalonia (Q5705). We consider that items that can be considered instances of cultural property (Q2065736) such as building (Q41176), public art (Q557141) and work of art (Q838948) (painting (Q3305213), decorative arts (Q631931), graphic arts (Q911059), furniture (Q14745), and textile (Q28823), among many others) preserved in museums and even private collections are within the scope of this project.

Items such as literature (Q8242), newspaper (Q11032) or music (Q638) are currently out of the scope of this project.

The scope of this project is also defined by the available data: at first we'll locate and import open and accessible databases, and will do our best to promote openness in public collections and databases.


Locate databases with useful data and import![edit]

Please check Wikidata:WikiProject Modernisme/databases for a detail of located databases & breakdown of the properties that can be imported.

Define item structures[edit]

Define which properties are essential and must be filled in all items within the scope of the project. These will probably differ depending on the object (people, buildings, etc.). Please check Wikidata:WikiProject Modernisme/item structure .

Refine Wikidata items with data from Wikipedia[edit]

Other tasks[edit]


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