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This page is a translated version of the page Wikidata:WikiProject Microbiology and the translation is 65% complete.

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Ласкаво просимо у проект «Мікробіологія»



The broad goal is to help establish Wikidata as a useful platform for curating and distributing structured content related to microbiology. Specific objectives include:

  • Define properties for items related to Microbiology and the rules of use for these properties (qualifiers, datatypes, ...). (Properties might be thought of as the column headers on a table.)
  • Define references policy and especially ranking for references in order to ensure a high quality for data related to microbiology
  • Organize the data implementation between motivated contributors (share of sources,...)
  • Monitor the data implementation through the help of bots (statistics, detection of data without references,...)
  • Link the Wikidata community with microbiology data users on Wikipedias and external persons/organizations

Як взяти участь

  1. Create an account on this wiki.
  2. Add your name to the list of participants below (click edit and add yourself).

If you just want to be kept up to date and chime in when there are key decisions to be made, you are done! We will contact you on your "talk page" when thing start heating up. (In addition, you can add this page to your 'watchlist' by clicking the star icon in the upper right, and you can sign up to get emails when any page on your watchlist is changed using the 'Preferences' link also in the upper right.)

If you want to get involved actively right now, please suggest some properties to describe genes and proteins.

To help out with general microbiology properties please suggest or update here.

The property proposal page is here. Kindly participate actively in the property proposal discussions and support us to move forward.


[+] Add yourself to the list

The participants listed below can be notified using the following template in discussions:

{{Ping project|Microbiology}}

Ping Project

A list which is used to ping everybody that is listed in the following subpage. Use {{Ping project|Microbiology}} to ping this project. You can opt out by deleting your name from the following subpage:



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