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WikiProject Clinical Trials is a Wikidata community project to curate Wikidata's collection of information on clinical trials.

Typical activities[edit]

  1. Identify clinical trials data
  2. Stage this data for integration into Wikidata
    1. Confirm free and open status
    2. Map to Wikidata's own property labeling system
  3. Pull the data into Wikidata
  4. Further enrich and curate the data
    1. Disambiguate associated people, organizations, related entities
    2. Match research projects with publications, grants, and other media
  5. Use Wikidata's research tools
    1. Profile with Wikidata:Scholia
    2. Try custom queries


Clincal Trial Transparency, a 2017 policy guide, argues for registration
  1. Promote patient, consumer, and research participant interests in clinical research
    1. Improve access to information resources
    2. Advocate for openness and transparency in clinical research
  2. Identify and list all clinical trial databases
  3. Create Wikidata items for all clinical trials
  4. Enable diverse stakeholders, including researchers, students, physicians, patients, legal services, journalists, funders, universities, hospitals, and government offices to profile clinical trials for their own interests
  5. Support ease of research on clinical trials for medicine
  6. Support ease of research on clinical trials for geospatial study, network relationships, patient advocacy, and studies in the humanities


This page is to facilitate the elaboration and curation of a data model for clinical trial (Q30612) in Wikidata.


Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (Q571067) have created a CTR-XML-1-0-Specification.pdf Clinical Trial Registry XML (CTR-XML) based on their CDISC Operational Data Model (ODM), itself based on the 20 items in the Trial Registration Data Set (TRDS) compiled by the World Health Organization (Q7817).

The purpose of CTR-XML is to 'support a "write once, use many times" solution', i.e. collecting information on clinical trials in one place in a way that it can be used in multiple places. While the clinical trial registries International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (Q29867940), EudraCT (Q1279829) and (Q5133746) are what they had primarily in mind, the approach also provides a good basis for modeling clinical trials on Wikidata.

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