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WikiProject Clinical Trials is a Wikidata community project to collect and present a Wikidata's collection of data on clinical trials.


  1. model the metadata of clinical trials and related concepts
  2. import public clinical trials metadata by following guidelines at Wikidata:Introduction
  3. query clinical trials data subsets
  4. curate the data to enrich it
  5. profile the data to make it more understandable and accessible by apply query results to practical situations outside this project

Frequently asked questions[edit]

What is a clinical trial?

A clinical trial is a medical experiment with human research participants. In a typical clinical trial a person takes an experimental drug and researchers monitor the effects.

What is Wikidata?

Wikidata is the structured data project which is a complement to Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects. Read about Wikidata in English Wikipedia or in the language of your choice.

What is a WikiProject?

A WikiProject is a place for Wikimedia community collaboration. See more information at Wikidata:WikiProjects.

What does WikiProject Clinical Trials do?

Contributors to WikiProject Clinical Trials integrate clinical trials datasets into Wikidata. Typical activities include disambiguation of names and terms associated with clinical trials and combining clinical trials data with other datasets. For example, many contributors have a goal of profiling all research activity at all universities, which includes showcasing data for faculty, publications, research projects, and grants by year, topic, or other sorting category.

What confidential or personal medical data is here?

None! This project does not collect clinical trial data! It collects clinical trial metadata, which is public cataloging information about the trials themselves. For example, this project tries to identify all the clinical trials related to a medical condition, or associated with a university or research organization. If data is private, then it will not be in Wikidata! All data here comes from public records!

Why bring clinical trials data to Wikidata? Why not leave it in the original expert repositories?

Data which governments or expert organizations designate as public may still be challenging to access, interpret, correct, or share. By moving content into Wikidata, editors can collaborate to examine, remix, and reuse it.

Does this project make Wikipedia articles for clinical trials?

No. Although Wikidata and Wikipedia are complementary projects, currently there is no routine connection between this Wikidata project and Wikipedia. Someday, perhaps, Wikipedia articles for medical conditions, research interventions, researchers, universities, and funders may link to Wikidata profiles of associated research projects like clinical trials. The most similar conversations of this sort are in the meta:WikiCite project, which seeks to automate the production of bibliographies for researchers and institutions.

How can I participate in this project if I am new to Wikidata?

New Wikidata editors are welcome to edit clinical trials data. They should take small steps then ask for review from experienced editors. For issues related to clinical trials, post on this project's talk page. For general issues with Wikidata, ask anything at Wikidata:Project chat. Joining conversation at that main project chat is a great orientation for newcomers.

What is the easiest way for me get started?

With this WikiProject or with Wikidata in general, standard beginner advice includes learning to be a good Wikidata reader, making Wikidata edits as soon as possible, and learning how to ask questions. To read data from this project consider running and exploring queries. For first edits, consider trying to edit data from an organization or topic with which you are familiar. To ask a question post something to any of the Wikidata chat forums.

How should I respond to inaccurate clinical trial information in Wikidata?

You can edit them yourself or discuss the issue at this project's talk page.