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Map of Tomorrow (Mapa) is a web page where, on the one hand, a user can observe location and information about different non-commercial organizations. And on the other hand, many limitless numbers of editors and organizations can update the information.

Any users (without registration) can use different filters for choosing the specific field of their interest and geography, change and rate the information on the Map fluently.

We want that a database of the landed information of this Map will be organised on opendata foundations as well as saved and processed on servers of the different sustainable projects (like

The data can be automatically updated in the infoboxes of appropriate articles about NGO on Wikipedia.

The Map is the cross-community collaboration endeavor. It unites NGOs (and their beneficiaries), independent civic activists, IT-community, Wikimedia community.


  1. Data will be saved on the open data standards (CC0). It means the whole database can be copied (exported) by one click and used in other projects or researches.
  2. Code will be saved into the open code repository as a
  3. Map/database will be updatable with a wide range of editors without moderation or any censorship from the narrow circle of creators. Core data will be save in two databases: (our language chapter) and

Interaction between our web application and above mentioned two databases happens based on open API approaches.


As a map platform we use Goodmap (github).


  • Needs to think about a safe approach to update data in wikidata and on the Mapa
  • Duplication of Articles (stubs) when titles different with one word (or how to sync these cases)
  • Hand job to approve all updates in case of mass upload.


  • 19th of June meeting in Berlin
  • 6-7th of July meeting in Minsk
  • 11-18th of August in Belarus (Hackathon) - Join us! (emails:
  • Mid of November meeting in Germany